Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Park Avenue Irregulars: Spring Break Part 2

Camping is a challenge for me, as I imagine it is for most moms with little kids.  1. It seems like SOO much work for so little fun.  However, it feels great to do something out of the ordinary and the kids remember it for the rest of their lives.  I was excited to try to camp two nights instead of our standard one, because mathematically, this is a bit more fun for the same amount of packing.  Our plans were thwarted, as you will soon see, but we totally could have done it, and for that I am proud of myself.  2.  I am a terrible sleeper in the best of conditions, so sleeping in a tent on a squeaky, leaky air mattress alongside six other people (not to mention all the loud people with loud dogs and loud vehicles in the campsite that is WAY too close to mine--this is Utah, not Montana--and those horrible birds that start making a racket an hour before the sun comes up) about does me in.  Luckily, I played the baby card and Mark folded down the seats in the Dodge Yak and built me a lovely, quiet nest on a non-squeaky, leaky foam mattress built for one mom and one angelic baby.  Mark slept in the tent with the rowdies.  I still slept awful, but I did sleep, even with one feeding by flashlight lantern and hot-water thermos in the night for Luke.  (I know, he's old enough to sleep through the night, but his weight gain is awesome right now, making up for lost time, so I'm not pushing him to do so just yet.)  We woke up feeling fine--I was up before the tent folk and even had time to read my scriptures.  Things were looking up.  When the tent folk emerged, they beat a path to my door to tell me the bad news:  Mom!  Boston has strep!

Sigh.  I called his pediatrician (don't laugh, but I keep using them partly because I've memorized their phone number) but they said it was their policy not to call in a prescription without a positive lab test until not one, but two people in the family had already tested positive.  Dang bureaucracy.  I tried to remember what the refund policy was on my hot shower campsite (that I had yet to make use of), and prepared for packing up.
However, when I emerged from the Yak, Boston was tearing around the campsite with Cooper, laughing and acting totally normal.  He said that nothing hurt and that he felt fine, although apparently he had been crying about having a headache and a sore throat in the night.  I tried taking his temperature with the thermometer I had packed (this gives away the fact that we were not totally surprised by the turn of events) but it was still too cold for its little computer to think.  Deciding that it was impossible to have strep throat without a sore throat, we gleefully left the tent up, poured the Motrin down Boston's throat in case he really did have a fever, and hauled the kids to nearby Arches Natl. Park, one of our favorite destinations.

The weather was GORGEOUS, probably to make up for the day before.  We tried a hike that we hadn't gone on before, the Park Avenue trail, about a mile long one way.  It was way fun, pretty easy, and even had several echo places where Cooper and I yelled "Rise and shout!  The Cougars are Out!"  (Oops, guess we should have done, "Where's the Beef?")  Best of all, the trail was at the bottom of the landscape on nice, flat, slickrock, not skirting the edges of cliffs like the Delicate Arch trail that about scared me to death with all these crazy children a couple of years ago.

We had a lovely picnic near Courthouse Rock.

Then we stopped at Sand Dune Arch for the kids' reward.  That's their favorite place at Arches.  The shoes came off and the feet got buried.  Mark, Luke and I lounged on the picnic blanket and pretended we were at the beach while the kids dug in for about an hour and a half.

Leslie shows her tough stuff.
I had hoped to do one more hike after our respite at Sand Dune, but when we climbed back in the Yak, Boston looked a bit droopy.  I thought, well, a two mile hike might do that to ya, but then I noticed that the other kids were fine.  Sure enough, he started to look worse by the minute and burst into tears that his head and stomach hurt.  We decided that we'd already had a great vacation, the campsite could just keep our reservation money for the 2nd night, and we high-tailed it out of there, stopping for Pizza Hut on the way home instead of our planned hot dogs and smores. 
I slept great.

PS.  Apparently you can have strep throat without a sore throat.  My fridge is full of pink stuff, but at least we snuck in an awesome spring break vacation.


Heather said...

ugh. we have dealt with strep throat so much this winter. it was a doozy.

one nurse did tell me that a girl only had a stomach ache and still had strep. so when it was in our house and hannah had a stomach ache and headache, i took her in. negative. oh well. i do wish i were a nurse... or even a doctor so i could prescribe meds for the kids. :)

you guys are so brave!!!

Brandon and Miranda said...

Sounds like that was a fun adventure! :-)