Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, November 9, 2013

One of these things is not like the other...

We had a bit of a runaround this week.  Cooper was scheduled to have a "cleft rhinoplasty with rib graft" yesterday.   Of course, the night before surgery his mild, just-when-I-wake-up cough turned into a moderate-to-severe I'm catching a cold cough.  We still took him to pre-op on the off chance that they'd give us the green light, but it was a no go.  I guess that it's kind of a long surgery, and with a tube down your throat for your airway when you're under, it makes your sore throat, etc., a lot worse, not to mention greatly increasing the risk of pneumonia.  Oh, fine.  We are trying really hard to get it done this calendar year so it can be a freebie.  Otherwise we will just wait until (or if) I ever have another baby or we have some other medical expense that fills our deductible, because this surgery is completely elective.  He could wait until he's an adult, even.  We should have scheduled it sooner but
a. We were waiting for his bone graft in his front jaw to "take".
b. We didn't think about basketball starting in January.  He's supposed to wait six weeks before sports and now probably won't make it.  He's going to be crushed because he loves basketball and he gets to be on Boston's team (who will be playing regardless).  Oh well.  He's only in first grade.  That's a lot of money to save on a nose job!  Hopefully the doc still has a slot for him this year; we should find out next week.

So, when they do the surgery they are going to take a bit of his rib cartilage and prop up his left nostril.  They also might mess with his top lip so there is more of an even look (instead of a mountain on one side, flat on the other).  The doctor mentioned to Cooper, another benefit is that he'll be able to breathe a lot better playing all that basketball.  Cooper told me the doctor looked like Johnny Appleseed.  ?  ( I guess from the cap on his head looking like a backwards pot?)  He wasn't at all sad to get his surgery cancelled because they gave him a big slurpy to break his fast and he also had been begging for a doughnut all morning.  Of course I bought him one from the cafeteria on our way out.

I was a little disappointed not to have my overnighter with Cooper, being wakened by stats-taking-nurses instead of a teething baby, but oh well.

The morning of the nonsurgery I asked casually at the breakfast table whose Cooper's nose was going to soon resemble.  Macy's maybe?  No one had much of an opinion but apparently Cooper thought that was an interesting idea because today our neighbor Ryan told us something funny.

Ryan said that yesterday when Cooper came home from not having surgery, he told Ryan that he was going to have surgery on his nose soon.
Not knowing about the surgery in the first place, Ryan was surprised and asked why.
Cooper gave him a little attitude, pointed at his own face and said, "Does this LOOK like anyone else's nose?"

Speaking of crazy noses, here are some shots from Halloween.

Luke's pumpkin is supposed to look like it has a binky in.

OOh.  Didn't realize these Halloween shots were so out of focus.  Dang autosmart.  (Still learning new camera, I guess.)  Cooper wanted to be Frankenstein--pretty ironic in our surgery year.

The four of us were the Red Ridinghood story.  Luke made a pretty cute big bad wolf.  We did this same getup when Boston was a baby.  Leslie also got to wear her costume for her Halloween Band concert--very cute when Little Red plays the flute.

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