Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trust The Plan

I figured out today that "Thy Will Be Done" means the same thing as, "I trust The Plan".  Now I want to put that on my wall in my next house.  It will help us to remember the big picture even if we don't understand all the moving parts.  One of my neighbors commented a few weeks ago that "Sometimes we think things are finally coming together, God knows that things have never actually been apart."  I like that and notice it more and more the more life I see.  It's like going on a trip in a car as a passenger.  Particularly as a kid.  We don't know where the folks are driving, or why there are so many bumps, or why we have to be in the car so long, or how things are going to look when we get there.  We just trust that Mom and Dad know where we are going and it will be fun.  (And we tend to ask "Are we there yet?" a lot.)
My sister Brooke and her hubby Jared finally got "there".  They brought their new baby to our house this week to stay for a while before they go home.  Here are some pics of my kids loving on their new cousin Brig.  I couldn't resist hanging a Brigham Young University pennant on his Pack & Play along with his finally finished baby quilt.
I enjoyed being the fairy godmother and giving Brig his first home sponge bath while Brookie shampooed him up and took pictures.
I'd have to say, though, that my favorite has been catching Brooke and Jared in their oh-so-vulnerable-new-parent moments, brought on by my rough-and-tumble children.
I came downstairs early one morning to see if I could snag the baby upstairs with me so Brooke could get another hour or two of sleep.  Ha ha (I'm still laughing out loud as I write this), my boys had her pinned in the lazy boy; she was holding onto that baby for dear life in nothing but her skivvies, not a bathrobe or a blanket within reach.  I shooed them out into the office to watch some Spiderman cartoons or something (hooray for Netflix), took the baby and ordered her back to bed.  Good thing Mark wasn't the first one downstairs!
Also had to laugh at mild-mannered, soft spoken Jared being in a bit of a panic (in the same lazy boy) when I caught my boys climbing over the arms of the chair, swiping off Jared's glasses (he usually has his contacts in, so they were a little fascinated) and attempting to try them on the baby.  Jared couldn't do anything about it because he was bottle feeding Brig, just an urgent "Don't do that, don't do that!"  Once again, I had to be the fly swatter.  I'm sure they will be relieved when they get to be home with no one but Lenny the Siamese cat.
Boston had his first baseball games this week!  He hits the ball pretty well but the whole team is still pretty confused about what you should do on outfield.  It makes it entertaining, though.  My favorite was a kid on the other team who ran to third base instead of first.  It was more of a trot, or a meander, than a run, which made it even funnier.  Boston liked being the first baseman because he liked to point to where the runner was supposed to go next (rather than try to get him out).  Mark soon put a stop to that.
We also have been trying to really enjoy these last few weeks of way-too-hot weather.  Friday I canned salsa all day and then that night we took the whole family to an outdoor acapella concert in the park right off Temple Square in downtown SLC.  We were on our picnic blanket right behind the provided lawn chairs and sound system and couldn't see a thing (along with most of the blanket sitters).  There was quite a crowd and we were actually lucky to have a place at all.  We could hear fine, though, and the weather was gorgeous and the singing was so fun.  We brought popcorn and water bottles and just lounged around with the kids, listening.  They did really well and even were dancing up a storm on a few of the songs while we sang along.  Coop and Boss really had some good moves on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and Macy kept trying to hula, entertaining everyone behind us, I'm sure.

Brooke wanted mostly gray and blue.  The back is the polka-dot stuff.

brothers from another mother?  Boston and Brig's ears have all the same folds and tucks.

I'm sure she was thinking, "But I'm the baby!"
Then last night we made our second attempt to visit our favorite splash park (our first attempt, last month, got lightninged out.)  It was gorgeous and fun and Mark cooked us all up some hot dogs while I lounged on the blanket and kept reminding the kids not to run on the wet cement.  I'm sorry I don't have pictures of these last two events, but Mark gets after me when I try to bring the camera.  He says to not worry about the camera and taking pictures and just have fun.  I'm okay with that!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too dizzy...

Macy has been great lately at coming up with excuses not to do things.  Sometimes if she wants me to carry her up the stairs, etc., she'll look all pitiful, "But I CAN'T carry myself!"  My favorite one, though, is her standby anytime she isn't in the mood to play with her siblings or help me with a job.  "I'm too dizzy."
We are pretty sure she gets this from singing the Cinderella song.  "She's going round in circles 'til she's very, very dizzy..."
Cooper was telling me at lunchtime all about the Indian named "Hoka-pontis".
Boston was spotlighted in his kindergarten class.  We were supposed to fill out this poster questionnaire and attach a couple of pictures.  One of the questions was, "What are your favorite things to do?"  There were three lines, so he came up with three answers.  Playing outside.  Playing with friends.  AAAAAND....Going to School!  I cheered.
Leslie's homework is getting harder, now that she is the fifth grade.  (And she secretly loves it.)  I had to chuckle when she asked me the other day if I knew anything about "Paranoids.  You know, those words that spell the same way forwards and backwards?  I know a whole sentence...Madam, I'm Adam."  I said, yes, I remember learning that sentence, probably back when I was in fifth grade, too, except they called them "Palindromes" back then.  (Phew... thankfully I remembered what they were called before she was done talking so I could explain the difference between paranoids and palindromes.  One of these days I'm not going to have a clue what she is talking about.)
We are having a fun week hanging out with Duke, who is biding the time here so he can be with his GIRLFRIEND as much as possible before school starts.  (His school, not hers, haha.  He teaches.)  We are also having fun playing with my sister Brooke and her hubby Jared while they are waiting for their baby to arrive.  Brooke is the skinniest 9-month-along-mama I have ever seen.  She's not going to be the one having the contractions, but I think she is just as anxious.  I'm stitching away on the binding of her baby blanket.  Pictures later.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boston pictures

First day of Kindergarten! (It's ironic that he's wearing his Cubs shirt.  His teacher may not remember his name!)

Leslie learns to dive at swimming lessons.

 Treading water. 

Boston attempting to backfloat.  They teach the hand movements "Monkey, Airplane, Soldier".  That part he could do.

One of our favorite things is to go to the Parade of Homes.  We haven't been for several years and thought it would be fun to get to know our new area better.  (Also, Mark likes to talk to the builders about their financing options.)  This is the UP House, not far from us.  It was super cute inside, I especially liked the turquoise retro appliances.  Macy liked getting a free balloon, that she promptly lost.  Mark spoiled her and went back for another.

Mark, Leslie, "Mr. Frederickson, and Russell".

Sometimes we are lured into a home with a promise of free ice cream.  Mark found out that this is not such a great idea if you are bringing a toddler along.  Fudgsicle all down her legs and car  seat, and nary a wet-wipe to be found.  We ended up using one of the boys dirty socks that had been left in the van, doused in hot water from my water bottle, to clean her up.  The sock was not THAT dirty.

We also hosted a birthday party with the cousins for Mark's Dad.  He turned 70, and he looks pretty happy about it, doesn't he?

Boston's tough guy-Mom-don't-cry-sheesh face.  (I didn't.  Until after I dropped him off.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boston's first day

Boston finally got to start kindergarten this week.  It seems like he (and we) have been waiting forever since he has a fall birthday.  At least we get to start a month early since we have a year-round school district.
He says he had fun, he likes school, there might be a couple of cute girls in his class (Mark asked him that), and he wondered today when he is "done" with school.  Not that he wants to be--I think he meant it to ask how long he gets to go.  I think my answer of, not for at least 12 years pleased him--I told him at that point he could go on a mission, get married and go to college.
My favorite part was when I came to pick him up, and I saw this tall pretty girl in glasses coming down the sidewalk and holding hands with this TEENSY little boy, then realizing that it was Leslie and Boston.  A.  He must have still felt kind of nervous because he never holds her hand.  B.  He's not really that little, pretty average sized, but compared to all those other kids pouring out of the school he looked tiny.  Since his name really fits around our house--The Boss Man--it was instructive for me to see him in a different setting from a wider perspective.
I'll post some pictures of his first day as soon as I hunt down the camera. 
I am mentally adjusting to having more time with only two little chillins to take care of.  I can actually handle two kids in most situations and places, so I'm trying to think of some fun places to go with them.  Any ideas?  Yesterday we walked around our across the street ponds and looked at water bugs and tadpoles.  Today we tried out a new playground for a little while after we dropped off Boston, until it got too hot.
The real adjustment is going to be when Cooper starts preschool (yes, I finally found an affordable preschool nearby with lots of other boys to play with so he can have his "own" friends).  He will be going two afternoons a week.  That means it will be just me and my shadow at home.  I know that I had tons of fun with Leslie when I had her at home all to myself and am trying to remember the kinds of things we did.  We did a lot of playgroups, went to museums and parks and shopping (when was the last time I went shopping for fun...), oh, and let's not forget the legendary "Movie Day" where my still childless friends from Loch Lomond and I would meet one afternoon a week for goodies and a show to while away the summer.  Leslie was the only kid there.  Hmm.  I guess that last one was more for me than for her, but she did like to go places.
I'm guessing it won't really be that big of a difference because we will probably get our grocery shopping done one of the days and play with friends or go places or nap (if I can convince her she needs one) on the other day.
She better get a little brother or sister one of these days before I get too entirely carried away with my excess time.
Our garden is in full swing.  I was excited to make my first try at homemade pesto from our basil.  I wasn't sure we would have enough for the required two cups of leaves, but we still have tons and tons.  I made panini sandwiches from my friend Jaryn's recipe (it was also her pesto recipe).  You get some good Italian bread, slather on pesto, thin slices of tomato and fresh mozzerella, more basil leaves, roasted red peppers from a jar, and then cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich.  She does hers in a George Foreman so it flattens nicely and cooks both sides.  I cooked mine on a griddle with a foil wrapped brick on top.  It worked great, even if it took a little longer.  (I also served cucumber spears from our garden.) Mark and I felt like we were at Zuppas.  Macy and Leslie liked theirs.  The boys whined.  Oh well.
Summer food.  Mmmm.