Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Basketball, Baptism, and Baby on the Way!

Now that I can look at a computer screen without feeling nauseous and carsick (mostly), I will try to get down some happenings of the last couple months.

Most important was Macy's baptism.  She was so ready.  She had a wonderful birthday party and was baptized the next day.  We were all so excited for her.

Macy with her cousin Paige.

Macy with Grandpa Day and Grandma Frances

Macy with Grandma and Papa Haynes, who were able to make it down from Montana.
Since Grandma and Grandpa Haynes were down for Macy's baptism and my brother Duke and his family spent the day, we decided to show them a good time at the Bean Museum at BYU.  Animals holding still while the kids run wild?  Perfect.

Also, Cooper had a great basketball season.  Someone needs to teach me how to take action shots with my phone, because they all blurred so bad.  Here is some video instead.

We also had a fun family home evening at our local Hangtime.  We had tried to go in January, but it was rented out the night we went.  Tears!  So we stopped by Krispie Kreme for a consolation prize. 
This month one of Mark's work contacts invited us to a party they were hosting there at Hangtime instead, so it worked out well and saved us big bucks.  Here are some shots and videos of the kids--we especially enjoyed teasing Leslie about her face-plant flips.
 The kids may have been a little confused about why Dad got a jump pass but not Mom.  (Actually they probably weren't confused, remembering that I am cheap--but maybe that I was the one who was confused since it was free for the party?)  Luckily no one asked too many questions and a couple weeks later we were able to let them in on our big news.
I am due October 20.
I have been feeling somewhat sick and headachy, but no more than my other pregnancies.  Even that is starting to wear off--I think it only lasted about 11-12 weeks with Luke.  This baby was a mild surprise--we thought maybe after four years it just wouldn't happen--we were hopeful but unconcerned one way or another--especially after learning years ago that we really aren't in charge of when and how babies come or don't come.  Also, I may or may not have made a comment at one point that being the Young Women's president is probably the same thing as birth control.  We know that we are incredibly blessed!

Mostly we have been enjoying watching Luke think about what it might mean to have a baby in our family.  Here have been some of his comments over the last week:

Does that mean I can cross the street by myself if I'm a big brother?

Now I won't have to ride in a carseat, and I can sit in the back!  Yes!!  (No.)

Sometimes can we take her out of her cage?  (He can't ever remember the word "crib").

When is the baby coming?  When is after my birthday?  When do I start preschool?  When is before  Halloween?  How many days?  (We talk about this every day.  Today my answer was, "When Mommy's tummy is clear out to here.")

Where is the baby gonna sit? How about here?  (at the table).  WHY does Mom get to sit by the baby? (Outrage.)

We need to buy the baby a sleeping bag.
We need to buy the baby a bike.  "Well, we'll just buy YOU a bike and give the baby your big wheel!"  (This did not go over well.)
 The baby needs some new books and some toys.  (Not really.)

I need to sleep downstairs with the big kids because the baby will cry loud and wake me up!

The baby can have my old church shoes.

I also enjoyed making the lab lady guess which baby this was, after she asked if it was my first.  "Nope.  Keep going!"  Then, after she guessed it, she asked how old my eldest was and I loudly said, "Sixteen!" --at which the lady behind the partition popped her head out with huge eyes and said, "Did you say you are having number SIXTEEN!"

I also liked and agreed with the wisdom passed down to us from Mark's Grandma Day, (whom he never met), through his Dad.
"You have one baby, it takes up all your time.  You have two babies, they take up all your time.  You have three babies, they take up all your time.  You have four babies, they take up all your time.  You have..."