Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas letter

Dear friends,                                                                                                                  December 2011

“JOY means, My heart is happy and bright, and mmmm, don’t you just love the way the house smells?”  I read this tonight to my children (from Christmas Cookies:  Bite-size Holiday Lessons) after they did a fantastic job of cleaning up the legos, and the puzzles, and the “Don’t Break the Ice” game that Cooper has been pounding on all day.  Our house is happy and bright (hooray to Mark for changing my kitchen lightbulb to 100 watts) and it even smells like homemade pizza.  Maybe tomorrow we will make it smell like Spritz cookies with Grandma Haynes’ cookie-shooter.  (I’ll be sure to send a few Granny cusses flying at it when I can’t get the cap to screw on right.)

We’ve had a good year.  Mark is excited to be spending more time on the marketing/relationship side of the mortgage business for Bank of Utah.  I’ve settled in nicely with new friends and activities (Book Club, volleyball, missionary work, writing family history) here in Bluffdale.  Enough about us, we know the Grandmas just want to hear about the real stars of our family…the kids.  They are growing like crazy and my heart is filled with gratitude each day that I get to be their mom.

Leslie passed the five foot mark early this year and is now only two shoe sizes away from raiding my closet.  Not that it would be that exciting to raid, but you get the point.  She likes the variety of new learned things fifth grade (genetics, US presidents, chemistry, student book club)  She has also really enjoyed singing in the church choir with Mark and me (we take turns rehearsing) and also in the school choir.  She recently found out that she will be playing the part of the feather duster/French maid in the school’s production of Beauty and the Beast.  Ooolala.

Boston FINALLY started school this year.  The second week he had to make a poster about himself listing three of his favorite things.  One of his answers was…school!  I hope it stays that way.  We weren’t sure what to expect of this rough and tumble boy of ours, especially after our smarty-pants Leslie, but he is doing well and his teacher says that he is a wonderful leader and makes friends easily.  We are not a bit surprised.

Cooper is my gentle, obedient soul and I made him laugh tonight while dancing to the Grinch song in the kitchen.  We love his dimples, and Mark is constantly making them show by teasing him about pretty girls.  He started preschool this year and startled us a little by being a very quick learner and conscientious student.  (I think he already writes as well as Boston).  He also began the grueling orthodontia that he will probably be subjected to, off and on, until he is a teenager.  We’ve kind of taken a break from cleft palate “stuff” for a few years, but now he is gearing up for his last major surgery sometime around his 6th birthday.  He is a trooper and doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in headgear one bit.  (It probably helps that both Boston and Macy have verbally wished for a face mask of their own.)

Macy is our princess in Pull-ups.  She pretty much runs the house and makes everyone bow to her every whim.  She particularly loves kicking the boys off of my lap at storytime and reminding them, “I’m the baby!”  She is amigo number three of my tightly knit trio of little ones, playing Princess Leia and Spidergirl in the boys’ games, but also loving it when Leslie dresses up the dolls for her.  Mark and I are just glad that she doesn’t want to grow up too fast, and I can’t help but rub noses with her when she sits happily in the basket of my shopping cart.

We hope that you have had tidings of comfort and joy in your homes this Christmas season and testify that we have felt these things because of the good gifts that only He can give.  We know that Our Redeemer lives.
                                                                                                With love,
                                                                                                Mark & Jackie Day & Family

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