Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let the Dust Settle

"Come with me to paradise."  Or maybe actually, "Look at this cute, teensy, grasshopper I saved from drowning!"

 Now that our dusty summer has settled and the kids are very happily entrenched back in their citadels of learning, I can finally catch my breath and let you in on what we've done and how we've been.  The surrounding pictures are from the 4th of July.  (Wow, I really am behind.)  Leslie (and I) marched in the Provo Freedom Festival parade.  I got to be a water girl for all but one of her parades.  It was fun, especially when Leslie's row was part of my squirt bottle assignment and I got to spray all down her neck, etc.  The parade on the 4th was really a doozy.  It was very hot, and they marched very fast and far, and in those hot uniforms (policy is that they wear them up to 95 degrees) the poor kids were dropping like flies.  By the end of the parade most of the kids were either lobster red or sickly green and about half of them were faking their instruments because they didn't have any wind left.  One girl burst into tears with a heat exhaustion headache and couldn't stop sobbing, and another kid threw up.  Leslie said she felt pretty worn out by the end but when she looked around she realized that she was actually doing well.  When I played this video back to Leslie she thought it was on fast-forward it was so fast.

The evening of the 4th we went to Utah Lake, to a large beach newly exposed from the dry weather.  It was awesome because the kids could walk way out into the lake and still only be knee deep.  Great sand and not crowded.

After the 4th Leslie went on a Pioneer Trek reenactment.  This is when she got back--she had been wearing a long sleeved blouse and hat but I missed getting a photo of that.  She was super tan and dusty and exhausted and said that it was amazing and spiritual to test her limits like that and imagine the sacrifices and difficult choices made by her ancestors as they moved west to follow their God according to their own consciences, and away from the persecuting mobs.  One morning they were even interrupted in their tents by "mobs" and told they had to be gone in a few minutes.  She was a little emotional telling me about that and about a very difficult women's only pull of the handcarts up a hill.

The boys begged us to let them leave their hair long on top for the summer.  It was a little out of control.  If Boston had curls we could call this his "Happy Jack" -do, like my grandpa's hair when he was a young buck.
In mid-July we went to Montana to be with my parents, siblings, grandparents, and all the cousins.  We even got to attend Fairfield's Swim Day parade, which was a huge contrast for Leslie since she had just marched in the enormous Freedom Festival parade.  The Swim Day parade lacked marching bands and had hardly any regular floats, but it more than made up for it in CANDY.  Holy Buckets!!  Just the same, Leslie was daydreaming a little bit about flying her band in for the parade as a treat to the small town spectators.  It would have been awesome.

Getting candy with the cousins.  I think Addy likes the dog.  My older boys had to stay home from the parade and pick rocks.  They were in mega-big trouble for teaching the cousins to spell (and then say) some choice new vocabulary words the night before.  No candy for you!

This was actually a very special parade because it was my Mom's 40th class reunion AND my Grandma's 60th class reunion.  They both got to ride on floats with their classes.  My favorite moment of the parade was when Grandma Heagy was on her return route (when most of the candy had already been thrown) and saw us and scooped a huge pile of candy out of her lap that she had been hording just for us and threw it out with both hands.  Lots of love to you to, Grandma!!

Mom is so tall she could probably drag her feet for the brakes!  It was pretty funny when they passed and all of the kids started cheering, "GRANDMA!!"  My Dad was laughing pretty hard next to me--she has the most grandkids by far in her class and it was very obvious that day.  Another woman might have wanted us to cheer, "Lori!!" but she said she loved it.

What can I say?  I love everything about this picture.  (She is showing off her bag of candy.)  I title it, "Red Neck Parade."

We also had some good fun on the water slides at Grandma's house.

Everyone loved taking care of our family's favorite redhead.  Here he is snuggled up to Cooper for a show.

I was so happy to be there during raspberry season.  We took the kids out to my Grandpa's berry patch one morning and let them pick their own buckets. 

Grandpa weighed all the kids' buckets.  This one was mine--it belonged to Grandpa's mom.  You wear it on a belt like a bandolier so you can pick with both hands.

I spent a lot of time as a kid on this teeter-totter and monkey bar with my cousin Beau.  And Jake.  Trying to bump each other off.
We took a day trip to Glacier Park with the kids--Leslie had only been once and didn't really remember it.  Beautiful place!

A fun hollow tree on the Cedar Walk.

The boys had to do some pushups for fighting in the car.  The Japanese tourists were totally staring at us.  One woman even asked to confirm that I really had 5 children.



Boston, showing off.

Mark and Luke

After we made it through Glacier we stayed at a cabin that my brother Jake had rented for the family.  Thanks Jake and Rach!  They were great hosts.  We played hard and ate well.
I see this picture of my gorgeous sister-in-law and am reminded of when she and Jake were newlyweds and Jake and Dad came in from driving somewhere where they had been listening to the radio, loudly and jubilantly singing, "She don't know she's beautiful!!" and it was very obvious that Jake was singing about her.  (I should put "singing" in quotation marks.  He has many other talents.)

                                                                    Turtle squad.  See Cooper's net?  We did catch two or three and they kept them in our holding tank/kiddy pool.

I kept telling Benson, don't get so close!  That turtle will snap your nose off!  And he'd just smile sweetly at me and nearly kiss it again.  They loved each other I guess.

I wish this was me.  Rachel was doing some great show-off tricks for us.

There was an awesome rope swing with a platform several yards up the mountain.  This is Bridger's epic belly flop--it was hard for him to straighten out when gravity had swung him sideways.  He came up crying--it was from pretty high up.

I like this one of Jaxon.  He remembered to plug his nose.  I didn't always.

Here is Cooper on the swing and Boston in the water, having just jumped.

One night Benson didn't want to go to bed.  Brooke and her boys were across the covered porch from us behind a curtain.  I told Benson to just come and get in bed with me.  I didn't think he'd do it, he's so shy.  Cutie pie.

When we got back from Montana, a few days later it was my cousin David's wedding at the Bountiful Temple.  Here are Luke and my niece Hallie.  It was about 100 degrees and Luke got some pretty bad heatstroke or something while waiting during the wedding.  He slept it off during the wedding luncheon in the coatroom of the restaurant, poor baby.

The three middle kids also had swimming lessons in August.  Boston was the only one I was worried about since he completely dreads deep water and swimming lessons, but after some nervousness the first day he did fine and even shocked us all by passing his level 5 with Cooper.  It was a big deal.

My cousin Katy, only a year younger than me, had her first babykins.  Aunt Patti and I loved the "mammy hat".

I think this was supposed to be his scary face?

Cooper was lucky enough to have an orthodontist appointment at Primary's coincide with his cousin Blake's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple, so he got to come hang out.  Here he is, waiting for his future "honey-butter".

At last the happy day arrived, and our lives return to some kind of schedule and forward progress.  Here is Leslie her first day of 10th grade and high school.  (I know, it's weird.  I went to a "normal" 4 year high school.)  She is taking a guitar class first semester and has to lug this beastie on her back if she rides her bike, with her backpack (including her flute) swinging from the handlebars.
Boston, Cooper, Macy--5th, 4th, 2nd.

"Alone at last!"  Or maybe, "Blow this belly."

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