Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Balloon Brothers

Luke likes to play hide and seek with the kids.  He even covers one eye and counts, "eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, Here  come!"
Luke had a birthday last month.  He is SUCH a fun boy.  Usually happy, loves to play with his brothers and sisters, (who he calls Lelly, Boddy, Per-per, and Maney) naps for two hours plus, loves cars and balls and clubs and stories and wrestling and being outside.  He is the king of facial expressions and continues to crack everyone up daily.  His phrase of the week is a fun one..."Oh MAN!"

The morning of Luke's birthday Cooper wandered into my bedroom rubbing his eyes.  "Mom", he said, "we had a long, hard night last night."  Trying to remember if there had been a thunderstorm or something, I finally asked him why.  "Well, me and Boston wanted to make Luke a surprise for his birthday.  So, after you turned out the lights, we got out the bag of balloons and blew them all up.  Boston laid in his bed and tied them and I hurried and turned on the light and put them in the closet.  Now, when we get home from school, we're gonna take Luke in there and show him all the balloons!"  Super cute.  I had been in my room folding laundry and thinking not a creature was stirring...I forgot about the plan when they came home and so forgot to take pictures of Luke's reaction, but here is the closetful before they left for school.  (Don't know why they didn't want to give them to Luke in the morning.  Whatever.)

Luke did get to open some presents that morning because Leslie was going to be gone that evening.

This one he picked out himself the week before when we were walking past the ball cage at WalMart.  His eyes got big.  "BALL!"  So I sent Mark and Boston back that night to pick one out for him.

Uncle Doug and Aunt Sharon sent him his first cash in the mail.  I told him what it was and he grabbed it, "Money!"

Balloon boxing with the Bros.

He has been pretty happy about this triple decker race track.  Boston used to have one but I don't know what happened to it, so we picked up another at Kid to Kid.  I knew Luke would like it because his favorite toy about every day has been the old-school Fisher Price Main Street set; he just drives and drives his Hot Wheels on the roads.

He was more excited about the Reese's Pieces than the cake itself, but since he's two and not entitled to an opinion, I wanted to try a new recipe.  The double layer of peanut butter and chocolate frosting was pretty good.

He also was not afraid of the flames and attempted to blow them out.  We may or may not have assisted after his first few tries.

Luke also likes to play floor hockey with his brothers with the lids from my lid drawer.
He also got Tootsie Pops.
Shortly after Luke's birthday was General Conference, where the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints address us, and we can watch it on TV.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir also performs several numbers, and boy did Luke like that.  He and Cooper found some "wands" and helped.
This puts me in mind of the church choir director from my youth.  She was fondly known to the residents of Fairfield, Montana as "Wicked Wand Watson".

Leslie has enjoyed her volleyball season again this year with the city league.  She has improved noticeably from last year and also has gotten taller, (did I mention that she finally passed me up?) giving her some pretty good confidence at the net. This weekend she participated in the tournament.  I thought it was great because they had so many teams they put them into Gold and Silver brackets.  Such a good opportunity for more kids to have an intense tournament experience!  Leslie's team took first place in the Silver bracket after a wild Friday night where she played four matches (probably the equivalent of five with all the tie breaker games).  Three of the matches were with the same team, who first beat them and then Leslie's team had to beat twice in a row to claim the championship, which they did.  There were fights and tears and screaming, and I wasn't even home for it--Mark had to put the kids to bed, ha ha.  (There were also fights and tears and screaming at the tournament.)  It was a great time and we came home very late, happy and hoarse.

She actually lost her voice way worse than it shows in this video since she was in the midst of a cold.

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