Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go Fish and Shark Stampede

The kids have been extra cute this week as they have been thinking of ways to stay entertained in the house.  (I guess they have been playing outside, too, but I have to keep that to a minimum right now or they end up covered in mud.)  For example, yesterday Boston filled up Macy's tub and launched his pirate ship manned by a bunch of his smaller action figures, knelt on the rug, and played pirates for about an hour.  He didn't even get wet!  My favorite part was when I walked past the bathroom and heard him cry, "uh oh, SHARK STAMPEDE!"

The day it finally snowed hard the boys begged me to let them go sledding.  I said, "I don't know...we've got a lot of cleaning up to do this morning, and then Boston has to go to kindergarten, so I don't know if we'll have time."  Well, while I was in the shower they cleaned up their room to perfection without being asked, so I let them head on out while I finished cleaning the basement and vacuuming with Macy.  Then we joined them.  The boys built their first unassisted-by-a-grownup snowman.  We had polished off the carrots the night before, so I guess I did help by fetching them an orange crayon for a nose.

The boys' first independently built snowman.  I didn't ask why it had four eyes.

Macy giving Baby Googoo a piggy-back ride.

Mark playing board games with the kids.  None of that Candyland stuff.

The other day I taught Boston how to play solitaire (with actual cards) and when we finished, Macy wanted to play, so he taught her how to play "Go Fish."  How many two-year-olds do you know that can play "Go Fish?"  She knows her numbers sort of and when she didn't, Boston would just hold up a card and say, "Do you have this one?"  The part that cracked me up was not her sassy, "Go Fish!" but when she did have a match, she would say, "Yes, I believe I DO!"  Every time.

Leslie livened up our week by turning eleven.  She wanted to have some friends over for a party and decided that she wanted a fettucine alfredo dinner.  We had fun decorating the table fancy, including Mark's comically garish cupid candlesticks from Paris.  It was fun to see the girls' eyes light up at their fancy grown up table, but even better to hear them giggle like the little girls they sort of still are when "Linguini" the French/Italian waiter made an appearance, moustache and all, to serve them.  I bet she'll forget the food and maybe the friends someday, but she'll remember her awesome Dad during that dinner for the rest of her life.

Linguini the French/Italian waiter.

Look at that grin.

Leslie was laughing and smiling so hard she couldn't pucker up enough to blow out her candles.  Finally I told her that Boston would be happy to help.  That seemed to do the trick.  She also was too full of noodles to eat any cake until the day after.  Funny girl.

 The elementary school had a big family party the other night.  We went for a little while, but it was kind of loud and crowded, lots of dancing, etc.  More junior high speed than for my little ones.  We thought there would be games and stuff, but there wasn't.  Anyway, we did get Boston and Leslie to do the limbo  (Macy and Cooper were leeched onto our legs and terrified of the whole thing).  When we came home, Cooper changed his mind and cried to go back to the party.  Instead, we decided to have a little beach party of our own.  It was a big hit.  You'll have to watch the video to see Macy's own special limbo move.  Hilarious.

Don't worry, Leslie didn't just beat him with a bat here, he's laughing.

We had to keep adjusting the stick height for our varying sizes.

Typical Boston.  Do what you are supposed to, but never the way that is suggested.

Leslie attempts to literally crash our party.  We tease her sometimes for her still-developing sense of balance.

I wouldn't recommend this move unless your bat is also plastic.

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