Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mom Mojo

I think there must be two types of moms.  (Atleast.)  The ones who love summer vacation and the ones who love the school year.  I am SO loving the school year.  And no, that doesn't mean that I just need a break from my kids or like it better when they are gone.  I know part of it is that I thrive on a schedule--especially with five kids, but that seems like just barely part of it.

Since school started on Tuesday, I haven't had to ref ONE SINGLE FIGHT.  I haven't had to say no nearly as often.  No one has even asked to watch TV except for Macy, and for my little couch potato wannabees who have woken up early to fit in extra cartoons as long as I can remember, that is really bizarre.  My mornings have been super peaceful getting the kids ready for school, first Leslie, then the boys an hour later.  I've cooked hot breakfasts.  No one is cranky (especially me).  Everybody still loves school (I guess that might be one of the unintended consequences of having a "so boring" house?)  Macy's hair has been combed every day.  The treats I bought on Tuesday are still mostly unopened in my pantry, and I was nearly giddy making super cute first-day-of-school after school snacks.  (Pictures to come!)  Luke decided to coincide his good behavior with the other kids and has been waking up way less often at night, so I feel like a million bucks.  I've been exercising and losing baby weight.  I'm excited when my kids come home and get and give lots of smiles and hugs, and they are excited to play together and with Macy and Luke.  There is not a perpetual trail of toys on the stairs, waiting to be taken up to the kids' rooms.  My Pandora station stays where I put it instead of mysteriously switching over to One Direction or Justin Bieber full blast every time my back is turned.  Macy has had exactly zero screaming freakout fits.  Somehow my work load with caring for the house and the two at home still seems to take up almost all of my spare time, but that is because we have managed to go on outings every single day.  I've got some fun lunches-for-two planned for Macy and I.  I love seeing the boys walk to the bus together, especially Boston being super brotherly and protective of Cooper the first day at the bus stop.  The weather is THE best this time of year in Utah, for probably another two months still, so I don't feel like we have to say goodbye to the outdoors.  There were only two bike wheels to check for flats when I took the kids on a ride in their bike trailer today, instead of six, eight or ten.  (Amazingly, though, my front tire was flat.  I missed Boston.  He's been airing up tires lately.  Pretty soon Mark won't have anything to do around here and I'll put him on dish duty.)  I was invited to join a neighborhood babysitting coop where I babysit twice a month and have other moms at my beck and call for babysitting and Macy playdates with someone available every single weekday for the whole school year--this should solve some of the major Macy boredom whining, along with preschool twice a week.  I'll only have one at home?  And he naps--albeit mostly at lunchtime...not super helpful.  The possibilities are mindboggling.  Leslie comes home a whole hour before the boys because Junior High's schedule is an hour ahead (since they share buses), and today she got to talk to me for an entire half an hour while I ironed without ANYONE interrupting us.  Then she fixed herself a snack and ate it without having to dish one up for anyone else.  I only had a little bite--working on willpower.
I think this schedule will work out really well for me to have better quality and even quantity time with my kids individually instead of all together all the time chaos.  I feel like I've been a really good mom this week.  Mark is listening to some business book about Mojo and being your best self.  I guess the school year brings out the best in me, and I've got my Mojo back.  Hooray for September on its way!

When I went to get the first day of school pictures off of the camera, I noticed several pictures that I haven't shared yet, some from back in June, some from girls camp, all cute kids.  Enjoy.

This baby LOVES his swing.  So do I.  It's his own little observation tower on the fascinating doings of his sibs.  What are we going to do when it gets cold?  I get so many dishes done without interruption!  The kids were digging a "pond".

I even frequently feed him in his swing.  He eats so much better in the fresh air, and I don't have to mop.

No sandbox, but lots of gravel.  The boys like to make "rock collections" and sort them.

The theme of Leslie's girls' camp was "I will Stand".  She didn't take hardly any pictures, but here is the play by play of her zipline adventure.  She said she was pretty scared climbing up the pole and over the ropes to actually GET to the zipline, but the ride itself was fun.  I would have been scared, too, judging by these pictures.

So, she said this was the worst part.  She is way, way up high.

Wheeee!  I think she said she got a little twisted around.

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Macy.  I think.  
Boston took this picture.  I think Luke adores his brothers.

Yes.  This is what you think.  Cooper found this by our garage door after church and knew exactly what it was because he checks out so many spider, cougar, snake, grizzly, shark, whatever scary critter you can think of book from the library.  I promptly squashed it with my wedge sandals and looked for more, but didn't find any.  Someone told me they are territorial and there probably was only one.  I hope.

Cooper also learned to tie his shoes and has been super enthusiastic and diligent about trying again and again and again.

Leslie's first day of 7th grade.  Isn't she cute?

I think I told her to show some attitude.

Brothers and the best of friends.  Second and first grade.
Sorry, tried and tried and can't get these upright.  
They were so cute and totally coordinated their favorite BYU shirts on their own.   Of course, while waiting at the bus stop I noticed that Cooper had totally smeared syrup all over the front of his shirt, and it was all over his face.  Sorry teacher.  Will Cooper tie Boston in height next year?  So close.  So nice for sharing clothes.

My awesome afterschool snack.  Thank you facebook, whoever posted this idea.  It's Monster Cookie Dough kids' dip.  It has no eggs--made of peanut butter, cream cheese, powdered and brown sugar, butter, M& Ms, chocolate chips, oatmeal.  We dipped apples, pretzel rods and crackers in it, and the boys spread it on their bananas.  It was TO DIE FOR and it made a ton--I even used it as a treat for a Young Women's activity we hosted the following night.  Chocolate milk was on sale, so that was their beverage.  Super spoiled.

Had a not too successful photo shoot with Luke last week.  He wanted to look at everything in the camera.  Didn't get much eye contact, but lots of cheeks and jowls!  Cute Cute Cute.

Oh, and lots of drool.  He is perpetually SOAKED and has constant "drool rash" under his double chins.  Desitin seems to help, but it sure looks funny to have my baby have this constant white smeary beard.

Boston was giving him rides.  He seemed pretty indifferent.

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