Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr. Two Toofs

Luke got his first two teeth last month.  He's still being very stubborn about solid food though, preferring bottles and especially Mom's drink of ice water (usually knocking it away from my mouth before I can sip because he is so interested).  I'm hoping that his super strong gag reflex wears off soon so he can join the rest of us with our spaghetti, etc.  I have to remember not to compare babies, especially because one of my facebook friends' babies (drat that Kelli Fairhurst) is eating huge chunky everything, like watermelon and peas and he is three months younger, and my baby thinks I'm poisoning him if I put anything chunkier than applesauce on his spoon.  I'm telling myself that this is all part of Heavenly Father's plan for keeping Luke safe as long as possible in our household of children who love marbles and legos and Polly Pockets.  I've almost finished making all the marbles in the house disappear for a few years, but once in awhile one turns up.  Good thing he's not crawling yet, although he's getting close.  I tell him he's got lots of time for crawling, especially since Boston didn't even walk until he was almost 18 months and nearly a big brother.
Bouncy balls scare me, too.  I keep picturing one of the larger ones getting lodged behind his teeth and us not being able to pull it back out.  They are the next to disappear.

We've had a slightly different summer than I envisioned because our city has been on some strict water restrictions (first time in the 11 years since we've lived here).  We can't run any sprinklers during the kids have been pretty bored.  I think last summer they ran through the sprinklers probably two or three times a week, all afternoon.  I did remember to let them do it once in the evening, after the restrictions were lifted.  I have also encouraged lots of squirt gun activity.  The squirt guns are the cause of Boston's predicament in the following video.

This week has been slightly better on the boredom factor because my three middles are in swimming lessons.  So fun to watch, and today I wised up and got goggles for the boys because the last two days they have been crying about the chlorine hurting their eyes all day after lessons.  I even caught Cooper sneaking a carrot out of the produce drawer and gnawing on it because he has heard that they are good for his eyes.  He hates carrots, poor baby.  Boston has laid around with a washcloth over his eyes both days.  Today was much better.

Leslie just got home from four days at Girls' Camp.  She loved it, of course.  I thought it was pretty funny that she couldn't stop talking about camp for atleast two days beforehand, but when she dragged herself through the door, she only wanted to shower and eat (and was getting bugged at us for asking her questions while she was trying to eat) and then took a huge nap.  I finally woke her up, but she claims she is still exhausted.  (I also noticed that even after her nap she seemed particularly perturbed that Macy kept interrupting us every time she wanted to tell me something.  I laughed and told her it might take a little while to reset herself for living in a house full of little stinkers.)  She had a marvelous time, and I'll probably be sharing some photos later.

My row of basil looks fabulous and I made a quadruple batch of pesto for my freezer last week.  Yum.  Today the leaves are almost grown back and ready for a new round.  Hurrah!


Brandon and Miranda said...

Wow, I can't believe he is old enough to have teeth!!! That's so fun that Leslie went to camp! We need to get together soon.

Trent said...

Mark and Jackie,

I enjoyed cruisin through your blog. You guys look great. I am looking to get out of the Navy soon and hoping to settle down in the Northwest. Hopefully we will be able to reconnect soon.