Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Very Percussional

Mark and I went to a fun Valentine's fiesta.  Ole'!
Leslie survived the dreaded 6th grade science fair and earned an Honorable Mention.

Leslie is getting old.  I went to her Junior High orientation last week and was startled when the counselor referred to the 6th grade audience as the "class of 2019".  (Mark and I felt a little tired when we later figured out that Luke will be the class of 2030.) Her junior high is huge, newish, gorgeous, and has lots of choices available to her.  My junior high was small, just an extension of the elementary (although a good one), so I am pretty excited for her and the vicarious living she is going to provide me, haha.  We've been listening to her go over the pros and cons of each possible elective.  She decided to go ahead and take band next year--beginning woodwinds so she'll probably be playing the flute if we can find one.  (Anyone have one for sale?)  Boston has been absorbing all this band talk; I can tell because today he told Leslie that when he grows up, first he wants to be a BYU Mascot, then he wants to be a Percussional Baseball Player.  Mark asked if that means he wants to play the drums with a baseball bat.

Last night I tried to video our crazy children singing Luke the Popcorn song during family home evening.  This is the third try, so they were getting pretty hammy, (and Leslie, as the resident 12 year old, was starting to get embarrassed.)  I love Cooper's slapshtick in this clip.  Oh, and it was Dr. Seuss' birthday yesterday,  did you know?  We even had bowtie pasta for dinner.  Boston loved his hat from school and was still wearing it today.

Luke is doing well although his oxygen sats have dropped a titch, since he is starting to finally outgrow his shunt.  He is still above normal for babies with his condition.  As you can see from this last video, we have yet to register any difference in liveliness and sheer energizer bunny-ness between Luke and our other munchkins.

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