Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Boo late for you!

Boston took this picture while he was supposed to be bringing me the camera.  I thought I would leave it in because I like the alfalfa spikes in the back of Cooper's head, also to remind me to mention that we have been to the orthodontist a few times this month up at Primary Children's Hospital.  Cooper now wears an expander mouthpiece all the time to help get his mouth in the right shape for when he has his next surgery after or during Kindergarten.  No gum or hard stuff allowed, but lucky for him, Muddy Buddies are still okay.  He also has to wear a "facemask" while he sleeps for the next 18 mos to help correct his underbite.  (Everything is supposed to be lined up right before the surgery so they don't have to break his jaw as a teenager, which would be pretty silly since they will be giving him a bone graft to complete his jaw in the first place.)  He likes it okay, but I think it is kind of a joke because it gets knocked off every single night.  We've tried tying it on better with a headband (we told him he could be Nephi), but it still was off the next morning.  I called the orthodontist today and they suggested using double rubber bands in his mouth plus an elastic headband.  We'll see.  Next we'll be resorting to duct tape.  Poor kid.  Did I mention that our dental insurance won't cover anyone under the age of six, birth defect or not?

We had to add a little more entertainment value to the whole trick-or-treating thing.

This is the Mexican Hat Dance section of the Children's Exhibit at the Church History museum--we've been here before and it's my kids' favorite.  You try to copy the dancers on the screen.  Even Mom put on a skirt and gave it a whirl.

I think they were singing something here.  Or all just talking at once--also a normal occurrence.  At least it got Dad to smile for the camera.

The kids doing the moonwalk at Clark's planetarium.  Cooper liked this part so much that we couldn't find him when it was time to go--he had gone back upstairs to try it out again.

Boston is pretty much never bored.  Not when there are old kleenex boxes to be put to good use.

Macy has no problem changing the world to be the way she wants it to be.  She is frequently Spidergirl or "Amerigirl".
We've had a busy month.  I've been playing women's volleyball every week and also am trying to come to terms with hopping in and out of the car every few hours to pick up and drop off kids for the next twenty years of my life.  (Mourning the lack of bus, also seeing the benefit of the get-your-permit-at-14 law they have in Montana.)  Oh well.  Carpools help.  We had a great Halloween that brought way too much candy.  Mom and Dad came for a visit last week.  Dad had grand plans to take us on the train (TRAX) downtown to visit Temple Square.  He spoiled us rotten pretty much the whole weekend, including cooking us a surprise breakfast one morning.  (And leaving a ginormous bag of Cheetos for Macy). The menfolk also went to see the MSU vs. Weber State football game.  I was surprised that Dad wanted to take the boys--it was even cold out--but they took their snow pants and did alright with the addition of lots of junk food.  Us girls strolled around Gardner Village, enjoying all the beautiful things and trying to keep Macy from touching every single item, and then Mom was a good enough sport to watch Macy and Leslie at my tournament game that night. 

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