Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Green eyes, blue eyes! I love this picture.  Since this shot, Macy has lost her other top front tooth as well.

Macy was supposed to do a photo book for school of a several-step process (they are talking about sequence).  She built a fort for her project.
Luke also wanted to build a fort.  He made Leslie be the foundation.
Mark's favorite time of year came around twice this year because of our move.  Cooper was pretty happy since he wasn't yet old enough for the first derby.  His fire engine came in the middle of every race, so he never lost!  Boston's car was a veteran--no need to build two cars in one year.  Since it had not placed the first time around and in the months since had been through several flying trips down the stairs and into walls, been stepped on and thrown by little brothers, it was far from being the well-balanced, streamlined machine it had once been, so I felt a little sorry for him and his chances.

Surprise!  Boston's old beat up car came in second place.  He must be good at that silver medals, having won 2nd place in the Raingutter Regata when he was a brand new cub scout.

We spent a fun evening at Heehaws (a corn maze and all kinds of fun harvest/farm activities), courtesy of Leslie's orthodontist who has a pizza night there every year.  As you can see, she is no longer needing the services of the orthodontist.  Check out that gorgeous smile!  The kids loved this huge corn trough the best, it was a foot deep or so.  They didn't want to get out but the boys were wrestling rather violently (picture whitewashing in the snow, only with hard corn,) and I had to physically drag them out.  Mom spoiled all the fun but I think we were starting to alarm some of the younger kids' mothers.  I am still finding corn around my house, falling out of jacket pockets, etc.

Leslie helps tame the beasts.

We had a fun Saturday afternoon playing with our new niece Hallie.  Cute Cute Cute.  Macy is happy to get another girl cousin.

We took a fun trip over Fall Break to Capitol Reef National Park.  This old farmhouse in Lyman, Utah is on the way, and it was a onetime hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I had to stop. 

Here we are on a late afternoon hike to Hickman Natural Bridge.  (Our family is collecting Arch hikes.)  This was a fun one because it was just the right length and moderate ups and downs, with a lot of little "bear caves" along the cliff face for the kids to pop into.  Luke did 2/3 of the hike on his own, with Mark carrying him over the slippery parts or if he got tired.

This is Luke's standard camera face.

This is still a ways from the Bridge itself but it was a pretty good carved out area to tuck into for some shade

Boston was stomping on us while we were resting in the shade.

We made it!  The water directly underneath was dried up but there were several small pools along the way.

I had fun trying to take a wall-worthy picture.  There had been some framed at the deli we stopped at for lunch the day before and I was trying to see if I could do one like it.

Fall break was too short, but we managed this campout and to get a lot of projects done around our house.  We now have a front lawn, Mark has completely finished framing the basement, and our boys have a basketball hoop up.  Next project:  Leslie's bookshelves.

The kids pick out their pumpkins at our friend Aaron's annual pumpkin patch.
I will tackle Halloween next post.  In closing (and in celebration of Leslie's marching band season coming to a close--she'll be home twice as much now!) here is, finally, a clip of her full performance for all of my out-of-state family that I am sure is dying to see it. (It's almost 10 minutes long.)  She says she wants to to do it again next year.
It was funny to watch this with her, she was like, "Oh, I missed a step there, the horns are off there, we are kind of crooked here..."  This video was from a competition in Pleasant Grove.  She thought that the Las Vegas and BYU competition performances were better, but this is the one I've got a video of.  To keep track of her, at the beginning she is fourth from front on the left.  In the middle, when they make a heart shape around Tarzan and Jane dancing, she is the bottom tip of the heart.  She is one of only two flutes.

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