Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Meet Your Match

The New Year always brings some sentimental feelings because Mark proposed on New Year's Eve 1998.  This year on New Year's Day we were reminiscing in front of the kids and asked each of them how they plan to find a mate.  Their answers were pretty entertaining.  Enjoy.

Boston:  Well, you just pick the prettiest one, I guess.  Then you have to go on some dates to get to know each other,  And you probably have to (leaning in to whisper to Mark) kiss 'em a couple times.  Then you get married.

I wasn't letting him off that easy so I asked him, what happens if there are a lot of pretty girls.  Then how do you pick?  What do the girls do?

Boston:  The girls sort of...walk around. 

I asked him again, so how do you pick from the girls walking around?

Boston:  I'll pick the one that looks like she's been walking around a long time!

(I hope that doesn't translate to, "she's been around the block a few times"!)

Macy was bouncing on the couch with excitement and started to interrupt.

Macy:  I have a REALLY good plan.  When it's time to get married I'll write the names of the boys on a paper.  Then I'll cut the paper into boxes--not cut the names.  Then I'll put them in a cup and mix them up and pick one!  (This from my child who is all about paper projects, writing things and cutting them out.  Makes perfect sense.) 

Mark then asked her how she would decide who to write down.

Macy:  Well...some of the boys have to be ones I already know, that are older than me.  The other names can be new ones that I meet.

We then indulged in teasing her about what neighbor boys she might have in mind for her Win Lose or Draw.

It was then Cooper's turn.  Cooper is smooth.  First he responded with an obnoxious pick up line from our favorite comedy show from BYU, Studio C.  "Hey baby, you ticklish?"  We didn't laugh so he rethought things. 

Cooper:  How 'bout this.  I'll get a big jar of peanut butter.  (He stands up and acts out the whole process with a lineup of invisible maidens.)  I'll open it up.  Then I'll walk past until someone comes up and says, "Oooh, can I have some?"  That's the one I'll marry.  (Cooper loves peanut butter and recently told us that the first thing he is going to do when he gets his own house and graduates from college is to buy himself a big jar of peanut butter just for him so he can double dip.  He regularly asks for "peanut butter on a 'poon" for a snack.)

We asked  him what happens if a whole bunch of girls like the peanut butter, then how will he decide.

Cooper (once again acting it out):  I'll get the girls in a line and do this trick.  (He links his two pointers and thumbs together in a chain and then "breaks" them apart for each girl).  I'll ask, "is this magic?" "No."  "Is this magic?" "No."  "Is this magic?" "Yes.  How'd you do that?"  "Ok, let's get married." 

Mark started teasing him that he must want his wife to be blonde, then.  (Cooper does have a sweet spot for our bishop's little blonde daughter, but I don't think even she would fall for the magic trick.)

Leslie was enjoying listening to this conversation but didn't want to contribute much.  We did get out of her that her husband has to be taller than her, older than her, and have a good testimony of the gospel.  Way to be vague, sweetheart.  Although I must say my list was pretty similar at that age and I got it right on all three counts.

I don't think we asked Luke for his plans, but I'll pretend he just yelled, "Mommy!" and came and give me a hug, excluding all other possible outcomes.

Just wanted to jot these down for future reference:)

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