Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, August 29, 2014

Macy J, Kintygardner.

Now that I'm on my 4th Kindergartener, I've got a few things figured out. 
Pink Blank may or may not have attempted to stowaway.

Macy's first day of kindergarten.

Macy and Luke are ready to wait for the bus.

1.  ALWAYS wear big dark sunglasses to the bus stop on the first day of school for when your "umbilical cord starts hurting" as my husband so delicately put it.  Oh, I sobbed and sobbed.
Walking to the bus stop

2.  Step up your game when school starts.  I've been up earlier, gotten hair pretties organized on the bathroom wall and in the drawer, and had meals a little more on time and a more substantial breakfast for those who won't be getting a morning snack.  This morning, however, Macy had to roust me (I was cuddling Luke).  She had been up already with Mark.  He had given her rice krispies for breakfast, with sprinkles, but now the sprinkles were all gone, she wanted some more but there were too many things with red lids in the spice cupboard, and "hurry up because my cereal is getting RUSTY!"  (Soggy.)

3.  Definitely pay close attention to what your kindergarteners say because they are smart and getting smarter all the time.  Last weekend we had my cousin Katy and her husband Chris over for the first time since their wedding in April.  Macy was concerned that they didn't have any babies yet even though Mark assured her that these things take time.  Well, she still pestered Katy and Chris about it anyway.

"You know, when you have a baby, you won't even have to buy him anything because you can just use our stuff!  We've got lots of baby stuff."

Katy, who has long been acquainted with the talkative natures of my daughters, asked her what you do with babies.  Macy decided it was time to teach Katy and Chris a thing or two.

"I know all the things you have to do to take care of babies.  You feed them TWO bottles, and when they get older they can have baby food, but not hard things that they might choke on.  When the baby comes, you have to get this...crate (she wasn't sure of the word--after a bit we decided she was talking about a carrier car seat) to put the baby in and carry it around in.  And they have to sit backwards in the car so they don't get hurt, and you have to buckle them in so they don't fall out.  Babies need to have ONE nap a day.  (I gently corrected her and said that when babies are really little they might need two or three naps.)  Well, they can have ONE nap, but if they're REALLY buggin' ya, you can give'em two.  Sometimes, they have stinky diapers!!!  (Waiting for the shock to sink in--it didn't quite get the reaction she was hoping for.)  And if they're REALLY stinky, then you have ta WASH yer HANDS!!!!!"

Luke works up a sweat with some balloons.

I may have turned a little pink at that, but not as pink as Katy and Chris were about to.  We watched Luke
run around like a crazy man batting a balloon with another balloon.  He did this for about 15 minutes, when I finally realized he had been having so much fun he was totally sweaty and needed another bath.  Macy was trying to think of some games we could play, I guess, because when she looked at Luke, she remembered a fun round of Duck, Duck, Goose we had played a few months earlier, when Luke inadvertently drooled on everyone as Mark carried him around the circle. 

"Hey guys!  Have you ever played 'Slobber, Slobber, Goose?'"

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