Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Headlock Mode

Sundays are funny.  I feel like we've had things pretty easy around here--blessings come from Mark being in the Bishopric and dedicating so much time away from home to serving others.  Getting five kids ready for church, and then sitting through church, highlights some predictable patterns.

Leslie--is well behaved and helpful as usual. Sits primly and likes to use her own tiny hymnbook.  Today the two of us sang a duet in sacrament meeting.  It was fun and she did great, although she claims she was nervous.  She didn't look it.

Boston--a bit headstrong, as usual.  Plays in his jammies until the last minute, comes down for lunch (we have afternoon church because we share a building with three other wards, even though it is only two blocks away) with his church clothes on but no tie, squirms when I do his top button and claims that I am pinching him, gets his tie, knots up his own shoes--the only ones with laces since he does velcro during the week, packs contraband into the diaper bag--this week it was a toy car, is excited to go to Primary and runs into the building.  He loves being the first of the family into the chapel and picking out where our family will sit.  Totally pesky during the most reverent part of the meeting, usually poking and teasing Cooper or trying to kiss the baby every five seconds.  ALWAYS thinks he is dying of thirst or hunger.  After the sacrament he is usually pretty good, sitting quietly and drawing in a notebook or lately, folding endless paper airplanes that he brings home to fly.  Today he only had to sit on the couch when we got home for three minutes--one minute for each time I had to say his name during sacrament meeting.

Cooper--Cooper and Sundays don't mix.  He is such a good kid the rest of the week, even through Sunday morning, but from about 12 o'clock on he is so ON one and wound up to the max; totally opposite from his usual behavior.  I call it his headlock mode (because I feel like I need to have him in a headlock all during sacrament meeting to get him to be still.)  Today we were sitting directly opposite from Mark on the stand and he could see what was going on with our son, the congregation clown.  When we got home, he asked me, "What was up with Cooper today?", and pantomined turning around, standing on the seat and gleefully waving at everyone behind us with both hands.  I laughed and told him he was like that every week.  Cooper was pretty quiet, drawing for the second half of the meeting, but definitely had some couch time when we got home as well, and has been fine the rest of the day.

Macy--likes getting dressed up but NOT getting her hair brushed, sits nicely snuggled up to Leslie, sometimes looking at a book of scripture pictures or coloring.  She doesn't even need snacks or toys to keep her in check although she sometimes forgets to whisper and occasionally likes to put both feet on the pew in front of us, usually to block and trip the boys trying to squirm past.  Last week she got a minute on the couch for doing that, and this week she announced before church that she would not be putting her feet in the way.  She kept her word.

Luke--sometimes he sleeps in his carseat but lately he has been awake during sacrament meeting and I have to take him out in the hall when he fusses.  This makes it hard to keep my other boys in a headlock, so I have to throw myself on the mercies of our neighboring churchgoers who may have to come sit in my place.  I am often tempted to pinch Luke so that I don't have to be the one shushing my other four.  One baby out in the hall is a luxury.  The downside is that my arms are always so limp by the time I get home from holding baby (and wrestling kids) for three hours straight.  Today I was so tired I fell asleep at 5 o'clock while Luke was downstairs watching the kids play after church.  This should not have happened because Luke actually slept through the night last night for the first time and I should have been bouncing off the walls with energy.  I guess I had to prove to myself that Sunday is a day of rest?


The Haynes Herd said...

I'm impressed that you just think about a headlock mode instead of actually attempting one. I had addy and Bridgers heads in my lap, the little lap I have left with my baby bump, and pinning their arms down just to keep them from attacking each other during the closing hymn yesterday. Jake was at a ward conference and we were sooo rest for primary to start. Addy had been purposely screaming anytime the boys looked at her wrong and my face had gone beyond red so many time I was becoming immune to the embarrassment. Hope that makes you feel a little better, your cute kids sound like angles!! Can't wait to see you guys in june

Jackie said...

Oh, I don't just think about the headlock Rach. I demonstrate for the whole ward.