Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lessons of 2012 Christmas letter

Merry Christmas Friends!  Our family has learned some choice lessons this year.                         Dec.2, 2012

Trust the Plan. 

In January we found out that we would be having baby number five.  Our news was especially exciting because both Mark and I come from families with five kids, and after wondering for years if we could have more than one, we felt like life was finally fitting our picture perfect scenario.  And that once-upon-a-time “only child” is now our perfect nanny, Leslie.  Why would we have wanted things to be any different?  So silly of us to have worried.  The Lord’s plan for us was even better than we would have chosen.

Everything in Life Prepares you for Something Else.

With our news, we made the decision to look for a new place to live (with room for a crib and a high chair! School bus REQUIRED) and found a great house just blocks from our old neighborhood.  We moved in May, perfect timing for me because I was big enough that several people felt sorry for me and helped pack and clean.  Amidst this happy upheaval we found out that our baby was a boy with a serious heart defect.  Heart-stopping for us?  Yes—and no.  Both Mark and I felt like the Lord had prepared us for this experience, particularly in the fact that we have already had a baby who has had multiple surgeries, and look how cute Cooper turned out.

Trials and Happiness can Coexist!  Who knew?

Instead of waiting around and worrying between multiple echocardiograms and neonatal exams, we decided to distract ourselves by taking our first road trip to the Oregon Coast to visit my sister Darcy’s family. We hadn’t seen each other for a few years and it was a blast for our kids to get acquainted and to experience the ocean for the first time.  That trip was the highlight of a pretty fun summer, even if I was a beached whale at the waterslides.  I did enjoy successfully coaching Cooper on how to ride a bike from my lawn chair while Boston did jumps over the ramp that my brother Jake built for him.

Sometimes He is the Rock, and Sometimes He Gathers You in His Wings.

Luke Newel Day was born in September, and had successful heart surgery four days later.  Yes, modern medicine is miraculous, but another miracle was that Mark and I felt so solid, confident, and peaceful through his surgery, come what may.  Then, as the two weeks (only!) of driving back and forth to the hospital and the worry and fatigue of bringing home a new, high-risk baby started to block out the sun, we felt the reassuring tenderness of our Savior through our mothers, neighbors, friends, families, and even strangers that reached out to us in service and prayer.  My heart is full of gratitude and my freezer full of meals!

Good Things Keep on Coming….and They Always Will.

We are looking forward to the year ahead.  Luke is happy and healthy and on track for another surgery in the spring.  The doctors say he should be able to live a good, full life, even on one ventricle. Mark’s 2011 recruitment to Bank of Utah has proved to be a wonderful move, (and a timely one that provided us with more than ample health insurance!)  I am enjoying being home with my funny, funny children (Macy dutifully plans “play dates” for the two of us while the kids are at school) and I love seeing them be happy together. Most of all we know that Heavenly Father loves us and always gives us Good Gifts; and the Greatest is His Son.

Merry CHRISTMAS with love,

                                                                                                            Mark and Jackie Day

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mary and the Star...Cruiser, or, Why I am Calm and Bright.

I had a bit of a paradigm shift tonight when my plans for snuggling up with my children on the couch and reading a Christmas story were thwarted, once again, by a crying baby.  It's just not the same magic when you have to shout the remainder of the sentence while struggling to extract yourself from the kids and baby pile, especially when your hubby and eldest are out, taking a group of teenagers to Temple Square to see the lights.  HOWEVER, this is not a negative post.  Quite the contrary.  This experience made me realize that everyone's favorite Christmas carol is a bit misleading.  I'm pretty sure that nowhere in the scriptures does it say that Christmas was all calm, bright, and silent of all things.  No.  In fact, weren't there angels singing?  And probably a baby crying for that matter.  I think this year a slight change of lyrics will let my Christmas be way more Christmassy.  I think the words should remind me that "I am calm, I am bright."  My favorite picture of Mary is one by artist Joseph Brickey, actually pictured in this month's Ensign pg. 40 (doesn't show up online, probably for copyright reasons).  This pregnant Mary is leaning up against a wall, completely tranquil in the moonlight, looking at her swelling "great with child"ness, waiting for Joseph to find a place at the raucous inn.  I also think she looks a teeny bit like me, in profile, so it is a good reminder that I can radiate peace and joy, no matter what is going on around me.

An easy way to find that peace and joy was soon evident tonight.  I cuddled my sweet baby and he stopped crying right away.  Boston, after a full day of being our Dennis the Menace (let's see...flooding the kitchen floor while I was pumping, dumping out my coin jar on my bathroom floor and kicking it all over my walk-in closet with his friends, making his siblings cry all at once...) took over the reading of the story and finished it off with an encore performance in Macy's chair, snuggled by his siblings, after he had helped Macy brush her teeth.

So I guess I shouldn't get too upset when I find Cooper and Macy playing with my miniature Nativity Set with the Star Wars accessories.  (Something about Mary flying around trying to save baby Jesus, who had been kidnapped...) Christmas is for us to enjoy the very best things in life, and mine happen to be my not-so-silent kids.