Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, December 12, 2011


I don't write much here about my husband, Mark.  Probably because this blog is mostly for my family--especially to help my out-of-state parents cope with their Grandchild Separation Anxiety.  Also because he doesn't actually read my blog unless I make a point to tell him that he should that day.  (I recently mentioned to him that almost every novel I've read where the author is married, in the afterward the author mentions how their spouse is their first reader, best editor, and biggest fan.  Mark cocked his eyebrow at me and said, "Good for them." and kissed me.  He sees right through me.  I'm just a compliment junkie.)

Anyway, I wanted to write about him today because he won't, and I want our kids to know what kind of person their dad is.

He came home from the office at lunch because he had forgotten his wallet.  (There had been a brief few seconds of panic over the phone when he called to see if I could find it on the bed and I told him I had just laundered the sheets.)  Wallet retrieved, he was fixing a leftover mango chicken taco at the counter and started to laugh.  He told me that he may have just gotten a loan because of a joke.

Apparently a few days back, a rep from a title company came into his office and was meeting the loan officers, schmoozing and passing out pens with the company name.  Title companies have very strict laws about what they can do to market their business, one of the things they ARE allowed is to give out trinkets with the company logo.  As a result of this we have many, many, many very fancy pens.  I can imagine Mark sighing a little to himself and agreeing to accept another handful of pens from the lady.  After she left, he pawned some of them off to his coworkers.  Pretty soon he hears Larry remark on his new pen, "Cool, it has a light!"  Well, Mark and his other buddies did NOT get a pen with a light.  Travis (his partner), starts to rib Mark about the unfairness of it all, and Mark jokingly declared that he and Travis would also have pens with lights before the week was out.  The jokes continued, and Mark sent off a formal email to the Title Company rep asking her to please rectify the situation and restore balance and order to their office.

Well, she thought the whole thing was pretty funny, and the emails flew back and forth over the next few days.  Unbeknown to my hubby, she was also passing the messages around and sharing them with a neighboring realty office.

Today she came back with light pens.  And a realtor.  Who wanted her clients to work with my goofball, and no one else, because success in this business requires humor.  Who knew that not taking yourself too seriously could be profitable?

And stuff like that happens all the time, too.  This guy makes friends like bees make honey.

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