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Days 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Montana words

I learned from directing Boston's homework this morning a physical impossibility:  just try to say "cow" without the short "a" sound.  It cannot be done.  So, the cow on the page was last to be colored blue (as opposed to the "a" word pictures, that were to be colored yellow, and made the shape of a smiley face when finished).  We decided that even though it has a short "a" sound, just like cat and fan, the crazy grown-ups in this world decided to spell it with a big round o and we would play along.  Why didn't they go with Caoo?  (I'm also remembering my Choralaires director from high school, the esteemed Mr. Bill Lee, teaching us about dipthongs:  a funny word for when two vowel sounds add up to one vowel.)

I also found myself struggling a big with some of the other words on his coloring puzzle.  Who knew kindergarten would be so tough?  For example, I find myself really struggling to keep a straight face when I lump words like "cat" and "fan" in with "flag" and "bag".  They just sound different!  Boston looks at me funny when I try to demonstrate the "right" way, to help him decide to color them yellow or blue.  Even if I try my dangdest to start out with that pure short a sound, it always ends up with a flat, long "a" just before we hit that "g".  I guess I could fake it and just pronounce it like "flack" and "back", which is the way it would sound to me.

Give me fifth grade American History any day.  (Charlene and Colette, can you still sing all the American Presidents in order?  I can.)

I'm remembering that I had a few struggles of my own in kindergarten.  I remember being completely shocked by a big red check mark on my vegetable listening page.  I had never even heard of asparagus, so when Mrs. Scherrer (sp?) said the word, of course I wrote that it began with an "S".  Hmmph.  She shoulda done corn and potatoes!  Come to find out, asparagus is pretty tasty (although expensive).

I'll try to be a good phonetic influence on my kids, but it's tough coming from a place where my first word as a baby was....cow.

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The Haynes Herd said...

would you be referring to: flegs and begs? Montana has it's own dialect just like Utah and idaho, where cows are barn in the born. we'll see ya at Christmas!!