Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

They Make Beautiful Music Together.?

Cooper has been the best at getting in a piano lesson (practice) every day.  We are using the Jon Schmidt 67 Fun Songs Primer because it is short and very boy oriented.  Jon focuses on visually locating the note on the staff and the piano, not on the names of the notes.  Once in awhile I'll throw in the name of the note, just because it makes it easier to talk about than, "a skip and a step up from the middle anchor note".  Anyhoo, I've been teaching Cooper the "C" note by name because he loves everything that is C for Cooper.  Tonight I let slip that there is also a B for Boston note on the piano, and surprise surprise, it sits right by C for Cooper.  Cooper played the two notes together once, chopstick style, and grimaced.  He said, "Those do not sound good!"

Smile.  Nod.

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