Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bull in the China Shop

The other day (as most days) Boston woke up in his high-energy, wound up mood.  After putting up with a few hours of him bouncing off the walls and being more physical than I would have liked with everyone in his path (yes, there were tears from Cooper and Macy), I sat him down and tried to discuss with him the meaning of a well-known phrase, to give him something to think about before he inflicted such behavior upon his kindergarten class later that day.
"Boston," I said, "Have you ever heard anyone talk about a bull in a china shop?"
He hadn't, but was intrigued by the idea, so I tried to explain to him what it meant, and asked him to settle down or go outside.
The rest of the morning he pretended to be a bull.

To tell a slightly punny story along with that, this morning he told me that his bum was from China.
He can read well enough now that he figured out what the sticker said that he had inadvertently sat on, and he thought the whole "Made in China" concept was pretty hilarious.
He then proceeded to entertain us at the breakfast table with his new kung fu moves, choreographed on the spot, his backside leading the action.

Macy is enjoying her last few months of being the baby of the family.  Every morning she comes and climbs into bed with Mark and I, cuddling me and playing guessing games with Mark.  She also gets upset if she doesn't get to "help" me get dressed in the morning, mostly because she hates getting locked out.  This morning I was tying the sash on one of the few "regular" dresses I can still squeeze into.  She was fascinated and wanted to try, so I let her put a few extra knots and twists into the strings.  When she was finished, she stepped back to admire her work. 
"Oh, you look SO beautiful."  Then, turning to Mark who was standing beside me, "NOW you can kiss her, Daddy!"

Of course he did.
This week we celebrated our 13th anniversary.  We had a lovely time trying out a French pastry shop downtown and then touring the International Art Competition exhibit (only comes every three years!) at the Church History Museum.  It was fun to hear his smart mouth reaction on some of the more modern, out-there stuff and also to agree on which pictures we liked the best.  He doesn't usually let me drag him to stuff like that, but I think this was pretty fun for both of us.
Of course, he does have a pretty creative streak himself.
We decided to have a little bit of fun and not take ourselves to seriously over the unromantic number 13, so although he brought me flowers, he also got me something else I had been wanting for our home storage.  The card he wrote me went something like this. 
What should I give to my queen of 13 years?  A crown?  Jewels?  Or a new throne?
He got me an portable toilet seat from Emergency Essentials.  Snaps on to a 5 gallon bucket.
It's a good thing I had already requested one (as he was WELL aware) or he never would have dared.
He said he also wants to get us a sun oven when they are on sale in a few weeks, and I'm pretty excited about that, too.
I guess you could say that my anniversary presents catch both types of sunshine.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Green Eggs and Fam

I'm all about creative+easy (as in REALLY, REALLY easy) for parties.  Yes, the green eggs and ham were awesome with our Easter Feast.
We had an extra long spring break, due to the kids being "off track" for four? weeks in this goofy year-round school system.  March is a slightly boring time to be out of school because the weather isn't particularly nice.  Luckily, it was nice enough for the boys to play outside several days.  One sunny Friday I finally decided to suck it up and take them somewhere fun, first trimester headache or not.  We started with a great picnic at a nice playground they had never been to, then we went to the Living Planet Aquarium.  We have only been once before, with Grandma Frances, a couple of years ago, so Macy was too little and Cooper didn't remember anyway.  It was great.  Boston was so excited he could hardly finish his sentences.  He would start remarking on an exhibit and then shriek, "Mom!  Look at this!!" and dart to the next tank.
The coolest attraction is the long, shallow sting ray pool (sting barbs removed) where you are free to pet the sting rays.  Macy couldn't quite reach without help, but Boston and Leslie would have done this all day.

Dude.  I liked the sea turtle best.

Cooper liked the sharks the best.  (They weren't very big.)  The boys frequently get shark books from the library.

Leslie was very glad to get out of the house.  She had a great time.

They are watching the penguins jump off the rocks and swim super fast.  This was another really cool exhibit.  You can see the white belly of one in this shot.

My four penguins.

I was glad for Macy to get to see a real tarantula up close.  She claims that every spider she finds in our house is a tarantula.  Now, not so much.  (The tarantula blends in on this picture, sorry.)
Macy wanted to help me make brownies.  This is kind of her Michael Jordan slam-dunk face, without the tongue.  Stirring takes muscles!

The Marks brothers (my nephews) down to visit on Spencer's big BYU acceptance tour.  Go Cougs!

The Relief Society hosted their second annual Mother Daughter tea party.  Macy was excited to get to come this year...until she found out the boys were going to a playground and then out for ice cream.

This is Macy's every-single-day mess.  It doesn't matter how often I put the books back on the shelf, they are all on the floor by the next morning.  And she has a lot of them!  We need some sort of book retrieval belt like they use at the swanky libraries.

We were greeted by these three stooges one morning.  They are sad to put the winter jammies away.

Our great friends Jay and Elsje hosted an Easter Egg Roll, kind of a spring extravaganza modeled after the Egg Roll at the White House that they attended a few years ago.  Macy was reluctant to hunt the eggs (bawling) but she figured it out soon enough.

Cooper went for the tough ones.  All the kids got lots of candy (with none of that rock hard bubble gum we got when I was a kid...)

I haven't told Elsje yet, but the best part of her Egg Roll  party was the layout of activities.  It was completely brilliant (yet diabolical) to put the strings outlining the actual egg-roll tracks DIRECTLY in front of the starting tape for the egg hunt.  I think they did it on purpose just to amuse the parents.  I mean, really, what is funnier than watching someone else's kid trip and face-plant on the innocent-looking string booby-traps when they try to jump the gun on the egg hunt?  I about died trying to stifle laughter (because what if I was standing next to the mom of the kids that tripped?)  All I can say is, priceless.  Of course, none of mine tripped.  1.  I carried Macy myself because she was bawling.  2.  My other kids learned from the mistakes of others and carefully stepped between the trip lines, as you can see Boston doing here. 3.  Pretty sure no one was seriously injured, so I am expecting the same level of entertainment next year, Elsh.

Leslie was quite relieved that the egg hunt included a category for ages 8-12.
Macy shovels her egg out of bounds (for a minute) in the egg roll.  These are the notorious trip lines, in case you were wondering.

Leslie (center) takes a shot at the egg roll.

Cooper was pretty serious about this.  I think he won his heat.

Macy, who cried about hunting for candy, wanted to go right up and meet this giant panda.  I think she should have shared some of her candy with him.  I asked Elsje if the panda was an intentional pun on her "eggroll" party.

Another fun event was the kids' obstacle course race.  At this point, Boston was winning.  He is crawling under a bungee cord that you can't really see in the picture.  Cooper didn't really see it, either; on his way back through the course he totally clotheslined himself across the neck.  I think I actually brought this on by laughing at the kids who tripped during the egg hunt.  Sorry Coop!

After church, Easter Sunday.  Leslie is wearing the only white flats for a size 9 1/2 that we could find in a five stores.  (Actually, she wears an 8 1/2, but these small for the size, and still the only ones we could find.)
I'm waiting for Cooper and Macy to grown out of the Grandma LaVonne (and Scott Haynes) picture taking curse.  Their eyes are closed, or mouth is open, or they are goofing around.

Macy, Jackie, Leslie.  I guess I should have taken one of Mark and the boys, but we were ready for lunch.