Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oregon: It wasn't hot and dry

After a whirlwind week of moving in, driving kids up to school, and going to a fetal medicine specialist to find out that our baby boy will need heart surgery for tricuspid atresia, we decided to bump up our vacation to Oregon a few weeks, partly to give us something fun to do while we internalized our scary news and waited for more doctors appointments, and partly because Mark's partner wanted to go on vacation at the end of the month (and they really shouldn't both be gone at the same time.)   We pulled Leslie and Boston out of school as soon as their end-of-year programs were over and started driving, having decided pretty much the day before that we were going to do it.  Darcy and Perry were great to let us change up their calendar, as were "Unca" George and Aunt Kelly for letting us crash at their place with so little notice.

Walking along the Boise River, on our Boise stopover.  Poor Leslie, I forgot that she had worn my cowboy boots for her school program, and since we picked her up from school, she was stuck without tennis shoes the whole trip.

On the giant "kindergarten tree" by the Boise River.

Our first experience with the ocean.  Leslie kept egging it on, and I warned her not to turn her back.  It is much colder than it looks.  My ears about froze off from the cold wind.

Macy knows how to spell her name.  She even corrected me at one point during our stay, having accidentally handed her someone else's labelled paper cup.  "Mom, that doesn't say MACY on it."

Leslie, still taunting the ocean.
Mark, Darcy and Kids went to the top of the lighthouse.  It was awesome, apparently.  Jackie and Baby Dill sat in the nice warm van and ate goldfish crackers.

Cooper at the tide pools.  Is he reminding us that he is not the center attraction? 

Days on the boardwalk.

Perry took us crabbing on a long pier right under the gorgeous Newport Bridge.  (Guess I didn't snap a shot of that.)  This crab scuttled out of the trap when it got pulled up and I was the one brave enough to pick it up.  The kids were screaming.  Very fun afternoon, and I was relieved about the abundant railing with all those little kids.

Our first victims.  We caught way more than this--too many, really, since Darcy doesn't even like crab.  Good thing they had a pregnant woman appetite at the table.  I was just too wussy to crack many of my own crab legs so the menfolk ended up feeding me the last...several.
Macy discovered a new coping mechanism on the drive to the coast.  She would self-mummify and conk right out.

Darcy and kids on Agate Beach (?)

Cash, Kyler and Macy could have played in the sand all day.  I would have let them.  (Of course, I was the one asleep on the picnic blanket, not the one watching the kids...)

Boys in the dirt.

Days on the beach.

Four boys on the tire swing.  Sorry we finally broke it, but it was worth it laughing at Kyler's plumber pose.

I think all of these sea lions are pregnant.
Cash learned a whole bunch of new silly songs from riding in the van with Boston and Cooper. 

Speaking of silly songs, here's another one my kids are fond of.  Can you guess what they were belting out as I took this shot? I'm sure by the time we left Darcy was wishing we all lived in a yellow submarine.  Deep under water.

We had fun at the Hatfield Science Center, especially watching the octupus' feeding time.  Here is Leslie and an albatross.

Yes, this is a cute shot, but...
This one is even cuter.  What am I supposed to see, Mom?

Mark held Macy's hand, I held the railing.  And of course, poor Mark got to be the parent when Boston decided he needed to make a trip to the bathroom.  Ever seen Kung Fu Panda II?  Our kids' favorite line is, "My old enemy...stairs."

Seeing the tide pools was really fun.  I guess it was the best time of the whole year to go.  There were park rangers roaming around and pointing things out (and keeping the kids off the dangerous parts).  Very cool.

Macy loved all the bright purple and pink starfish and even pet a few.

I think Leslie could have stayed all day.  Darcy was extra nice and took her on an Auntie Adventure early the next morning to hunt for sea urchin shells at her secret spot.

Here is a pretty good shot of what we were seeing under the water, along with a few little fish and hermit crabs.  I liked touching the anemones and sea urchins and have them squeeze onto my fingers.

Daddy's girl.
Cooper making friends with some sort of wet, squishy creature.

Cash and Cooper were equally fascinated by the adjoining Cobblestone Beach.  They are stacked up so deep that it sounds very--cool and weird, like an enormous jar of marbles a mile deep--when you walk on them.  The boys had fun just banging them together.

The view from the tide pools park.

The kids would also have liked to explore all the crevices as the rocks and cliffs got bigger and deeper, but that would have been too dangerous.  Check out Cash's galoshes.  All of my kids needed some of those puppies--our shoes and pants were constantly soaked.

My camera ended up without much space, but it also would have been fun to get a shot of all of us hooligans at the fancy oceanside restaurant.  Haha.  That was yummy yet chaotic.  I'm sure everyone was glad when we left, especially whoever got to clean the massive mirror we were seated in front of, that all of our kids kept touching.  I think I'm not quite ready to take the fam on a cruise.

It was a great trip at the perfect time of the summer for us, and our kids did really good in the car, so maybe we'll try it again in a few years.  Thanks Darcy and Perry and kids!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving right along...

We've been on a bit of a bullet train this last little while.  The kids had fun playing in boxes while I packed up the house for our move to a roomier place.  Second trimester was a great time for this--I felt pretty good and still had tons of help from our neighbors.  We didn't even need to rent a truck because so many neighbors offered use of their trailers.  Unfortunately, the saved moolah was moot because Mark had a fender bender with one of them and had it repaired.  But, the move itself was pretty stress-free.

Moving in was greatly helped by my sister Brooke, who happened to be so fortunate as to be bunking down with us for a few days the first day in our new home while her hubby was on his annual mountain bike trip.  She did a good job entertaining the kids (so did her baby Brig) and also moving boxes around for me. 

Lucky Cooper took the brunt of the move--his birthday was two days later.  The night before I was too exhausted to wrap gifts or hang streamers (although I did muster up enough energy for his decadent brownie peanut-butter pudding cake).  Brooke and Leslie took my harried directions and I headed off to bed.  I had forgotten that one of the gifts I thought I would pawn off on him (I originally bought it for Macy for Easter) was an unspillable bubble bucket, bright pink with rainbows and unicorns.  Poor kid--he was pretty surprised when he opened it, as was I.  Good thing it wasn't his only gift.
He did like his big pirate puzzle and a new Cubbies hat.  (Of course, we found his old one that same week.  He didn't know it was lost in the first place, so this gift was also slightly confusing.)

I think we managed to redeem the birthday with a new bike.  And a trip to the pool that night.

Leslie had a fun first season of volleyball playing with other 5th-6th grade girls.  Brooke got to attend her last game and gifted her a volleyball of her own to practice with.

We took a break from unpacking on Coop's birthday to visit Cabela's with Brooke and Brig.

The kids always like the shooting range, but it's better with Grandpa.

I know, candles in a crock pot is kind of weird, but this is the second year he wanted this and I am definitely not arguing.  (I think I pretty much polished off the leftovers single-handedly.)

Part of the crazy month is that I have been driving the kids back and forth up to finish school and preschool where they were.  The day after we moved I was asked to bring a photo collage of Cooper's life to preschool, along with some pre-wrapped goodies.  (I HATE doing stuff stuff like that on a good day--once I was commiserating about a similar project to my Grandpa Heagy and he had a fabulous phrase for it:  all that MALARKY!)  Luckily, Cooper was pretty excited about my mom-amended plan--he got to bring a show-and-tell along with a big framed picture of himself that would usually be hanging on the wall.  Plus the required pre-wrapped treats. Here he is singing along with his class at preschool graduation.  Scroll down for some video of the same.

He got loaded up with accolades.  He really did learn quite a bit at preschool and I'm glad we did it.  He also had fun being in a class of all boys his own age.

While Brooke and I were battling the indoor sea of boxes, the kids had a great time playing in our new backyard.  It's very pretty with several trees, a lovely patio surrounded by vinca flowers, and an alfalfa field behind us.  Here is Leslie swinging on one side of the remnants of a hammock.
I love this little song the kids were singing, although I missed taping the first part.  (Sorry that Cooper was feeling a bit shy during this performance.  He does it pretty well at home.)  The lyrics to the first verse go:
"I wish I had a little red box to put my mommy in.  I'd take her out and xxx and put her in again!"