Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, October 24, 2011

Be glad for the coin

I think sometimes in life we worry so much about if we are going to get heads or tails that we forget to be happy that God gave us the coin.  We trust The Plan, and life is good.
Life was particularly funny for us yesterday.  Cooper was on a roll.
First of all, he was cute with his mistaken words that we don't correct because we think they are cute.  He came into the house to tell me about his owie.  "Mom, I got another skrake.  Can I have a band-aid?"  Skrake is some sort of cross between scrape and rake.  After I sprayed his "skrake" with Lanacane, he and Boss were looking out the window at the sunset on the mountains.  They were glowing bright pink, and Cooper got a little concerned.  "Mom, did those volcano mountains already rump?"  I had to reassure him that I didn't even think those were volcano mountains, let alone the erumpting kind.
Good buddies and the best of friends.
But the sweetest morsel came when Mark was putting the boys to bed.  What a couple of charmers, aren't they?  Cooper looks up at Mark with his big green eyes and says, "Dad, why did you marry Mom?"  Mark was curious about what prompted this question and asked, "What do you think?"
Cooper shrugged but Boston piped up, "I know!  Because she was the prettiest!"
Mark said, "Yeah, that was part of it, but I also married her because she is good, and goes to church, and I knew that she would keep her promises to me and to Heavenly Father, and that she would be a good Mom..."
Cooper was looking even more perplexed and stopped Mark.
"Dad, why did Mom marry you?"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Quilt for Adda-boo

My Sister-in-law is supposed to be having a baby girl today, my first niece on my side of the family.  Macy will be so excited to have a little girl cousin to play with!  (Eventually.)  We had to celebrate by making her a quilt.  This quilt makes me think of candy and Little Miss Muffet.  I think they might name her Addalyn (not sure on the spelling, Rach, sorry!)  Anyway, it dawned on me that Macy has always named her dollies "Adda-boo".  None of us knows where she got that, but now I think maybe Macy and Atta-girl have already been friends for awhile.  Good luck Rachel!  We love you guys.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Masculine Musical

I requested the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers from the library and watched it one night with the kids when Mark was gone.  It has always been one of my favorites.  (How could anyone not love a movie that starts with the song, "Bless your Beautiful Hide!"?  Of course, my kids didn't quite interpret that, when I caught them singing snippets of it all week it was coming out "Bless your Beautiful Wife".) 

We had a great time watching it and everyone loved it, even my boys.  I was trying to get some feedback from them after the show. 
Me:  Wow.  That show had some really good dancing...good singing...
Boston (agreeing): Good punching!

I guess you don't have to be a sissy to enjoy a musical.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Morning Soaps

Cooper was the first one up this morning.  I can tell I'm a mom when I know who is coming down the hall before I even open my eyes.  I love that my kids come to kiss us awake before they decide they are ready for their pre-breakfast, Mom-is-reading-her-scriptures, cartoon time.  Just before we scooped him into bed with us, he reminded us that he still needed to use the bathroom.  (Have you noticed that kids always prefer the parental bathroom?  I know we drove our Mom crazy showering in hers all the time.)  While he was padding around the bed, I reminded Mark of what had happened the night before:

  Cooper also tends to remember that he needs to use the bathroom during dinner.  We had excused him, and he came back to the table screaming in pain that his fingers hurt.  I checked out his hands.  In between his fingers was still a thick, slimy layer of liquid soap.  Blisters were bubbling up along with the suds.  He had been complaining that his fingers were "scraped" for a few days, and I couldn't figure out why they were so red.  Now I knew, he hadn't been rinsing off the soap good enough, actually a pretty difficult task for a 4 year old when you still think you need a whole pumpfull of soap (enough to fill the whole sink with suds).  So, I rinsed him good, he stopped crying, and I pulled out the bar soap for him instead, to use next time.

But, we hadn't showed him where the bar soap was in our bathroom, and he would probably forget anyway.  So, this morning, I mentioned this quickly to Mark, who called out, "Don't forget to use the right soap!"
We listen carefully.  Cooper immediately pumps a big purple splotch into his dry hand. 
a.  Not the right soap.
b. His hands weren't even wet yet.
c. He hadn't used the bathroom.  This proved to be the immediate problem.
Mark instructs him as follows, our obedient child.
"No, Coop, not that one.  Yeah, the blue one. But first you have to use the potty.  Wait, you have to rinse that one off first."
I picture the water running and the boy dancing desperately, and elbow my husband.
"No, just...USE THE POTTY! USETHEPOTTTTTTY!  Don't rinse off the soap yet!"
We sigh with relief as he makes it to the toilet.  We both call out, "Flush!"
Cooper heads dutifully back to the sink.  Mark climbs dutifully out of bed, rinses out the purple suds, and shows Cooper the bar soap. 
All clean.
Except maybe the purple slime on my toilet handle, but I'll take it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Four reluctant enthusiastic ( & cheap) photographer.

I LOVE this one of Cooper.  I know, untraditional, but my fav.

I have never liked the standard school photos and have opted out the last few years.  This year, however, I remembered to take some pictures of the kids before the snow fell.  I was also smart enough to do one-on-one sessions!  And bribed with candy.  And figured out how to use the fun editing tools on Picasa.  The kids loved watching me edit.  Make us blue!  Make us glow!  The biggest trick was trying to work around all the pictures that Leslie's glasses reflected in, but we managed to find a few without.  (And today we are too big of wimps to go outside in the rain and try hers without sun.)  Now I just have to decide which ones I want on the mantel!  Which ones should I send to Mom? 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beep Beep

Our family adores the public library and all the "free" stuff.  We just checked out a CD of "car" songs, inspired by Disney-Pixar's cars.  (For example, it includes "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena").  My kids were laughing their heads off at the song "Beep, Beep".  You know the one I mean, it's where the Cadillac is driving very slowly and the mini keeps trying to pass him, and the song gets faster and faster and faster, "the horn went beep, beep, beep."  I reached for my camera a little after most of the hilarity had worn itself out, but there is still some cute giggling from Macy on here.  She was the funniest because, even though she is a girl, she knows that potty talk makes her brothers laugh, so it must be funny.  There is a line in the chorus, "he kept on tooting his horn" that just killed her.  "Tooting?  Hahahahha."  She calls it the tooting song.  Who says you need TV to have fun?  My kids are slightly cooler than my brother Jake and I, who used to chase each other in circles around the living room to classical music, "In the Hall of the Mountain King". by Edvard Grieg.  (Well, maybe it wasn't THAT lame.  They do use that song on a Little Einsteins episode.)

My kids have been "off-track" for a week now, three weeks to go.  (For all of you non-Utahns, that means they are on vacation from year-round school, designed to accommodate 25% more students.)  Leslie was very bored her first day, and we've had a few discussions about why it's not okay to just lay in bed all day reading a book.  I've tried to be creative with some to-do items for her, but it turns out she and Boston thought of a few things for themselves.  Here is them performing the puppet show they wrote, with the stage and puppets they created.

As for the rest of my kids, they are pretty much never bored.  Macy refers to herself in this picture as "Amerigirl".