Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Barrel of Monkeys

Guess who just turned 8?
He looks a little shell shocked here, but he did have a great birthday.
Here he is with some of his buddies.  Cooper wanted to have monkey bread and some of those boys were pretty curious as to what that might be.  I made a double batch because last year Cooper complained of only getting one helping.  It turned out great but I forgot that you aren't supposed to put candles into a hot dessert and they melted super fast, so this was a rushed blowing out of the candles, after which we tried to scrape some of the wax out of the carmel. 

The skies stayed clear long enough for us to play Mexican Jumping Beans, where you stack cans of beans and try to see who can jump the highest.

Boston's got hops.

He asked for a new football, a football kicking tee, and orange cones to make and end zone.  One of his friends also gave him new football gloves.  The new green Wilson football went back to the store, Mark said it was way too hard and pointy on the ends and he would give someone a black eye with it.  So, I need to track down the same kind he already got for Christmas and has plumb worn out--the sides are splitting.  (He also got a scout shirt and his own set of scriptures, which he has also been asking for.)

Cooper also had an end of year presentation with his class.  This is his best friend Benjamin.  Cooper's teacher gave all the children a word picture with their name in the middle and a bunch of words that described them, and presented them in front of the whole class.  It was really sweet.  When the teacher was presenting Benjamin's, she said, "And Benjamin is such a loyal friend."  Benjamin, who was standing in front of the class, craned his neck and I could hear him say, "Where's Cooper?" and gave him a big old smile.  SO cute.  You can see the video of Cooper's presentation at this link below.  I was a little exasperated that his main quality was "Hilarious" but also very proud that the teacher pointed out his integrity, and I think he was the only kid she said that about. 

I apologize that I turned the camera halfway through.  Mostly just listen. 
Luke enjoyed wearing a prop from the class presentation.  Cooper's not the only one who is hilarious around here.
This year the school had an end of the year dance festival, with the different classes learning dances from around the world.  It was pretty fun to watch and not so crowded since it was outside.  Macy's class did Mexico and danced the Mexican Hat Dance and the Macarena.  They were supposed to wear bright skirts and were given flowers for their hair.  Macy's good friend Madison is the girl on the right end.  Cooper's class did a pretty involved dance from India, and Cooper wore an oversized white shirt and jeans, the girls had bright scarves.  So handsome, and his dance was pretty involved.  I was on the other side of the field so I didn't get a picture of his, and Boston's class was moving too fast, running around, etc.  Boston's class wore green and did some Irish riverdance type stuff.  I also enjoyed watching some of my primary kids in the older grades.  The sixth graders were super impressive and did the West Coast Swing to "Footloose" (Lehi's favorite song since the movie was filmed here.)  They paired them up and everything.  Luke and I had a great time watching the whole show.
They were kind enough to hold the Kindergarten award ceremony right after the festival, since the parents were already there.  Isn't she cute, looking all bashful?
 For Memorial Day we took our traditional trip to Fillmore for Mark's family reunion.  The kids had a lot of fun playing with cousins, swimming (except for Boston, who was recovering from stitches on his arm--he hopped out of a tree and was impaled pretty good by a branch stub--we had to go to the ER) and eating yummy stuff.  Here are some family pictures.
Three of the cousins are missing because they are on missions in Kiribati, South Korea, and Brazil.  Blake in the grey suit and red tie, just got home from Oregon, and Kelsey (next to Leslie) is about to leave to North Carolina.
Mark with his siblings and the folks.
For Mother's Day I did a fun photo shoot for my inlaws. (Also because I want a nice new picture of them for our new house.)  They were good sports to do it in the rain, and I think the pictures actually turned out better because we had to use an umbrella.
This one is my favorite.  Grandma Frances and Grandpa Day.
Leslie has had a very fun month with Youth Conference and field trips, and next week she has EFY summer camp at BYU and TWO separate girls camps.  Here she is with some of her friends.

We pulled the kids out of school one day last week to take them to the Payson Temple Open House.  (It was a bit bright for pictures, so we're all squinting in these.)  This temple will be our temple when we move, only about ten-fifteen minutes from our home.  It's very beautiful and large and light, and Leslie and I loved noticing all the pioneer type details--lots of quilt block motif, antique style furniture, needlepoint and bright colors.  So beautiful for such a special place.  Maybe my kids will get married here?  In a long, long time. 

On the way to the temple I was telling the kids about our nephew, Spencer, who has almost completed his mission in the very isolated, very third-world Kiribati islands.  I had just read a letter his parents had posted online, where he described his incredible meal, as good as the comedian Brian Regan's "Thousand Dollar Plate" bit.  His mission president had come to visit their island and brought them some apples and a loaf of bread.  Spencer said it was the most awesome thing he had ever eaten in his life.  Anyway, while the kids were mulling this concept of gratitude over, one of them pipes up, "I don't get it.  Why was he so excited about eating an apple?"  Boston answered with more than a little scorn in his voice, "Wouldn't YOU be glad?  If you'd just been eating monkeys and stuff?"

Monkeys, no.  But in another recent letter he said that they were living off of fish jerky and coconuts until the boat came in with supplies.  But what do you do?  The Gospel's true, so they are there to share it.

Luke overheard us talking about monkeys.  The last month or so the kids have been motivating him to do things or go places by scaring him with imaginary threats, like, "Quick!  A big doggie is coming!"   I've tried to put a stop to it, but at some point they told him that monkeys were scary.  Of course, with us about to enter a sacred place, he was starting to get very loud and wound up in the car.  He put on his best tough guy voice and growled/yelled, "I puncha monkeys inna face!"  over and over.  Finally, trying to get him in a calmer mood so he wouldn't be loud and rowdy once we were in the temple, I told him, "Luke, no.  We don't punch.  We be nice."

He thought about that for a second, and in the same gruff voice he asked, "I puncha monkeys inna face........pleeeease?"

Amidst all that rough and tumble, he is super lovey.  Yesterday all three boys climbed onto my bed as we were waking up, and were wrestling a bit.  Luke, laughing hysterically, tucked one boy's head under each arm in a headlock and with a big smile declared, "I love you guys!!"

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