Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter and the Derby

Macy's version of our family tree.  Love it.
 We had a lovely Easter.  The weather was beautiful and we attended the third annual Denison Easter Egg Roll hosted by some dear friends of ours.  We ate lots of candy.  Then we went out to lunch at Chuck-a-Rama.  (It was a bounteous kind of day, all in all.)  Easter Sunday we went to church and also decorated our house with pictures of Jesus's life his week of the Atonement, crucifixion, and Resurrection.
Luke gets ready for his first Easter egg hunt.  He's loving being outside in the thick of things.

He had fun swinging on Mark while the rest of us competed in a sidewalk chalk art competition, waiting for the hunt.

He had no problem figuring out how the whole thing worked.  (I guess we've made him pick things up often enough at home.)

In fact, he was doing so well and working so efficiently, Mark made him stop after 12, to leave some for the other kids.

Macy gets in on the action.  Thanks Denisons for being so generous with the eggs--way better than the city sponsored hunts where the eggs are filled with rock hard bubble gum.

Luke discovers that the eggs have Good Stuff inside of them.

Macy checks out her stash.  Don't know where the boys were at this point--probably still hunting--a lot of those eggs were really well hidden.

Cooper's stash.

Boston's stash.  Mr. Independent insisted on bringing his own basket instead of using a sack like everyone else.

Leslie did get in on the hunt--mostly reaching eggs down from trees for the little ones--although she kept some for herself.  Thirteen ain't so different from five sometimes.

Luke is still reveling in the appearance of spring.  Loved the blossoms on this tree.

This year Macy and I decided it was our turn for the wheelbarrel race.  We rounded the course at full speed, twice in 28 seconds, pretty good, much assisted by Macy's light weight.

See, I'm making her hair blow back.  They call me White Lightening!  Oh wait, that's later on in this post.

Leslie and Macy hunt for treasures and the Golden Ticket.

Last year they had a Panda.  This year it was a kangaroo.  Hey, at least it hops!  Love Luke's suspicious face here.  "Hey, you're not the Easter Bunny!"

Cooper knew exactly what he wanted in the face painting.  "Make me a football player!  You know, black stripes!"

Luke meets chocolate.  "Hey, Mom!  You've been holding back on me!!!"
 We celebrated our 15th anniversary the following week.  Mark sent me a little Nacho Libre love note.  "XXOxooxXo"--Beeg kees, leetle kees.  He also took half day off Friday and we went on staycation downtown SLC.  It was way better going to the Red Iguana for lunch than trying to get in for a Friday night dinner, anyway.  We had planned a trip to Moab or Vegas, but decided there was more excitement here at home, because the next morning.....
Boston's first Derby!
It was pretty funny to see Mark in his role as First-Time Derby Dad, trying to track down the saw, the paint, the weights, the decor, etc, amidst his meetings and busy work schedule.  Boston's car is white because that is the only kind of spray paint we had on hand.  (I guess that's also a reflection of his non-crafty mother).

Cooper was so excited about the whole thing he wasn't sure where to funnel his energy for this shot.  Notice the four-way track.  I only ever remember a two-track, which I kind of like better because then there are more heat-winners, but this was very fast and efficient.  The boys also had several minutes of free-racing.  It was fun to watch Boston try to surpress his grinning excitement as he handed off his car and ran back to the finish line.

Boston's car won the "White Lightening" award.  He liked that.

I'm actually surprised I got this shot, my camera is usually so slow and contrary.  Boston is tied for second here, usually ended up falling behind at the bottom of the incline and coming in about third every time.  All in all, it was a fun morning, there were donuts at the end, and I only saw one kid crying (and it wasn't mine, phew).  Good job Scouts and Leaders!

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