Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, September 14, 2012


Today as we watched Cooper get on the bus, some of the other moms were talking about setting a playdate up for their sons.  Macy, showing herself to be such the little woman, joined right into the conversation with an emphatic, "Well, I'm going to have a playdate with My Mommy!"

First we finished our lunch.  Then we each got a rag and cleaned the garage dust off of baby Luke's crib.  Then we washed the bathroom sink.  (She handwashed the soapdish for me.) Then she scrubbed the floor (about half a tile's worth) with her rag while I polished the faucet with Comet.  Then she got to stand on the counter and spray the mirror with glass cleaner and we washed it together.  We brushed out the toilet bowl together and I emptied the trashes while she threw the rags in the hamper.  Oh, and we were sure to sing the "Sweet Nightingale" song from Cinderella while we worked.

We had a piece of chocolate peanut butter fudge.

She completely whomped me at Princess Memory, and I was even trying to win.  I swear there were like, 800 cards in that deck and she knew exactly where every one was.  There is definitely something to that short term memory loss as you age thing.  She helped me pick up the mess and I awarded her with a mini-Almond Joy from my stash.  She pulled one out for me, too, to help me feel better.

We found out that our minnow in the fishtank that the boys caught in a nearby pond a couple months ago was definitely a girl because there are several baby minnows swimming in the bowl now.  Go figure.  And we can't keep a dumb goldfish from Walmart alive for 24 hours.

She watched Max and Ruby in my room while I conked out on the bed.  You can tell I am so pregnant to be able to sleep through that.  I guess it wasn't Transformers or Spider Man or something--much more placid.

She lotioned the top of one of my feet without being asked (she loves getting into my lotion--like I'm going to argue if that's what she's going to do with it!) but didn't get farther because the kids came home.

Thanks for the great date, Mace!

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