Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Peeling Out

The kids are getting older.  I was realizing yesterday that Luke will leave for all-day first grade the same year that Leslie leaves for college.  That might be a bit much for one mama to handle.
My previous post was about Cooper's surgery, but I also felt like I wanted to add something about what the rest of us have been up to.  I had some fun taking pictures of the kids, and also Luke and I had fun looking at their age progressions as we put their new photos in the frames.

I also forgot to write about Boston's birthday...
He had a great time.  He was due for a birthday party since his birthday usually falls over Labor Day weekend and we usually twist his arm into letting us go camping or something like that for his birthday instead of having a party.  He was excited to have a few friends over and to go to Jump On It (a trampoline place) with everyone.  We had a great time and all of the boys were thoroughly drenched with sweat and in need of a shower by the time we finished, so I call that a smashing success.

Boston also earned his Webelo and graduated from Cub Scouts.  He is loving Boy Scouts thus far, especially since our cool next door neighbor is one of his leaders.  Their group when shooting yesterday and he had such a blast.  Ha ha, I guess that was a pun.

Luke helped/watched me arrange my dried sunflower heads in various places around the house, but when I asked him, "Don't they look beautimous?"  He declared with not a little disgust in his voice, "Mom, they're not beautimous.  They're dead!"
Leslie is in the Women's chorus this year and it was fun to go to her concert and see so many of her friends in the various singing groups as well.  They get to go on tour to San Diego in the Spring.  (I had no idea extra-curricular anything cost so much!  In my defense, I grew up where all the students got a physical and a $20 activity card and that was it.  Oh yes, and I do remember that shopping for a Choralaire dress was a nightmare.  Luckily Leslie bought her dress from another very tall girl, so we lucked out.)
Leslie with some of her fun girlies.
Leslie also got to go on tour with her marching band to St George and also Disneyland.  Super fun for her, and super glad for me that she is done with band practice until next summer.  Bring on the babysitting!

 We also had fun over UEA break.  Mark was on a business trip in San Diego, and Cooper had pre-op visits up in Salt Lake, so we tried to make the most of our time by stopping at the Lehi Fun Center and trying out their Halloween activities.  Who knew that the hay bale maze would be such a blast?  I liked it because it was challenging but small.  Luke was laughing his head off and running after his brothers the entire time.  I actually lost him once and had to hurry on out to intercept him in case the boys didn't have him.

These slides were fun, landing the kids in piles of dried corn.
During the break I also took a page from my sister Darcy's book (she is an avid angler-woman) and got a new fishing pole for Boston.  The kids dug the worms, and I took him fishing ALL BY MYSELF.  Mom of the year award right there.  Luckily, he didn't catch anything and I didn't have to deal with teaching him to clean a fish.  I could if I had to, but I'd just rather not.  Macy and Luke and I fed the ducks until they got way too aggressive and came after us with the great big ornery geese and I may have shrieked and thrown my sack of bread at them.  Luke couldn't get to sleep that night because he was worried about "those crazy ducks."  
Luke and I have some good fun in the kitchen.  This is a long apple peel from canning apple pie filling.  I was laughing a little when I realized just how much canning I had done this year, and that it was Peaches, Pie filling, Pesto and Pickled Beets.  And a partridge in a pear treeeee!

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