Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Training

Hooray, it's spring!  The training referred to has to do with a 3 year old and a bathroom, and I'd rather not to go into that publicly other than to say we are now a diaper-free household.

Spring training also refers to that happy, busy time of year known as baseball season!  This year is especially exciting because Boston and Cooper can play on the same team--Mustang League pairs 3rd and 4th grade. Mark is going to coach this year because there are a limited number of years the boys will be able to play together.  (Next year should be a wild schedule.  Ugh.)  They are all excited and have been pulling out the gloves and cleats.

Mark thought the draft/tryouts night was particularly entertaining.  Our boys stayed home since they are already on their dad's team, but they may have noised around school that their dad was going to coach.  Mark was watching a group of boys go through a drill and one of them called out, "Hey!  Coach Day!" all excited.  It was Cooper's friend Liam, from basketball.  Mark had actually been hoping to draft him because he is taller than Cooper and very athletic.  The other boys asked Liam, "How do you know who that is?"  Liam told them it was Cooper's dad.  And boy did those boys all straighten up and show off for their potential coach--Mark said it was hilarious with as hard as they were trying to throw, etc.  He did end up able to draft Liam and some of Cooper's other friends.  Boston's friends had been nabbed already so he will be making new friends on the team.  There are a whopping 21 teams for that age group. Glad we moved to another baseball town.
I thought this picture was hilarious and goes to show what a sports fanatic Cooper is.  He is wearing his basketball jersey OVER his football jersey.  Too bad you don't usually layer with a baseball jersey.
 We have several half birthdays in March.  I think Boston chose to celebrate his by coming to our bedroom LATE one evening, all in a panic, telling us that "tomorrow is my special day at school, and I'm supposed to decorate the bulletin board with pictures of me growing up and stuff about me."  Marvelous.  I was skeptical because I had received no note about it, but he pulled an old rumpled one out of his backpack.  I read it--his special week had been the previous week--and we had missed it.  Shucky-darn.  But then he said his teacher told him to just bring the stuff anyway.  I told him to wait until morning.  Luckily the teacher only wanted the pictures emailed, and Boston was on the job lickety split.  Here are some of his pictures--I didn't have a blog until Cooper was born.

Macy turned 7.  I was still recovering from surgery at the time so Mark took the kids swimming.  Macy had requested Cold Stone ice cream for her birthday.  I challenged that, asking why she would want Cold Stone since she only ever likes vanilla anyway (must be related to my mom.)  (Plus, I didn't want to pay to take five kids and two grownups to Cold Stone.)  She answered that, yes she likes vanilla, but at Cold Stone you can have GUMMY BEARS on top!  Done.  We had an enormous bowl of gummy bears, plus some crushed oreos, and vanilla ice cream in our own kitchen.  Here is what she dished up for herself:
Three whole gummy bears.  Woo.

She also got a sewing project, books, etc.  She should be busy for a while.

I mentioned in my last post that Leslie has been busy with a Young Women's modest prom dress fashion show.  Here are some of her pictures.  The hair concept didn't get quite finished, but I liked the dress.  She was super tall with the heels and the bun.

We also had a fun Easter egg hunt at our friends' the Denisons, topping off with our traditional visit to ChuckARama.  Luke did some practicing at home beforehand.

I may have lifted him up into the tree to get one of the eggs.
 Easter morning Mark made Easter egg and bunny rabbit shaped pancakes before church.

I did manage to coerce a picture of the kids as we were hurrying in:

 I thought this tableaux looked especially springy with the pretty girl, the tulips, and the math homework.
Another spring event was Cooper and Macy's spring children's choir concert.  It was all Disney songs, and they were supposed to dress in bright colors or princess dresses.  This picture is before the concert while we were finding our seats.  Cooper top left in orange, Macy lower middle right in the crown.

We enjoyed General Conference weekend, both listening to the wonderful talks and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Mark took the kids on a few walks--here is Luke trying out the school slide.  He thought he was pretty big stuff.

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