Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sink or Swim

Leslie is upstairs weeping bitterly.
She is on break from school and so I have tried to give her interesting jobs/projects to do.  This morning I had a flash of brilliance and remembered that I had purchased the crab meat to make the crab salad that the kids have been begging for.  Not feeling like cooking lunch, I told her she could make the crab salad herself.  (To her credit, Leslie does have a lot of experience in the kitchen, she is great at cakes and cookies, etc.) She was pretty excited because it is one of her favorite foods.  I should have known we were in a little trouble when she asked me how high to turn the stove to cook the noodles, not having first boiled the water before she put the noodles in.  Unfortunately, my crab salad "recipe" is mostly just a list of ingredients, no directions at all.  NOT good for beginning cooks.  I figured it would be pretty hard to mess up, though, it's not a souffle or an angel food cake or something.  I tried to add more parental direction and participation, still allowing her to do the "hard" stuff like chopping the celery, etc.
The problem arose over trying to determine what a "scoop" of Miracle Whip would amount to. 
Also the noodles were a bit soggy.
Anyway, I thought it looked fine, but she took one bite, made a face, and said that there was WAY too much sauce, she couldn't even taste the crab, and she had just spent a whole hour wasting her time, and she had really been looking forward to crab salad.
She did eat a whole bowl full, reluctantly.  I was just gearing up, trying to set aside my pregnancy nausea and try some, when she set down her fork and wrathfully declared, "I am going to BRUSH MY TEETH!!" 
As I burst into laughter, she stomped off to the bathroom, brushed that foul flavor from her mouth, then collapsed on her bed in tears.
I tried some.  It was totally fine.  Mark will gobble it up when he gets home, and he will probably be happy to have it all to himself.
I think she may have just grossed herself out watching how much Miracle Whip went into it, because that is not one of her favorite ingredients.  And maybe being 11 has something to do with the tears?

I tried to share some cooking disaster stories with her, like the time I baked the plastic wrap onto the spinach pie, but I don't think it helped.

She has had kind of a long week.  She was cast as the featherduster/French maid in the school musical, Beauty and the Beast, and they did four performances, finally finishing up last night.  My favorite was when I put her makeup on for the first time and she couldn't stop grinning at herself in the mirror, ringlets and all.   She did say that she thought the glasses ruined the effect a little, but I said, "only a little."  We took the whole family to the play and the kids were very good, even though they had to kneel (or in Macy's case, stand) on their chairs to be able to see.  She did a great job with her lines and the singing and I thought it was particularly darling and appropriate that Lumiere the candlestick, playing opposite Leslie, ALSO had glasses.  She enjoyed playing hard-to-get.  Mark claims he did not enjoy watching his daughter get chased by a boy.  The kids liked it the best when she chased off the three village girls out of the castle with her duster.

I couldn't get a picture with the feather skirt because that part stayed at the school, and it was already off (with a modest replacement, provided by her mother ) before the end of the play.  And, as you will see, we couldn't get very close for  stage shots.  Luckily they made a video.
Leslie and Lumiere, at the castle.  They are watching someone on the other side of the stage.

Be our GUEST!  This was quite a number.  I admit I sang along a little until the lady in front of me seemed a bit bothered.  Leslie is seated between the 4th and 5th plate.

Captive audience.  Boston is on my other side.
I meant to post earlier this week about Boston, so I'll just tack it on the end here.  It was Boston's turn to do the Family Home Evening lesson.  He loves stuff like that (it's almost like being in charge) and was busily preparing something all afternoon, making notes, lists, and tallies that I later found all over the basement.  I was aware that it involved water, but he promised me he would be careful and not make a mess.  I also knew the lesson was probably about Noah and the Ark because he had accidentally dumped out my huge box of scripture pictures looking for the Noah picture.  So, I was prepared.  But I still had to laugh when I heard the very first line of his lesson.

He had a big tupperware storage box filled with water on top of a towel, and also a bunch of toys.  He told his helper to pick a toy and drop it in.  Macy chose a little toy soldier, dropped it in, and it sunk right to the bottom.  The lesson begins with Boston sagely proclaiming, "That's what happens to the wicked ones."
We proceeded to take turns dropping toys into the tank, sometimes being congratulated for our righteousness if the toy floated.

At some point I reminded him to use his Noah picture and tell the story about the Ark, because both Mark and I were dying trying to hold back the hilarity, especially since our FHE had turned into some kind of backwards witch trial.  A little different than that though, because back then, it was only the innocent ones that would sink and drown.  Apparently witches float like corks.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jealous cake

Macy turned three but she still gets a little bit annoyed if I call her a big girl.  (She likes being the baby.)  I asked her what would happen when the new baby came, and she conceded that she will just be the baby until the new one comes, then it can be the baby.

She had three days of birthday.  Grandpa and Grandma Day came over the day before and had dinner with us.  (Macy was a little nervous that night because she wondered why we had forgotten the cake.  I told her it wasn't quite her birthday yet.)  On her actual birthday we went swimming and Mark decided kind of last minute that he wanted to take the family to Chuck-a-Rama for dinner.  That was really fun except Macy drank too much pop and felt kind of sick for a while.  We put the kids to bed as soon as we got home; they were exhausted and it was daylight savings anyway.  After everyone was snug in their beds, I remembered to check on the poor forgotten birthday cake.  I had baked it, taken the layers out of the pan, and then popped them under a dome so they wouldn't dry out while we were swimming since I hadn't had time to make Macy's purple frosting, as requested.  Well, apparently the cake got jealous of all that dessert at Chuck-a-Rama and decided to jump off a building or something while we were gone, because this is what it looked like.

Jealous Cake.  It looked slightly better after I removed the broken layer and frosted it purple.  
Macy said all she wanted for her birthday was a hippopotamus and a puppy.  I told her this can be her big-sister puppet.

She felt like princess for a day.  This dress is getting WAY too small.

I think Boston was more excited about her birthday than she was.  He kept grabbing the presents out of the sack "for her".
Well, I've got more pictures I wanted to show off, but for some reason it's not uploading right today, so I might post them later.  Enough hassle for one day.