Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, June 24, 2016

Do Umps make housecalls?

We are staying pretty busy this summer.  It's always a big adjustment having all the kids home from school all day long.  Although, Leslie is gone pretty much every morning for marching band or driver's ed (which sort of makes things harder) but the rest of us are working hard and playing hard.
Here is a shot of Luke and me celebrating one of our last kid-free days together by having a pizza and smoothie lunch date while stocking up for summer at Costco.  (I don't like to dwell on our summer grocery budget.)
The kids have enjoyed our big-kid-sized extra deep sandbox very much.

It doesn't take much to be great in this house.

I got to volunteer or watch both Cooper and Boston's track meet at the local high school.  Very fun but I wished they would give out more ribbons   (I remember being pretty proud of a fifth or sixth place ribbon at our little rural school track meets growing up;)

We have been super busy with baseball season.  Since Boston and Cooper could be on the same team this year, Mark decided to coach.  Leslie has helped by minding the littler ones at home or at the game, and at least one time by talking it up with the ump between innings (They are her age; she is friends with some of them from school so of course we are always very civil to them:)  I told her to bat her eyelashes a few times but she just laughed at me.)  The first few games were kind of rocky, but after getting a few things figured out and consistent attendance from the players we've done a lot better.  Plus I think Mark is a brilliant coach.  And I keep score and cheer loud.  Mark had to get after me last night for telling the catcher to "tackle" someone.  Heh, heh, he knew what I meant and totally got the kid out.  (I meant "take a flying lunge at him", but apparently yelling at someone to tackle is not okay in baseball.  Humph.  Mark suggested keeping it to a simple, "tag him".  Why tell him what he already knows?)  We've improved to the point that next week we will be in the semi-finals for our city and have already earned a spot in the "state" tourney in July--pretty exciting. 
Cooper has pitched several innings, sometimes playing catcher and also great at short-stop.  I think he's our best 3rd grader.  Pitching is a huge deal in this league because there can be a lot of walks and stolen bases, etc--the game pretty much lies in the pitcher's throws.  These pictures are of his first time pitching; I think that he will be no stranger to the mound for the next several years.

Getting ready in the dugout.  The boys love spitting sunflower seeds.
Boston had one inning pitching because he wanted to try it.  Normally Mark tells him no because he doesn't practice as much as Cooper, but he got to on this game.  He did fine but decided he prefers 1st base and is pretty consistent getting outs there.
Boston on 1st

  It has been fun getting to know the boys on the team and see their personalities through their playing--probably more in baseball than any other sport because they each have their moment.  Plus, since I've been keeping the books I'm usually one of the few fans in the bleachers behind the ump, (most people sit in the shade on the sidelines,) so I feel extra maternal to all those boys. Sometimes I think I'm the only one they can hear, (so I have to be careful what I say.) I love Wil's strut to the plate that scares the pitcher silly or his glare when I accidentally call him Danny (both are #5), I love little Porter's trash talk and his puppy-dog face when he knows the ump is going to call him out, I love Cooper's speed and Boston's power and Ryan's crazy aggressive steals.  I want to cry when Liam swings so hard but strikes out and Harrison jumps out of the box because he is so afraid to get hit again.  I laugh when little Koben never swings and still manages to get on base most of the time.  I kind of don't want to go to the state tourney--it was so tense last year with Boston's Orioles--I yelled myself hoarse and wanted to throw up half the time--but I think if I don't go no one will tell the boys' that their pitch was beautiful, or when to scoot up, or to "tackle"!  They won't play as well if they can hear the crickets, and they will wonder where that loud Mom is.

My baseball boys.  Go Astros!

Macy did a great job narrating an end of school play that her class did.  She has loved her teacher, Miss Cope.
 She also played the part of a woodpecker.  I love her overalls and wish she would wear them every day.

Remember that stock-up at Costco?  There was a sale on Baby Backs.

Leslie had a fun time playing hooky one morning during the last week of school.  It was the school trip to Lagoon but she was already planning on going with the band later on, so she and some friends decided to hike the Y instead.  Then her mom negated all that healthy exercise by taking them out to the Creamery.  Ice cream before lunch?  Teenagers!

Luke decides that he could handle being a teenager.

Luke had a fun time playing with his 2nd cousin Reece in Fillmore at the Memorial Day reunion.

Throwing rocks in the creek in Fillmore.  The house Mark lived in as a kid is on the other side of that bridge.
We took the kids camping up Hobble Creek.  The weather was beautiful and so was our campsite.

We had a house building competition.  This is the boys' leprechaun house.

This is the girls' fairy house.  Ours is cuter.

This was a pretty fun tradition to start.  The boys packed all their finished workbooks, math sheets, etc. from the last day of school and had a great time lighting them up.

Luke had a tough morning on this day.  He woke up too early but stayed in his room playing with toys.  When he ran into Macy's room to show her what he made, (and wake her up) Macy yelled at him.  So I texted this picture to his Daddy to help him feel better.  Look at that sad face.
This day was better.  We went to Seven Peaks with our Haynes cousins.  Luke is finally at the age where the pool is really fun.  My sis-in-law Rachel and I had ten kids to man between us.  They were all pretty good and had a great time laughing and playing together.  It wasn't very crowded and so the Lazy River was particularly fun and relaxing.

Front:  Jett, Addy, Luke, Tyler (their Seamons cousin)
Middle: Macy, Bridger, Cooper Boston, Jaxon Back: Leslie

Cousins and sunshine wear you out.  Cooper was the only one awake.  Leslie was even sleeping in the front seat on the way home from SLC a little bit after she took this picture, I think.
With the kids home it's hard to read or be on the computer, but for some reason I've been getting some sewing done.  New curtains, etc.  This project was particularly fun--all our hand prints stacked on each other, with Mark covering us all, for a pillow in the family room.
I really would go crazy in the summer if it weren't for friends for my kids to play with.  Mud I can handle.

Or friends to work with.  Lois and I throwing down some sod.  Look how red-faced we are!
Leslie missed her first paraded due to a family reunion, but here she is warming up for the PG parade.  I was happy to have a chance to help this year.  I get to give the kids their squirts of water.  It's pretty fun because it goes all over the place and I just laugh and they have to keep a straight face.  I got to water Leslie's line and I always got her the worst!  And I only got stepped on once, and I got lots of cheers from the crowd inadvertently, partly for the clumsy water-spraying entertainment and partly for wearing my BYU t-shirt since I didn't have a shirt for Leslie's high school.  (Hey, I figured, be true to your school and it works, right?  Kind of like when the pick-up players get to keep their team uniform for the tournaments in baseball?)  We have another parade tonight, in our old hometown.  Hopefully my aim is better for the kids, but I may shoot the sidelines if I see any troublemakers. 

On our bulletin board we have a quotables list.  Here is my favorite from this last month.
Mark's sister gave us an old futon for our basement.  We have never had one before and our kids were a little unfamiliar with the word.  We didn't realize that until Boston declared, "It sure is great, sitting here on our Latino!"

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