Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, December 24, 2015

What it means to have boys.

I say things, casually while walking past the carnage, like, "Don't Stab Each Other".

This remark came midway through Boston's big "chore" for the day:  dismantling the large bathtub cardboard box so that it would be small enough to fit in the recycle bin, thereby getting it out of Mark's parking spot in the garage.  After giving him several suggestions, like "get the Samurai scissors and cut it into fourths", or, "rip it on this side while standing on this side" and leaving the room, I reenter and find he and Cooper standing on opposite sides of the cardboard wall, each with a steak knife, taking turns stabbing and sawing away.

I pointed out the insanity of this plan and told them they at least needed to stand on the same side.  And I left the room again.

When I came back to check on their progress a few minutes later they had both drawn stick figure effigies on the cardboard ("it's our enemies!"), had laid it on the ground, and were stabbing away gleefully.

Such violence.  I sighed.  "Don't stab my floor.  On second thought, these pieces are small enough now.  Boston, go ahead and go put them in the garbage."

Which leads us to Boy Thing number two.  They say things, while wearing gym shorts in December, like, "It's so freakin' cold outside and I don't have any pants!!"

also, "Jeans aren't comfortable!"  (He has two practically brand new pairs in his drawer.  Worn only in desperate situations.)  We will see if he gets any lunch today or if the box mess will still be scattered all over my kitchen.
"Trouble is my middle name."

Where do they get these criminal tendencies?  I'm not saying a word, not one word.
I suppose sometimes they can be sort of cute.  Like when they are being smart or working hard or playing hard.

Or eating snow like the big boys showed them.
Sometimes they are even little angels.

Boston helping his teammate at their robotics showcase.
Luke and cousin Brig wanted to help me make pancakes.  Uncle Jared thought it would be funny if he had Benson help, too, so now where am I supposed to stand?
Mark is not the only Source of Trouble.   Here is Luke tackling Grandpa Day and Uncle Paul, over and over, on Thanksgiving.  I don't think they are having any fun at all...

I think I will keep them.  (Is that what the zookeeper says about the tigers?)

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