Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Montana New Year

Cowgirl Macy in motion.

Boston kept thinking he was a grownup, getting to help Grandpa with all that grownup stuff.  It was pretty funny watching him try to stop the flow of Honey bunches of Oats that occurred while he was attempting to help himself.

Leslie was pretty pleased to get to drive the 4-wheeler by herself.  And move cows.

Leslie, probably revving the engine.

Cooper, Boston, and Mark moving cows.  We tried to keep Cooper covered up, but he still ended up with an ear infection that ruptured before we could get home.  Our good doctor actually told us to bring him into her office as soon as we got home--she came in just for him after hours.  Almost as good as a house call!
Mark, Boston, and Cooper

My brother Jake with his boys Jax and Bridger, Leslie (riding Red-red-wet-the-bed) and my boys on "Green Machine".

Cooper, Jax, Boston and Leslie

Macy and Bridger.  Bridger looks like he'd rather be out with Papa.

My sis-in-law Rach with these crazy cousins.  I think they are hyped up on Jake's pink lemonade.

Sisters in furs.
My Dad with Macy, on the floating tractor, apparently.

   Addy and Macy. For whatever reason, my camera is starting to play tricks on me, choosing a few pictures that will not show right side up.  I try to save it the other way on the computer, but when I post it goes back to this.  Any pointers?
 After Christmas we took a trip north to see the folks and the cousins while the kids were out of school.  It was dry and windy but the kids had lots of fun on the 4-wheelers, etc.  Those of us who didn't brave the wind still had lots of fun cooking, eating, dancing in the kitchen, and playing cowgirl.  Wait, I guess the cowgirl thing happened outside, too.


Brooke and Jared said...

I'm sad we missed out on all the fun! Hope Cooper is feeling better.

darcy said...

after you save the picture try restarting the computer or at least restarting the program. Dumb I know. Looks like fun! Sorry about Coops ear. :( poor kiddo.