Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sometimes things happen in such a perfect, ironic, book-worthy order that you know the Lord has a fabulous sense of humor--and that He wants you to recognize his hand--things don't happen by chance.
Today, after having my little-boy-blue home from the hospital for a week, my mother-in-law came and babysat him so I could attend church and sustain my husband as 2nd counselor to the bishop.  I gulped and swallowed a bit as I watched him take that long walk to the stand, where he will be sitting up front until who knows when (while I sit at home with our high-risk newborn until who knows when) and our kids sit with...whichever nice folk can stand to sit by them I guess. 

I was asked to speak for a minute and mentioned that the Stake President had asked us to come and meet with him (to extend the call) while Luke was still in the hospital.  When I heard what Mark was being asked to do I only went into hysterics for a short minute, pretty good really for someone recovering from childbirth and intense stress.  And the hysterics were mostly just laughter at the whole situation--I don't think I alarmed Pres. Sorenson too much.  I think Mark will do a great job and really don't think things will be that hard on our family or on me personally.  In fact, maybe some of the extra time on our knees getting ready for this baby might prepare us a little for this new job, at least in the humility department.  We know we can't do anything without Him and that with His help we can do whatever we need to.  

Luke has been home for a little over a week now.  He is steadily growing as we cheer him on with every feeding.  Literally.  I'm supposed to weigh him every morning and make sure that he gains 20-30 grams a day.  He came home with a feeding tube so that when he was too wiped out to finish his fortified bottle I could pour the rest down the hatch.  Well, he yanked the tube out after two days and I had to put it back in myself.  Never again please!  He started doing better at finishing his bottles, so when he ripped it out again on Friday night I decided to not put in a new one and see if we can keep up his weight gain without it.  (We haven't told the doctor yet, shh.)  So far so good but I'm pretty stressed if he falls asleep half way through a feeding.  As soon as I get him good and fat I'm allowed to start nursing him and can ditch the dang "milk machine" , (Breast pump) that makes me feel like I'm feeding twins, especially in the middle of the night when I just want to go back to sleep.  Mark has been FABULOUS to help and make sure I get as much sleep as possible.  I'm just so in love with him right now, even more than when he takes out the garbage without being reminded.

The window in the operating room where Luke got "passed off" to the pediatricians.  This is why I delivered in the OR, I didn't have a c-section or anything like that.

Luke's "helicopter ride" through the Life flight company.  They took him in this contraption down the long hall to Primary Children's Hospital from University Hospital.  Just got the bill (that I don't have to pay) for $4,000 and some buckaroos.  Mark could have just carried him for free.  At least he got a cool helicopter t-shirt out of the deal.

Mark's first time in scrubs.
We were happy that kids were allowed to visit the CICU (cardiac ICU) and see Luke before his surgery.

Luke's welcome home.

All my kids hanging out for coloring time at the kitchen table.

Just thought I'd take some nice pictures while he is tubeless.  Hopefully he'll stay that way. 

"Why can't my mom get her pictures to go the right way???"

This would be a nice shot except his cheek is still a little red from the tape that held his tube in place, and you can also see the prick marks in his hand from all of his IVs.

Luke is looking a little concerned about this situation.

It has been really nice to get to enjoy having the family all under one roof.  The kids have been home from school on fall break and it's been fun to watch them get to know their new brother.  Leslie has been a total baby hog, wanting to hold Luke all the time (thank goodness, especially when I'm locked in my room with the milk machine).  Boston, always the most affectionate, held Luke for a very long time yesterday while I cleaned his bathroom.  He kept insisting that he wasn't tired yet and I could hear him laughing at Luke's funny faces--I even saw a really good smile out of him for the first time.  Macy and Cooper seem to not mind my neglect while I take the extra time to care for the baby, and I am starting to feel so much better, first because I can finally bend over again and run up the stairs, etc., and secondly because the mountain of despair, stress, fatigue and doubt that I came home with (did anyone listen to the Relief Society Broadcast?  I felt EXACTLY like that pioneer woman in the story who realized that those feelings come from the adversary) has miraculously dispersed (after only a couple days of feeling like a train wreck) and given way to the happy reality that the spirit allows me to see and feel.  Luke is actually a very good baby and pretty easy to take care of.  His surgery was very successful and I really shouldn't have to think much about that stuff for a few more months.  My body is healing quickly and I am getting an okay amount of sleep.  It's fall!  Yesterday I didn't even need a nap and made carmel corn instead while Mark watched the football game and cuddled my boy.  Today I played kindergarten style scrabble with Cooper and have time to finally type this up. These are days "never to be forgotten".  I've been sustained.


Tristan said...

Jackie, Your post gave me chills. You are such a spiritual giant. What a lucky family you have. I am so happy to hear Baby Luke is doing so well.

Heather said...

so i only got to the my husband is in the bishopric part! wow! of course you both will do great supporting one another. I'll pray for a darling young couple to desire to sit by you - or a young woman maybe. Wow! I thought of you today when I peaked into your ward gathering for sacrament meeting. We can do hard things - With God all Things are possible! :)

Heather said...

phew... after my shock, i finished the rest. Your new Luke is so darling! I love the dark hair. I hope for happy recovering and growing for him. He will be so STRONG! Love you guys.

The Haynes Herd said...

I felt tears welling in my eyes seeing Leslie and Boston in the hospital with Luke. We are so so grateful you are all doing so well. What an awesome family!

erica e said...

Jackie, What a strong woman you are- in ability and spirit! Mark will be wonderful in the bishopric and you will continue to be sustained. Its so wonderful to see blessings come after hardship or sacrifice!
And about little Luke! What a handsome fellow. I'm glad the family is smothering him as much as possible and you are able to rest a little.

Brooke and Jared said...

Tears welling up here too. Love you Jackie! You are so amazing! And Mark will be a great counselor.

Millie Kay said...

Luke is so darling. I can't believe how crazy life has been for you guys, but what a great perspective and attitude you have.