Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lazy Hazy Crazy

I think I would post more often if I knew how to type while lying down.  This is going to be a very lazy entry.  We've had a fun month with lots of time in our beautiful shady backyard.  The best parts have been spending time with family.  Jake and Rachel and kids came to visit, as well as Unca Duke.  The fourth of July was lovely, with a parade in Murray with Mark's parents followed by a full-blown barbecue in our backyard with watermelon, corn on the cob, brownie sheet cake, potato salad, a cousins' waterfight, and really good burgers.  (I want one now.)  Baby likes beef.  That night we also attended a big neighborhood barbecue with DJs, fireworks, and tons of new people to meet along with their yummy offerings.

Another notable event is that we finally went to 7 peaks waterpark and had a great time, but I never bring the camera to stuff like that, because I don't know where to put it.  It was very fun and I enjoyed parking myself in a plastic chair and watching everyone come down the slides.  I did brave the kiddie pool and the wave pool--that was fun although I had a hard time getting back out of my tube.  The kiddie pool turned out to be the most dangerous locale--Cooper came down the baby slide headfirst (that'll teach him), conked into someone who was popping up at the bottom, and got a horribly bloody nose.  Mark ended up using a T-shirt to stop the bleeding and we had to just chuck it.  But, after showering him off and having a restful picnic dinner, luckily he was good to go again.

Things are going well with baby Luke and I.  My doctors say all of our stats are perfect and they just need to watch me to see how close to my due date they are going to let me get without the risk of having the baby on the freeway en route to Primary's.  (About an hour drive.)  I'm betting I'll just end up getting induced sometime toward the end of September, (due Oct. 3) and I'll probably be pretty close to being ready anyway because it seems like I usually have pretty good contractions for about a month and it just takes me forever to get into real labor.  We go see the cardiologist again next week to check on baby's heart to see if there have been any changes, etc.

I also must confess that I have actually been spending some time on the computer but neglecting the blog because I've gained early access to familysearch's new system, Family Tree, and it is awesome.  You can actually attach (hyperlink) sources right to the person you are researching.  At the same time I discovered that my Dutch ancestors' hometown's civil records have all been digitized and have been like a kid in a candy shop finding their birth, marriage and death certificates in gorgeous Dutch calligraphy.  Google translate has been a helpful tool for things like zesenvijftig means fifty-six.  (Six and fifty.  If you say it out loud you can kind of tell.  The j's are silent.)

Anyway, here are some pictures of us having fun, mostly getting wet.
The hazy days of summer really refers to all the brush fires/forest fires we've had in the area.  This one seemed like it was only a block away even though it was about 5 miles away.  Some of our friends had to evacuate but no homes were lost.

Macy grew into both of the flower girl dresses that Leslie got to wear for my brother's and sister's weddings several years ago.  So pretty!

Not so pretty.

Slightly better...
That's my boy.

Uncle Duke bought a fine set of water guns for the kids and had multiple water fights with them.  Macy was the funniest because she was so intense.  She is gritting her teeth and shooting my door here with all her might.

Macy likes to build forts.  In my bedroom.  Oh well.

This picture makes me laugh.  It's Leslie's big sister face as she tries to take the camera away from her rascally little brother.  He has swiped the camera a few times this summer and fills up my memory card with random shots.  (My favorite one was the contents of an unflushed toilet.  Lovely.)  The funny thing is that he always ends up taking several pictures of himself, so we know who the culprit was.

Duke bought us this slip and slide but we didn't get to try it out until today, and now he's gone.  Thanks Duke!  It was fun!
The cousins playing racetracks down the stairs.  Boston, Leslie, Bridger, Jaxon, Cooper.

Duke babysat the kids a few times.  Looks like Macy is whomping him at memory.  (Apparently, cheating with your phone doesn't help, Duke.)

Jake built the boys this awesome bike ramp.  Cooper was still using training wheels and couldn't fit up the ramp, but it provided the perfect motivator and he learned to ride his bike in about ten minutes that evening without me even having to get out of my lawn chair.  (Lucky, too, because I wouldn't have been able to keep up with him.)  I keep forgetting to get a picture of Cooper riding his bike.  Next time I guess.

Jake also figured out that if you hook up the hose to the secondary water instead of the nice, clean, house water, the sprinkler is WAY more awesome.  Boston is duly impressed.

Jaxon and Boston get it up their shorts.

I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair...

At least Addy was ready for the picture.

Little white boy.

Addy didn't want to go home.

I think the kids wore Duke out.

But like they're going to let him rest.  Hahahahaha.


The Haynes Herd said...

Thanks for posting so many pics. It was fun to see you guys and good luck resting down there!!

Gary and Debbie Rex said...

Hi Jackie, Love your blog! Congrats on the new baby to come- we're having one too! :) Trying to get a hold of you to schedule a visit - but I can't find an email and don't know if your phone numbers the same. Shoot me an email with your contact info if you get the chance!