Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Opening presents

I let writing about Christmas slip away from me.  Here are some highlights..

Who knew that out of the three wonderful family weddings we went to in a month's span,(sis-in-law DeAnn, niece Janika, nephew Spencer) this will probably be the sweethearts photo I keep on my fridge.

When we walked through Toys R Us, of all the toys, Macy was most excited about a $3 pack of sticker earrings.

I neglected to mention in my last post that one of Mark's frustrations during the Great Christmas Tree Hunt was that, since he has lost some weight, his snowpants kept falling down around his knees and he was hiking around having to hold his pants up.

Macy kept getting mixed up and calling her new bathrobe from grandma her "Bathing Suit".
 I will interrupt the flow here and write something she said last month I thought was rather clever.  You know how we have two dishwashers so we name them to keep them straight?  Cosmo and LaVell?  Well, we were having pancakes one day and Macy said, "Mom, can we name our griddle?" I lift an eyebrow.  "I know just what to call it:  Hansel!"

This was probably my favorite Christmas moment.  Cooper had asked for a BYU jersey for Christmas.  I ran out of time to go up on campus but they had some at KMart.  They were all the same number.   I fingered it, thinking, well, I hope this is a good one, and bought it.  Cooper ripped it open, pulled it out of the box and in the same instant yelled in all-caps, all-one-word, "NUMBERTWENTYONEJAMALWILLIAMMMMS!"  Incidentally, he has started baskedball and chose generic jersey number three.  I said, "Hey Cooper, who's number 3?  He looked a little sheephish, "Tyler Haws!"
Grandma and Grandpa Day came to watch us.  When they arrived, Macy went running to her room to fetch a "really good present" for Grandma.  It was a plastic treasure box with Macy's latest missing tooth in it.  (The kids get $5 from Grandpa and Grandma if they let them put it under their pillow instead.  The tooth fairy gives grandparents $10 and they split it, so it really was a pretty good gift.)
This was the last gift they opened.  I was a super nice mom and let it stay upstairs in front of my kitchen bar for a week.  It got a lot of mileage.  Now it's down in the basement watching Mark finish the walls around it.

New Years Eve was very fun.  I was the only one awake 10-12 and spent the time writing a long letter to my niece Kelsey who is on a mission to South Carolina.  (Her mom was one of the ones who got married.)  I'll include my description of it to her here.

"As a matter of fact, tonight is the commemoration of one of the most romantic days of my life. [we got engaged New Years eve] It’s New Year’s Eve.  I am staying up until midnight writing this because a. no one is interrupting me and b. Leslie is at the Stake Dance and someone needs to pick her up.  Mark was going to do it but I made him go to bed with a dose of Nyquil—he’s got a cold.  We had a great evening eating lots of fun fingerfoods and watching a double feature of a couple of fun nostalgic movies we wanted to show the kids that we rented from Amazon.  Cary Grant, etc.  The kids were spread out on the floor in sleeping bags and had a great time.  For dessert I made my first batch of authentic Crème Brulee. (For Christmas Mark got me ramekins and a real kitchen torch to carmelize the sugar on top.) Can I just say, I don’t get paid enough.  They were A-MA-ZING."

Luke got to wear his spiffy new church clothes on his first day of "Sunbeams"--the children's Sunday school class he will now be attending.  And yes, we did eat our family's traditional Sunbeam Chocolate Cake.

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