Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

"I quit of Christmas songs!"

It's been a great vacation.  The Christmas music, however, was not one of the highlights for Luke.  He was bugged that it was all we were listening to (he is rather fond of loud "dance parties" in the living room) and one day angrily declared, "I Quit of Christmas songs!"

I think he liked the rest of it though.
I love this picture.  She looks like a little kid.

Macy and Cooper were happy to share.

After he had gone down the hill on the tube a few times, Luke announced that he would "do it himself", grabbed the disc sled, and away he went, laughing all the way.  Didn't even crash and hauled it back up the hill himself a few times.

Macy and I attended the Mother-Daughter Hoe-Down at her elementary.  It was pretty fun--they taught us the Boot Scoot boogie and I found myself swinging through a few moves I haven't done for years and years.  Cute party.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the Pack/Laker cousins'.  Tate and Thane were good sports to bust out the boy toys for my boys.

Tate's a Junior, so I had to capture this fun moment before he's all grown up and gone.

Mark took the boys to a BYU game in November.  I don't think they had any fun at all.

Luke and I found a bonus basket of Halloween candy as we were decorating the house for Christmas.  Sweet!  I think it was gone by dinner.
Macy sang in the Children's Choir Christmas concert.  Here she is with one of her besties, Libby.
Leslie also sang in her Women's Chorus and played in the Concert Band.  She even had a few small flute solos.  Below is a bit of "Sleigh Ride".

The Santa hat was a hotly contested item.  Leslie was supposed to wear it to school for a concert the same day as Macy.  Drama!   Hopefully this will be the first and only time my girls have fought over clothes, haha.  I should have just given it to Luke for the day, then neither of them could've had it.
Leslie also got to portray Mary in the Nativity scene at the ward Christmas party this year. 

 We had a fun day on Temple Square with our Haynes cousins.  Visiting the Conference Center, the Visitor Centers, the Church History Museum, and also riding TRAX to the Clark Planetarium.

 I have no idea where this is.  Leslie sent me pictures from her phone.  She and Mark spent many hours over Christmas break driving around, running errands, shopping, trying to log 40 hours so Leslie can get her driver's license in February.  They must have gone out for lunch?
Christmas Jammies from Grandma and Papa Haynes
 Christmas eve we ate all our favorite things, watched a puppet show by Macy and Cooper, and read the Christmas story.  Grandma and Grandpa Day spent the night with us, and it was a good thing because when we woke up there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

The boys had been saving up for an X Box all year.
We saw this light saber at the store and Luke howled and howled because I wouldn't buy it.  I told him he'd have to ask Santa for it.  That night was the Christmas party and sure enough, he hopped off Santa's lap and came running, jubilantly, "HE SAID YYEESSS!!!"

This was a fun present for our bedroom.  When we went to France when Leslie was 3, we stayed with a grandfatherly branch president.  He was giving us some advice over Sunday dinner, got a little emotional, and choked out this important truth in his adorable French accent.

Our awesome home teacher surprised us with a 3 lb Hershey bar.  Unfortunately the kids were in the room when it was opened, so I had to share.
All the kids got a bag of candy of some sort, per request.  I found this entire bag of Twix in Macy's trash can that same night.


We played so hard we broke our long sled right in half.  Luke is making the most of things as we towed it back to the van.
Another major highlight for me this Christmas was that I got called to be the president of the Young Women's organization in our church.  It is a pretty major commitment with weekly activities, Sunday lessons, and a week of Girls' Camp in the summer plus Youth Conference and lots of meetings with other leaders.  The "term" is usually around 2-3 years.  I am very excited to be in a position to do this, and have some wonderful, capable women to serve with.  The teenagers in our local church are incredible, and of course I will enjoy the extra adventures with Leslie before she takes off for college.  Wish me luck, and send me any great ideas!

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