Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What We've Seen.

Tonight at the dinner table Boston tried to strike up a conversation.
"I never seen ...."
Mark interrupts.  "I've never seen."
"I never seen..."
"I've never seen."
Boston licked his lips and tried one more time.
"I've never seen...nothin'."

Well, we saw a whole lot of nothin' this month according to Boston, but I thought we did pretty well.  You be the judge.

State Capitol building in Helena.  It was fun to wander through all the galleries.  I worked here as page for a few days my Senior year and it was fun to show the kids around.

On the Trolley in Last Chance Gulch.  Very fun morning imagining the Millionaires' Club in the 1800s and the wild Gold rush culture.
Fishing in the coulee with my brother Jake, my Dad, and Haynes cousins.  We used to fish here when I was a kid and the smell of the sage and the prairie really brought it back.  Perfect weather, no bugs.

Luke with two of his great grandpas.  Pretty awesome.  (He didn't quite agree.)

Cooper wanted to know why Grandpa Happy Jack got to wear a cowboy hat.  I told him it was because he was a cowboy.

We also had perfect weather at "Windy Willow".  I love boating and I think my kids agree.  Thanks Dad!

Uh, you'll notice why I get cranky going anywhere outdoors in Utah.  With OTHER people around.

I love this picture of Macy and Jaxon.

They all look a little sheepish here, but they were having a great time.

I think hollyhocks are my favorite flower.  In summertime, anyway.

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