Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rock n Roll day

All the kids' stockings have scriptures about Christ stitched on them.
After Cooper opened up one of his presents on Christmas morning, he proclaimed that "This is a rock'n'roll day!" I thought Christmas was just perfect.  The kids had helped shop for each others' toys, so there was some thank-you hugging going on along with the tearing of paper.  Every Christmas morning should have something you need, something you want, and a few surprises.  For instance, I think Mark was a little startled when I pulled a shiny new snow shovel from behind the door and told the kids that I should scoop up all the wrapping paper with it.
Our whole month was very peaceful and enjoyable, and I've tried to appreciate every minute before the kids get too much older and life gets more hectic.  Our one Christmas "obligation" on the calendar was Leslie's Christmas choir concert.  She had a speaking part and also enjoyed singing lots of fun songs.  I still don't know how to work my camera's video function very well, but here is a clip of "Santa Baby".  She is in the back row, with glasses, no Santa hat.  (I think my kids will always be in the back row.)
Since we didn't have very many obligations, we were able to go to some fun, somewhat spontaneous Christmas activities.  Highlights were definitely:
Dinners and goodies with friends and family.  I know I've gained a pound or two this month.  argh.
Parties (Mark's work party and the ward party where we assembled care kits for the homeless).
Performances (The Forgotten Carols with my fabulous neighbor Alice and her sisters, Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson (the Star Wars cellist, for those of you who have not yet seen that video, here's the link, my kids are addicted.) courtesy of Bank of Utah).
Traditions (going to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point with the kids, going to the Salt Lake Temple with Mark).
Other fun stuff (Lots of cooking, decorating, sewing snowman gloves for gifts, Christmas cards, singing in the choir, making a gingerbread house from a kit.  See picture...)

Even though it's Christmas, somehow it's still Halloween.

We read lots of Christmas books.

We played in front of the tree.  This is a "boat".  Okay...

Macy wore some vintage clothing.  This is my mom's jumper.  Love it.

We tried to make a gingerbread house from a kit, but the frosting was a bit slippery.  Slippery=Collapsible.

We did tricks.
Finally it was Christmas day.  Here are some shots of the melee, of course, it seemed like every time I was about to take a picture, another child would crowd in front of the subject...they were all excited to see everyone's presents.
The boys insisted on giving Macy's new "pet shops" rides in their new monster trucks.

Christmas eve surprise delivery from some secret elves.  Yummy and fancy.  The corner one had jalapeno frosting.

Cooper was pretty excited about his scooter.

Boss didn't know what to think about this--he opened it first.

Boston was thanking Cooper for picking him out a good remote control truck.

A lego monster truck ramp.  I built it myself that afternoon.

She named her, "Baby Googoo."  She giggles and sucks her bottle.

Leslie has also been catapulted into the 21st century with a new MP3 player.  She loves it.

Macy moved out of the crib.

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