Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Sweet Life

Mark had a birthday, shout hooray!  The night before, Boston came into my bedroom crying and upset.  I finally got him to enunciate enough that I could understand what the problem was.  "I don't wanna spend Dad's birthday with Leslie [babysitting for our birthday date].  I just...wanna...spend time....with my...Dad!"   I reassured him that it was a Saturday and they'd have all kinds of time, and sent him back to bed. Poor baby.  Mark's schedule has been pretty full and for good reason, but I told him about Boston's concern.  Mark really rose to the occasion.  Literally.  He got up early to fetch Luke from his crib, but instead of climbing back in bed with us, he went downstairs to do some birthday puttering I supposed.

I was right.  (At one point he called up the stairs to see if we had any bacon.  We did.  Three slices.)  He had fixed himself bacon and eggs (the bacon was the treat, something we have rarely--we have enough meat and fat in our diet as it is) and also written a love note to everyone in the family.  While the kids were happily opening their notes over their cereal, Boston declared, a bit pointedly, "When it's MY birthday I'm going to have bacon.  For the WHOLE family!"

Mark loves back-scratches and I think he's creating his own little army here.
Mark told the kids that for his birthday he wanted to spend some one on one time with each of them.  Cooper was up first.  It was pretty early still, but Mark told him if he got dressed quick they could either go for a walk or play basketball.  That's a no-brainer for Cooper.  He was back downstairs in about a minute flat with his ball and a big dimply grin on his face.  (He has been SUCH a basketball fanatic lately).  They played for a good while, and Mark told me that Cooper said that "PIG" and "HORSE" were getting boring, couldn't they play "ZEBRA" and 'LION"?  Coop won ZEBRA, Mark won at LION.  I told them it was probably not admirable for anyone to win at "LION", haha.

Macy was next.  They played some sort of matching game while I was in the shower.  Not sure who won.  Then we had some surprise visitors (Leslie was rather mortified because she hadn't showered yet, etc.) stopping by with a candy basket for Mark.  It was our Bishop (Mark is his 1st counselor) and his lovely family coming back from a bball game.  Since it was also Liz's birthday, and the kids were having such a blast together, we made plans to get back together for lunch.  (After Leslie's shower of course.)  Then Mark headed off to conduct at a baptism.

Lunch was lovely, then Mark (back out of his suit) and Boston had their time doing man stuff in garage like moving bikes, stacking empty-waiting-for-us moving boxes, and replacing the taillight on the van while I took a lil nap with Luke.  Ah, Saturdays.

Truly living the sweet life making pie crust with my 4 year old and her tutu/apron combo.
Next on the agenda was a little lovin' from the kitchen.  Mark had requested a peach pie (sure would be handy if his birthday was during peach season, but whatever, he didn't complain at the canned peaches).  Macy loves cooking anything and we had a great time whipping that crust into shape.  Side note, after fifteen years of living off my own cooking and baking hundreds of pies, I've finally figured out what I was doing to mess up mom's fabulous pie crust recipe.  You don't add the cold water until after the shortening is already blended.  Voila, no rocky, tooth-breaking lumps.

Pie finished and cooling (we ended up having it the next day), I got ready for my hot date.  Mark and his good friend Aaron got tickets to the Brian Regan show months ago when they found out it would be on Mark's birthday.  We also tried going out to dinner but the first two restaurants of our choice had a huge long wait (that's what you get for having a weekend birthday I guess) so we ended up having dinner at the Lion House pantry enjoying some famous rolls, honeybutter, and cheesecake, (not too bad of a consolation prize). 
The show was awesome and our faces hurt from laughing by the time it was done.

The McIntires and the Days out on the town.
Happy birthday babe!  Thanks for being everyone's hero.

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Laurie said...

Fun! Super cute pic of you and Mark. What a fun dad to spend his day with his kids. You guys are awesome. When are you moving?