Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun with Seaweed

January is generally a boring month, (especially when everyone is restricted to the indoors with colds) so sometimes you have to make your own fun.  Personally, I'm thinking of teaching the kids the Boot Scoot Boogie for family home evening tomorrow night.  Good times, but I may need to borrow a hat from one of my sisters (get your wrangler backsides down here and help me!) and some serious tutelage from YouTube.  If pigs fly and Mark busts a move I'll try to take pictures.

Anyway, I don't really need to kick up my heels to have some fun around here...the kids have kept us rolling in the aisle, as usual.

Cooper has really shone in the dinnertime comments arena lately.  January is a month for soups, and this week I was loving life with Zuppa Toscana one night (has lots of yummy kale) and Beef Barley Soup the next (I added lots of Swiss Chard).  It just so happened that the third night we had a pasta dish called Sausage Penne Rustica that has lots of spinach.  Cooper ate his noodles like a champ but then sighed and asked if he always had to eat the seaweed.

Cooper also announced last night that he wants to go to China on his mission.  So he could karate everyone.

January is a good time to try to fix those behaviors that need improvement.  Cooper has gotten into a really annoying habit of wandering around during meals instead of staying in his chair until he is done.  I explained to him that we were going to have a new rule that he couldn't get down unless he asked to be excused from the table.  That plan is working fine but Cooper added his own interpretive flair and now asks every night if he can be extinct.  I think he knows exactly what he's saying, too.  All that seaweed is probably bad for your health.

One behavior that we have made considerable progress with is the bedtime routine.  Every night the boys were driving us crazy with their shenanigans.  It seemed like they would just get more and more wound up the more we got after them.  Finally we devised a quick delivery of consequences.  I explained to them that in volleyball you get a yellow card for a warning of bad behavior, and then a red card means you are out of the game.  In our house, if they are goofing off instead of going to sleep, all I have to do is yell up the stairs, "Yellow Card!" and they know that they get no cartoons the next day.  If I have to yell "Red Card!" then they are grounded from friends for two days.  We've seen marked improvement, but sometimes we forget when they are supposed to be suffering the consequences of a yellow card.  Last night they got a yellow card (kind of pointless because we don't watch cartoons Sunday morning anyhow), so I was curious what I would find as I came down the stairs to greet everyone a good morning and heard Boston frantically whispering, "Quick! Turn it off!  Turn it off!"  Well, no one was in front of the TV.  I made a detour to Mark's office thinking that maybe they had been playing computer games.  It wasn't that either....

January is a month for losing weight.  Since the baby has really messed up our routine, Mark has not been able to go play basketball three times a week at 6 AM because he helps me with the night feedings.  We decided to look for a used treadmill instead.  We found one on KSL late last night and Mark parked it in his office.
What I saw when I came around the corner was two big-eyed boys in jammies tumbling and tripping over each other on the new treadmill like a couple of drunk hamsters on a wheel.  I hadn't even had time to tell them that it was strictly off limits!  Then, to put a cherry on top of this memory, Boston came up to me a few minutes later to tattle that Leslie wouldn't get off the "escalator".

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Romney Family said...

I love your family pictures the goofy one and the smiling one. So glad to hear you littliest one is doing well. Heavenly Father sure has a hand in our lives and blesses us so much. Love reading your update!!!