Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the most wonderful time...of the year.

 You may remember a commercial from a few years ago that remains my all-time favorite.  That boisterous Christmas song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing in the background while a slightly overweight Dad is skipping down the aisle of Office Max (or some other office supply store), pushing a cart and gleefully throwing school supplies into the basket.  Two kids, dripping with preteen attitude, drudge behind him, scowling, their chins to their chests, not wanting summer to end.

I laugh every time I think of that.  Although my kids were very good this summer, and worked really hard and played really hard, I always love September and the start of the school year.  I was not as happy as the Dad in the commercial (in fact, I cried when Leslie and Boston got on the bus--it's just so BIG and although I know, as Macy pointed out to me on our walk back to the house, "Don't worry Mom, they'll come back", I also know they won't stay little!) I was still very excited for them to start their new classes, learn new things and make new friends.  I'm also really excited to try out my new schedule of having two of my kids gone ALL day, with only Cooper and Macy (and soon baby Luke) home with me.  Cooper, of course, is only putting in half the day at home, he will be starting kindergarten this week.  Macy gets to be my happy little shadow and both of us are thrilled about it.  In fact, the second day of school Cooper kind of moped around all bored during the afternoon with no Boston to play with while Macy sat enthralled on her bed while the two of us went through boxes of clothes that were too big for her, looking for her new set of fall/winter stuff.
Cooper will be happy when he gets to go to school, too, and the two of them play very well together in the mornings without a third to stir things up.

We've already had some good times together; this week I took the two of them on a picnic (with LUNCHABLES!) to a park by the river and then we threw sticks off the bridge.  There was a cool breeze coming off the lake--the first one I've noticed since, oh, April, and my skin was just cheering for fall to hurry up.  It was glorious.  We also made a batch of homemade carmels this week to go with some new crop apples we got from the Farmer's Market.  (Canning is sort of out for me this year, so we're just trying to enjoy the harvest fresh.)

As far as the cooking of this baby goes, things are moving right along.  You might say my thermometer has popped (that's code for having an outie instead of an innie) and I am taking the third-trimester contractions one day at a time.  Other than that, I feel really good.  (Oh, one funny side-effect I am not used to is that I get super dried out sinuses and throat at night, and have to keep TWO glasses of water by the bed.  All night I dream that I am so thirsty--and I am always a vivid dreamer when pregnant.  Last night I dreamt I was snow skiing and kept having to stop and try to eat the snow to wet my mouth, but it only made me choke.)

The doctors are going to induce me sometime probably between 37 and 39 weeks, depending on how I'm measuring at 36 weeks.  If I wanted to I could probably even choose my birthday, Dad's birthday, or Darcy's birthday.  Am accepting bribes--it won't be my birthday unless my water breaks or something.
The cardiologist is still predicting that Luke won't need his first surgery and will be able to come home from the hospital after a few days of observation--mostly checking his oxygen and his heart, to see if anything closes up that shouldn't.  We meet with him again this week and are hoping that everything is the same. We also get to have our tour of the adjacent hospitals we will be using (one for me, one for baby) this week and I am excited to see how everything should go.
Boston's first day of first grade.  He had a last minute wardrobe change after I tipped over a tub of homemade syrup all over his shirt at breakfast.

Cooper is wishing he didn't have to wait a week to ride the bus.

Leslie's first day of sixth grade.

Good thing Macy didn't care that we made her walk to the bus stop in her jammies.
The three musketeers still manage to have some play time.  I was finishing up Luke's baby comforter and the kids took some trimmed off strips of batting and turned them into kangaroo tails.  Boston taped them onto the back of everyone's shorts with scotch tape.  Pretty funny.

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