Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkeys and Yankees

My own little James Dean.  Just a teaser for y'all of the fun pictures we took of the kids for their portraits this year.

Luke is pretty smiley.  He seemed to like this story.

Luke is happy pretty much where Mom is.  So gratifying coming from a bottle fed boy.
Cooper and Boston were trying to decide which cartoon to watch this morning before breakfast.  Boston wanted an episode of Wild Kratz and Cooper wanted something else.  Wild Kratz is an animal show and the episode was going to be about wild turkeys.  Their exchange went something like this:
Cooper:  Wild turkeys aren't cool!
Boston: Cooper, I already learned about them at school.  Wild turkeys are AWESOME!

Leslie has been tangling with some wild turkeys as well.  Every year her school has the "turkey trot", a race for every grade.  It used to be that the winner for the girls and the winner for the boys each got a turkey, but I guess the school district can't afford that anymore.  They still race, though, because it's a fun tradition.  Anyway, that morning I got a call from Leslie's teacher.  Leslie had tripped in the race and got trampled (a plus, I pointed out to her, because it proves that she wasn't in last place...) as the girls rounded the corner.  I took her to the Instacare (another aside:  it's so nice to have filled your deductible for the year, even if the things we went through to earn it were not fun.) and found out that her arm was broken down by her wrist in a buckle fracture, the same kind of break that Cooper had a couple of years ago.  Lucky for her it was her left arm.  Not lucky for me--there goes my nanny.  She can't hold a baby with one arm, and her cast won't be off for a month.

Uncle Jared will appreciate this next bit...

Macy and I were going through my hope chest the other day, looking for the white baby blessing outfit for Luke to wear next Sunday.  We found that and also some random baby things I had saved (like the mouthpiece that used to be in Cooper's mouth until he swallowed the nails that held it in place).  One of these items was Boston's Red Sox onesie.  After five kids I find I'm a little less sentimental, so I decided to go ahead and let Luke get some use out of it.  (He's wearing it in the above picture.)  Well, Boston was pretty excited, until Luke had a major blowout in his outfit.  Boston watched me clean Luke up.  He looked very thoughtful.  He said to me in a that's-that kind of voice, "Well, I guess he's a Yankees fan."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo shoot

Luke, almost 6 weeks.  This is his regular expression.  Very serious.  Also, he is growing cheeks.

YES!  I got a yawny shot!  Aww.

Looking for the binky that Leslie just swiped.

Three boys in dire need of a haircut.  Two of them got one.  Guess who didn't?

The kids wanted Luke to dress up, so he was a frog.  Very fitting because the first song I ever sang to him was "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" when I first saw him, post-surgery, when his face was so swollen his cheeks were overlapping his ears a bit.  It was one of those laugh or cry situations, so I had to add a little levity.

This is a funny shot, just to show off the hair.