Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, May 30, 2014

Caves and Cousins

A couple of weeks ago we were finally able to hike Mt. Timp caves.  I've been wanting to take Mark (who'd never been) for ten years, ever since I did it with the Young Women at Girls' Camp.  Finally I was not thwarted by being pregnant or nursing or by not realizing I had to "have a reservation" because there are a few other zillion people that live in this state.  It was still pretty hairy trying to get out the door with a last minute family emergency phone call that almost took Mark to Wyoming instead (his Dad was kind enough to go in his place) and last minute sick babysitter (replaced by my kind and generous neighbor, thanks Andrea!).  Even with all that I still misunderstood the guidelines about the time of our tour and the reservation I had made, luckily, we only had to wait an extra half hour for an open slot and then we were on our way.

Straight up the mountain..  Well, it was uphill the entire way, with lots of switchbacks.  What a workout.  We were shocked to find when we finally got to the near-top by the cave entrance that we did it in 45 minutes instead of the average hour and a half.   Good thing they had some openings for an earlier tour!  We were so glad we hadn't brought Macy or tried to carry Luke.  Those poor other parents carrying kids....ooofta.  The boys and Leslie were superb.  They didn't complain.  They were way mature about the steep, dangerous drop offs and cliffs, and they obeyed the rules that the ranger gave them.  They even didn't touch stuff in the cave, although Boston got pretty close a few times, mostly just trying to illuminate the crystals with his flashlight. Of course, Cooper insisted he had to "go" when we were about half way through the caves, but after shushing him through to the end of the tour, and then hustling him back down the trail to the T that went back up to the bathroom or another 3/4 of a mile downhill, when he saw how high he'd have to backtrack to get to the closest bathroom he changed his mind.  Kids.  It was a beautiful day.  Mark was surprised and impressed at how huge and awesome the caves were, just as I predicted.
The boys enjoying their hard earned rest at the top, near the cave entrance.  Mark doesn't even look winded.
The kids on the pack bridge across the street, waiting for our turn through the gate before the hike and tour  Boston is sporting his miner's flashlight.

We celebrate a milestone, quarter of the way up.  (It's a mile and a half up, half a mile down through the cave, a mile down). This spot looks level and easy, but it was one of the few, I promise!

Girl power!

My "I made it to the top" selfie.  I wanted to see how red-faced I was.  I think I panted for about 2/3 of the way.  But then when we were almost back down to the bottom I saw two very very heavy men resting on a bench, barely started on their way up, breathing SO hard.  (I wouldn't doubt that they turned back.)   I didn't feel quite so out of shape after that.
the Heart of Timpanogos

The kids about 1/4 of the way down.  You can see how high up we were compared to the mountains across from us.
Cooper's birthday was the next day.  The big 07. He only wanted soccer goals and he was pretty worried that he wasn't going to get them, so we let him open them in the morning.

Luke loves guns, swords, and cars.  He wanted Cooper's new pistols really bad.  Cooper specifically requested two so he could do cowboy style shoot outs.  Dollar store says, yes, two is in the budget.  The glasses are fake.

It's just fun to have a crying picture.  Someday I'll look at this and laugh.
Macy got done with preschool.  She is so excited for kindergarten and has been telling everyone we meet that soon she will be going to the SAME school as her BROTHERS.  That's a huge perk in her eyes, I guess.  The bus should be fun, too.

They had a nice little picnic for cookies and punch after the program, but after Luke put his hand in a tray of cupcakes on the table, and kicked over someone's drink, I buckled him into the van, hurried to eat my cookie, and we got the heck out of Dodge.  Picnics and toddlers are just NOT made for each other.

This weekend we spent our traditional Memorial Day with the Day cousins in Fillmore and Oak City.
Cooper loved slam dunking it at the pool.

Luke is kind of picky and doesn't like bread.  He loves rolls, though, so I experimented a little.  Yup, a whole loaf of bread tastes much better than a slice.
Boston and Cooper had Field Day the last week of school.  I got to go watch and help.  This is Boston in one of the water relays trying to get himself wet.
Here's Cooper preparing for his heat of the sack race.  I've got a video of the next run posted below.
Pretty sure Boston didn't care if his team was winning or not, he just had fun being sanctioned to make a mess.

A good portion of Day kids at the Fillmore cemetery.  (Cooper was back at the hotel with me with a touch of heatstroke.)  Leslie is the tallest girl cousin.

He ate a good hunk of this.  Now when I get a loaf I have to hide it from him or he claims ownership.