Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, January 31, 2014

What happens when you kiss Grandma...

It's always fun when Grandpa comes.  And takes the whole zoo crew to Golden Corral.  We missed you Brig (and watching Brooke dump strawberries and pizza out of your discarded shoes.)  My kids have wised-up to the fact that us grownups aren't very organized at assigning which grownup watches which kid at events like that--Cooper was covered in chocolate fountain drips and downing strawberries and cotton candy before I even found a chair.

Next we had a fabulous (and warm!) afternoon taking our little ones and my parents tubing at Soldier Hollow for the first time.  Leslie here is our pro, she did it before-- back when we only had to pay for one kid.  (Fun for a family of seven is not cheap.)

Macy and Mark, I think after their first time down.  Macy LOVED it and told us it was more fun than Disneyland.  I'll have to think about that, but she might have a point.

Princess Macy living the high life as she gets towed up the hill. 

I debated over whether or not to take Luke, but I'm glad I did.  He was SUPER.  Slept in the van the whole way there and then rode around nicely in this teensy tube on the tiny tot slope for two solid hours.  Mom, Dad, and Mark took turns with me pulling him around and trying to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Boston gives his ride a thumbs up.

Here comes Mom.  She was worried that she wouldn't be able to do this comfortably because of her injured shoulder (that's what you get when you are a hot-rodding, 4-wheel-rolling Granny), but she did just fine.

Here comes Cooper.  He claims he didn't like it because "the coach" at the top told him one line was cool, and then it wasn't very cool (he didn't think it had enough jumps).  But I think he liked it in the moment.  We'll work on that optimist thing in the meantime.  He also didn't like swimming at Grandpa's hotel pool because "it was cold afterwards".  Poor kid was so broken up about it he had to go twice.  Went once in the hot tub.  (You can interpret that however you wish.  Sorry Super 8.)

Some of our tubers.  I thought I had a good one of my Dad pulling Luke around, or on his tube, but I don't.  Mom?

Luke had some great hat hair when we were done.  Goes great with our family's traditional first snowsuit, complete with ruffles and hearts.  Real men wear pink! 

The boys are (almost) ready for their first basketball game together.  Mark is coaching so the league allowed Cooper to play up a grade.  Cooper had to sit out the first two games while he recovered from his nose surgery.  (Totally the right decision--Boston's first game I saw a kid get hit square in the nose with the ball and I just flinched thinking that it could have been Coop.)

These two pictures were how they chose to stage some "action shots".  Of course, they are on the same team.  I haven't seen them play together yet, though, because they both only play two quarters of the four and haven't opted for the same quarters, trading off wristbands at the buzzer.

Had a fun visit from my baby sister when she picked up her new baby.  I must say, Utah grows cute babies; she was right to come back for another.

Trying to decide on a nickname for this new nephew of mine.  I was liking "Golden Boy" just fine (he's a gingerhead for sure!), but "Gorilla Toes" was also in the running.

Mom and Dad have a slug of little grandsons-11 between the ages of 8 and newborn (with only three granddaughters).  Wish they could have all been here for a matching footy-jammy shot. 

Benson looks a little concerned about this whole situation.  "Mom?  Are there always going to be all these noisy kids in our house?"

I couldn't resist taking this sweet picture.  He just picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading one morning.  I didn't think he would understand much, but when I asked him what he read he told me all about.  He's still working on it.

Another picture, maybe a bit bittersweet.  And funny to sneak up on her and take.  She was embarrassed, (wahahahahaha) so I think that means I'm already doing a great job of parenting a teenager.  I had another fun picture I took this same day of Brooke pouring over my What to Expect the First Year book while she fed her baby, but i think it's on her camera.  Brooke?
My baby.  Luke, age 16 months.  What.  A.  Doll.

This picture is a result of the age we live in.  Any parents want to guess why he is making this face?  Yes.  He wants to see my camera.

Boss and Bence.
 And now, I will treat my readers to the saga of the First Loose Tooth, with Cooper cast in the role of First Time Tooth Loser.  (For a previous episode of this drama, starring Boston, you may want to view "Ice Cream is the Glue").

Scene one:  Dread.  Apprehension.

Scene two:  DREAD.  Mistrust of parents.  You've heard that expression, "His eyes were bugging out?"  Well, we're in that place.

Scene three:  Extreme terror, crying, feelings of deep betrayal, caused by Mom making some serious progress on loose tooth while gently wrenching on it with a wet washcloth.  (He actually slapped me in the face when I did this.  That's a new one.)  I TOTALLY love this picture because Boston, our supporting actor (did I mention that I am the villain) jumped in as a negotiator of sorts, trying to calm him down and instill confidence that only a big brother can give.  When the tooth came out, Boston insisted on paying Cooper a five dollar bill out of his own money jar.  I told him no, he didn't need to, but he got mad, almost stomped his foot and told me that he promised Cooper he would, and he really wanted to.  Ok.

I missed this shot by a split second.  Macy (supporting female actress) was also in the middle of the melee, waving a  Ziplock bag in Cooper's face for him to spit his tooth into, should the opportunity arise.  She wanted to help, I guess.
 Scene 4:  Victory.  After Dad came downstairs, I guess Mom didn't seem so scary.  We both held him still (he was trying to run away, and he was going to be late for the bus) and he promised he would do it himself.  Of course, since I had already lost all credibility in his eyes anyway, I wasn't completely on board with this plan.  As soon as he gingerly gripped that tiny little tooth between his fingers, I may or may not have "accidentally" karate chopped his arm down (hey kid, shouldn't have slapped my face!), and his tooth came with it.  He had this completely shocked look on his face until I started whooping and cheering, and then he and Mark ran to the bathroom to clean up the blood and assess the damage.  He emerged like this:
Mission accomplished.  He should have just kissed Grandma (hey, she's a girl!) when she was here, then it might have fallen out on its own.
Here are some fun videos of Luke, who is finally getting the hang of that walking thing.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Morning

 Well, Christmas morn has come and gone.  Time to remember the fun!  Feeling lazy about captioning, so, enjoy.

We had fun with a new Christmas activity, making candy trains with some friends.

Wasn't close enough to take pictures of the Elementary Singalong, although my boys both did a great job.  I though Macy sitting with her friends while the program got longer, and longer, was just as cute.  Macy's Mom doesn't have a cool phone.

This is the fort that Jack (ie) built.  With a little help from my friends.  I especially enjoyed yelling "CHARGE!" and "RETREAT!"  Shoulda been a general.

First look at Santa's presents.

Luke got diapers.  He was actually really excited about emptying them out of the gift bag, because Santa was smart enough to just toss them in instead of packing them in that tight plastic wrap.

LOVE her face in this picture.  I think I have a third grade portrait with this EXACT same expression.

Boston got a little coal in his stocking.  Good thing he opened his presents first!