Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, March 29, 2013


So says Macy:

Yesterday morning as I was leading her through the parking lot back to our silver Dodge minivan, she points at it and says, "That's ours!  See, it has a yak on the front."   I told her it was a Ram.  I'm sure Dodge would be so flattered.

This morning as Luke squealed sharply on the inhale in his crib, she was lying next to me in bed.  She sat up all excited, "Mom, Luke's talking like a puppy!"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Butch baby, butch baby..."

 I'm not quite ready to let my baby leave the nest, so I clipped his wings.  They were pretty funny, just two wings on the side of his head and a mohawk down the top, with everything else coming into its second growth.  I cut a little bit of his bangs that were getting in his eyes, too, but mostly left it long on top (so he can still do a combover for his bald spot in the back, haha.)  I've never had to cut my baby's hair this early and found it a bit of the challenge.  He kept turning his head to get a good look at the scissors..
 We had a fantastic "fake spring" as my friend Laurie says (since we go from warm fake spring, to snow, to 90 degrees without a real spring).  I pulled the babyswing out of the garage and set it up on the patio.  Luke loved it but he is at the stage where we have to stuff a blanket in front of him or he face plants onto the front tray.  It was just fun to be out in the sun.  Macy insisted on a picnic lunch a couple of times, and I've been showing Luke the cows and baby calvies in the pasture behind our back yard.  (Hey, my first word was "cow".  We can shoot for that!)
Luke and Grandpa Day

Luke and Boston on Dr. Seuss Day

This picture is from a few months ago.  We finally visited the Museum of Ancient Life for the first time.  It was AWESOME!

Macy was Very excited to turn 4 and has been telling everyone what day her birthday is, etc.  Since she is my "maker", my Mom was gracious enough to make her her own chef's hat and apron for a present.  Super cute!

I guess Luke can just wear this hat until he grows into his haircut a little?

Macy had her first friend party the day before, with cupcakes and all things girly, but for her real birthday she wanted spinach pie and monkey bread.  I greatly appreciated both choices.  She also got paints and I finally found a use for the newspaper that Mark subscribed to without remembering how much time it takes to actually read one..

Mark was a champ and put in a few hours on his nemesis--the bike tires--right off the bat, so hopefully he won't have to deal with them for a while.  We took our first family bike ride.  It felt great to be on a bike again after staying off one last year with the pregnancy, and it made me excited for this summer.  Today Boston was playing with a calculator and I told him to add up our ages.  We made the exciting discover that with Cooper's birthday, kind of our kickoff to summer fun, our family will be turning 100!!  How awesome is that??!!  One hundred collective birthdays.  I think I'm going to really play it up with a 100 candle cake and a family picture with a 100 sign, after all, our family will only be 100 once, and since most people don't actually get to celebrate their own 100th birthday or 100th anniversary (and by then they are too feeble to live it up much), I think we'll do it together, and really celebrate that we get to be a family forever--this is just our first 100 party.  And we will be 100 all summer long until Boston turns eight.  I think we're going to call our summer bucket list our Summer of 100 Wishes, stuff like that, especially to take our mind off all the hospital time we are expecting.  Let me know if you have any imaginative ideas for me to use.

Luke is six months old.  Or as our kids measure, zero and a half.  He's a good baby and his heart is doing well longer than expected, so his surgery is postponed a bit.  He sleeps pretty solidly waking once in the middle to eat a big bottle and then goes back down.  He recently started being afraid of strangers, which is really cute and funny to watch, good thing he's not in day care or something.  He loves being entertained by his brothers and sisters and gives me big open-mouth kisses on the cheek while grabbing onto my cheeks, ears or hair.  He is 15 lbs.

Macy got a bike helmet and training wheels for her birthday.  Luckily, the weather was nice so she got to try them out.
This is what I was doing while Luke was in his swing and the weather was nice.  I tried out my sun oven that Mark got me last fall (right before the weather got bad).  First attempt, brownies, turning out so-so because I knocked them over and spilled the batter halfway.  But it got up to 300 degrees.  Second attempt two days later, roast beef.  Oven got up to 350, which was not even necessary for roast, and it turned out fabuloso.  As soon as the snow melts I'm going to try bread.
Macy's party.  I'd post more pictures but feel weird putting other people's children on my blog, so, this is what you get.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

River of Dreams

I once read a story told by Marjorie Hinckley, about a mother and her young son.  The son told the mother to come down to the basement and play darts (or something like that) with him.  He led her by the hand to a nearby couch.  When she asked him how to play, he said that he would throw the darts and she would say, "Wonderful!  Wonderful!"

We are having a wonderful morning.  Mark was gone last evening, so to shake things up a bit and avoid the whining for screen time, I hauled the boys' basketball hoop downstairs to the end of our long stretch of hard floor.  The boys had a blast.  Cooper was at it again this morning, and I sat and watched while I fed the baby (because Luke thinks bouncing balls are hilarious and eats well when distracted).

It blows me away every time to think that a child that I gave birth to can actually dribble.  And run.  And shoot.  At the same time??!  And he's five.  Maybe spending the first 19 years of my life in a hometown where basketball makes the world go round seeped into my blood, despite my protests.  So I was laying on thick the "wonderful, wonderful".

The confidence of a five year old is a wonderful thing to behold.  He started small.  "Mom, I'm going to be just like Jimmer."  When I smiled and agreed, he ratched it up a notch.  "No, I'm going to be just like River Jordan."  I smiled much bigger and agreed.  "River Jordan can slam dunk it 50 times every game, right mom?"  He then demonstrated some more.

I have nothing to give here but "wonderful, wonderful", so I pointed out to Cooper that he was going to be very tall, like Uncle Jake, and that Uncle Duke is a basketball coach, maybe he should talk to them sometime and they could teach him a few things.

"Nah.  I already know everything."

I then fell back on the only advice that a mother like me could venture.
"Maybe you could dribble easier if you had pants on, huh?"
He went for that.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Very Percussional

Mark and I went to a fun Valentine's fiesta.  Ole'!
Leslie survived the dreaded 6th grade science fair and earned an Honorable Mention.

Leslie is getting old.  I went to her Junior High orientation last week and was startled when the counselor referred to the 6th grade audience as the "class of 2019".  (Mark and I felt a little tired when we later figured out that Luke will be the class of 2030.) Her junior high is huge, newish, gorgeous, and has lots of choices available to her.  My junior high was small, just an extension of the elementary (although a good one), so I am pretty excited for her and the vicarious living she is going to provide me, haha.  We've been listening to her go over the pros and cons of each possible elective.  She decided to go ahead and take band next year--beginning woodwinds so she'll probably be playing the flute if we can find one.  (Anyone have one for sale?)  Boston has been absorbing all this band talk; I can tell because today he told Leslie that when he grows up, first he wants to be a BYU Mascot, then he wants to be a Percussional Baseball Player.  Mark asked if that means he wants to play the drums with a baseball bat.

Last night I tried to video our crazy children singing Luke the Popcorn song during family home evening.  This is the third try, so they were getting pretty hammy, (and Leslie, as the resident 12 year old, was starting to get embarrassed.)  I love Cooper's slapshtick in this clip.  Oh, and it was Dr. Seuss' birthday yesterday,  did you know?  We even had bowtie pasta for dinner.  Boston loved his hat from school and was still wearing it today.

Luke is doing well although his oxygen sats have dropped a titch, since he is starting to finally outgrow his shunt.  He is still above normal for babies with his condition.  As you can see from this last video, we have yet to register any difference in liveliness and sheer energizer bunny-ness between Luke and our other munchkins.