Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bam Bam

Luke turned 18 months last week. 
At his heart checkup he was 100% oxygen and going strong on his own unique little 3 and a quarter ventricle system.  No future surgeries planned or expected.  His scar is now the same color as his skin and I don't expect the stares and pointing children at the water park that we got last year.  He has as much energy, etc., as my other children and "you'd never know".
He is 33 inches tall (72%), 24 lbs (48%) and has a great big noggin (97%).  Height wise on our family growth chart he is the same size as Boston at his age (Cooper and the girls are quite a bit taller).
He says uh oh, Dada, mama, all done, bah (bottle), bye bye, whee, and some animal sounds. (Also car sounds and gun sounds.  Must be a little brother.) Definitely my slowest talker, but he compensates with some hilarious faces and voice inflections. 
He finally walks (all my boys were slow walkers), hops, and dances.
He has entered the extreme picky stage where he eats almost the same things every day because he won't try anything new, and I have to resort to a list of "Foods Luke MIGHT Eat" on my fridge to remind me of what is actually on his repertoire, and to give me cause to celebrate if I can actually add something to the list.  Right now the list has bananas (with or without peanut butter), milk, scrambled eggs, grapes, popcorn-crumbs, goldfish, fruit cocktail, peaches, chicken, and (I'm embarrassed to admit that I tried this, but hey, it's softer than a hot dog) SPAM, spaghetti, LIFE cereal, pancakes, fish, jojo potatoes, spinach pie, whole wheat pretzel rods, yoghurt, squeezy baby food, strawberries, baby cereal bars, apples in his bitey (he chews it up and spits it out if it's not contained) and his favorite, pizza.  (Notice, vegetables did not make the list although he has braved broccoli a time or two.  Sigh.  Tried some gummy vites and he spit them right out.)  He is also just as likely to pitch any of these foods on the floor--except maybe not the pizza or the scrambled eggs, which he really, really loves.  He's my first baby that does not like cheese or lunchmeat or chicken nuggets.  Not particularly fond of bread unless he's really hungry.  Recently started using a fork and loves it, so I'm hoping this will help him try a few new foods since he won't let me feed him.  Although he does love to drink out of my glass for some reason.
He goes to bed easily and sleeps until about 7-8, usually the last hour or so in bed with us.  Likes to go to sleep holding someone's hand--so cute.  Still waking occasionally, erupting molars might have something to do with that. Naps are also a fabulous 2-3 hours, although it has to be on my bed or on the couch or in my arms but NOT in his crib.  This even counts for church, which is a seriously huge blessing with having Mark in the bishopric and unable to help entertain Luke during sacrament meeting.  We may not even need nursery for a few more months because he's always out!
He loves being outside--lucky for me he has some siblings that are happy to play with him in the backyard when the weather is nice.
He loves getting his hair washed, handing me the dumper and the shampoo himself.  I know, weird.
He loves playing ball, and recently, racetracks down the stairs.
He loves to carry around club-like or sword-like objects, and of course, whack things with them.  Seriously,

I think the boy stuff is just programmed into their brains from day one.  His favorite recently is a large black plastic baseball bat.  I've been calling him Bam Bam.  Macy was trying to do a large Barbie puzzle on the floor the other day and he was just bent on destruction via club.  I thought it was hilarious how he seemed to know just what little brothers are supposed to do.
He drools ALL THE TIME... and has for as long as I can remember.  Has nothing to do with teething.  His shirts are always saturated because he refuses to wear a bib, so, we change clothes a few times a day.
He loves being read to.
He loves to play with his brothers and sisters.  Weekends are his favorite because they are home.
He loves to thwart my evil designs of cleaning or cooking or reading or typing instead of holding him.   For example:
---when I'm folding clothes he likes to purposely grab folded things and toss them away
---when I'm working in the kitchen he cries and hangs on my legs.  One of the nightly chores the kids rotate every week along with setting the table and emptying the dishwasher is "play with Luke while Mom cooks or eats or does the dishes".  It is the hardest job.  He does like to empty the dishwasher himself.  Goes straight for the knives.
---I don't usually iron when he's awake, but I tried today and had to stop because he was rocking the ironing board.
---tries to climb on my lap when I'm at the table.  This wouldn't be so bad if I could ever get him to eat a few choice bits from my plate, but no.
---when I'm on the computer he grabs the hand that is holding the mouse or pushes the off button or climbs on my lap for a ride in the swivel chair
---when I'm playing the piano and he is on my lap, he grabs my wrists to his chest, lightening fast, and thinks it is SO funny that I have to stop playing.
---when I'm reading on the floor he slaps my book away.  Good thing I don't have a smart phone.
---when I sweep he thinks it's hilarious to re-scatter the pile with his hands.  Not just walk on it by accident, but purposely re-scatter it.
---when I exercise he climbs on, around, or under me.  Macy helps with this one.  Not cool, guys.
---if I'm washing my hands in the bathroom he runs straight for the toilet and pretends like he's going to touch it so that I will come (hands usually still sudsy and dripping) and grab him away.  So excited to have a separate toilet soon.
---he likes to sit on the dirty piles of laundry when I sort clothes.  Oh well.
---still likes to pull books off the shelf in the entryway, although this is becoming less frequent
He loves it when I vacuum. 
He does pretty good at stores, although the library is boring.
Sometimes I get a babysitter on bathroom cleaning day, or more likely, just make the kids clean the bathrooms.  Ha!
Yesterday he was kind of cranky with a cold and only half a nap, so when I tried doing multiple things on my to-do-list and was stopped at every single item, we gave up and sat on the couch together and watched half of Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, and told the kids to do their homework and put their shoes away.  He liked that just fine.  Now you know why my house is always a mess.  Totally not my fault!

Leslie and the kids were making a human pyramid.

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