Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just our Luck

Sometimes I feel like a bad mom for not dreaming up all these creative, hands on things to play with my kids.  Whenever I start to feel like that, though, I think, nah, let's just clean the bathroom together. (So there, Pinterest.) Work builds self-esteem, and a clean house sure makes me feel a lot better!  Anyway, last week Macy and I were having a grand old time scrubbing away in the bathroom while Luke was asleep and the kids were at school.  Sleeves rolled up, applying some serious elbow grease to the toothpaste on the bathroom counter, with both fists gripping her rag, Macy puffed and huffed a little (I'm sure she would have wiped the back of her hand across her brow if she knew that's what heroines do when they are about to deliver a great line) and declared, "Boy, the Day family sure is lucky to have me around!"

She was so right!  She's our sunshine girl with some serious thunder and lightning if you cross her.  Her personality is so fun and so perfectly placed in our family.  She loves purple and PetShops and all things girly, but the influence of two rowdy big brothers definitely makes an occasional appearance.  Like in her artwork.  Lately...lots of mermaids.  With fangs.  Because they are Vampire Mermaids.  It also feels like she just kind of woke up one day this month and knew how to read.  Everything.  I'm talking, hard words.  Stuff like, "should".  This was even before she turned five.  I haven't hardly even worked with her other than a couple times through Hop on Pop, maybe last year.  Their preschool hasn't even made it through the whole alphabet yet, so I don't think that's it either.  Sometimes I have the boys teach her their sight words for their homework practice, but that's seriously about it.  It's crazy.  I've even caught her reading MY books over my shoulder out loud to herself this week (I had to quickly scan it for any swears, etc., but we were fine.)

Before Macy's birthday, we went in to the pediatrician to get Leslie a strep test (positive) and Macy her kindygarten checkup.  She passed with flying colors and her height remains in the Auntie Brooke stratosphere at 97th percentile.  The shots didn't go so well in that she tried to escape and got a big needle scratch on her thigh that swelled up nicely.  Oh well.  No more shots forever until she's twelve I said.

For her birthday she told me that she wanted to go swimming during the day (we did) and then eat dinner at The Pizza Factory.  We had only been there one time, for my birthday when I was pregnant with Luke?  A while ago, but she remembered the Giant Round Table and the Awesome twirly wand Breadsticks.  When we got there, the host tried to seat us at an ordinary long table and I was an obnoxious mama and pushed for the Giant Round Table instead.  (You would have been obnoxious too if you had seen the befuddled look on Macy's face...are we in the Right Place?)  Lucky for us, the big round booth was open and we did manage to easily fit our entire family plus Grandpa and Grandma Day.

As you can see, the twirly cinnamon breadsticks do not disappoint.

I guess if they find out it's your birthday at The Pizza Factory, you get a free personal pizza.  The waitress didn't mention it would be in the shape of a lucky is that?

Macy's version of a finished breadstick.  Lucky for me I had half a tub of cream cheese dip just laying around....lonely...

Then it was back to the house for gifts.

Macy opened G&G Day's present first...traditionally a book.  She knew that, and that's what she wanted first--it was TWO books.  Then, as the kids kept pressing her to pick another gift, she was totally distracted and kept telling them about each page and didn't want to open anything else until she was done reading the first one.  Too funny; she seriously couldn't tear herself away.  We just sat on the couch and laughed.  I think G&G were pretty pleased.

Since she's been reading so well we decided it was time she had her own Book of Mormon.

She was also very excited that I agreed to let her decorate her own cake and preschool cupcakes.  I just kind of turned her loose, and when she was done she flounced upstairs and told Mark and I that her cake was all done, and you could still see a liiiiitttle purple.

She had fun the next day trying out her presents.  When I suggested she make a clown face with her new playdough (thanks for the idea, Mom) she thought I meant to actually draw it and color it in with playdough (like a mosaic).  Pretty cool, Macy.

Every clown needs a pet butterfly.
Just thought I'd add a little video of Luke being cute.  Doesn't talk much still, but those motor skills are coming right along.  I only caught the tail end of his game, but you get the idea.

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The Haynes Herd said...

Happy birthday Macy!! We can't believe you are so grown up already. Your haircut is super cute and we think it's awesome that you are already such a great reader. Addy is looking forward to playing with you are papas house this summer