Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glasses and Baseball

Sunday Mark and Boston were talking about how Boston might be able to do baseball this fall.  Mark said he figured Boston would be pretty good, especially if they played catch and practiced.  Leslie, in a show of generous spirit, said, "Yeah Boston, I'm sure you'll be better than I was."  Boston replied with a little too much swagger, "I KNOW I'll be better than you!"  Mark asked him what made him think that.  Boston made a "duh" face, pointed his finger at Leslie and replied, "Glasses!"

Cooper was sick last week, with what may have been a final showing of the Ely family reunion bug.  He'd been feverish before he went to bed.  The next morning, Boston ran upstairs and burst into our room.  "Mom, Dad, Cooper's going to explode!  He says he's going to blow up!"
I think he meant, throw up, because that is what he did.  But blow up is more accurate.

We found out that we need to work on Macy's political correctness.  This week Mark was reading Curious George goes to the Zoo to her, and asking her about all the animals.  He discovered that she didn't think George was a monkey.  She calls him, "the Brown Guy."  This wouldn't be so bad as an isolated incident, but she also keeps calling Pablo (from beloved cartoon Backyardigans), "Problem".  That's what happens when we spend too much time on vacation in the Great White North.

Leslie and Boston are enrolled in swimming lessons that my friend gives at her mom's house.  (I kind of thought it was private lessons, but it's a regular class.  Guess I need to open my ears better.  Oh well.)  I think they will do great because the number two rule they teach the kids, right after "Don't go by water or pools without an adult" is, "When we swim, we put our face IN THE WATER."  I'm only allowed to watch on Mondays because there isn't alot of room, so on Monday I will try to remember the camera.  Macy, Cooper and I have fun plans during that hour.  Yesterday we went to the library because the kids' books were due, and today we swung on the swings for a very long time.  Cooper and Macy both love the swings and giggle and giggle.  I tried to capture it on video, but of course they stopped as soon as I tried, even though I was behind them, so you'll have to be content with some pictures.

Cooper on the night of the thunderstorm, when we tried to go to the splashpark for a pizza picnic but ended up eating in the car and renting Yogi Bear instead.  They did laugh pretty hard.

It's clean.
Leslie starts school on Monday.  I didn't think I would notice the short, short, shortness of the summer break that much, but I do.  Holy cow.  Three weeks and we were gone for more than a week of it.  I even have to reschedule the 2nd half of her swimming lessons because I thought she didn't go back to school until the very end of July.  Boston starts the week after that.  I was talking to Mark about next summer and it dawned on us that next year we will have THREE kids in school.  Crazy.

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Jackie said...

I read this out loud to Cooper and Mark and Cooper commented/explained: "Blow up is BIGGer than throw-up."