Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, July 10, 2011

an Actual Vacation with pictures, part one

Daisy Queen Macy.  This is my first official "daisy chain", having only ever made dandelion chains before.  The daisies just grew wild by Sharon's house, fields and fields of them.  Gorgeous!

 We just had a great vacation and really broke out of our rut by staying at 4 different places over 9 days.  Mark and I are both anticipating and dreading tackling Monday and all the catching up that needs to get done, but we needed a break and we had a great time seeing everyone!  Here are some pictures of the first half of our trip.
Evidence of the epic library trip the day before we left.  Luckily, my kids love books and trips to the library, and I had to snap this shot to prove it.  I am actually standing in the garage as I take this picture--the books got two steps into the house before the kids had to bust them out.  I've been ridiculed before because I always have to pack so many books whenever I go on vacation, but really, I use them.  Reading is what I choose to do to relax, and isn't that what you're supposed to do on vacation, anyway? I'm also one of those lucky people who have no trouble reading in the car unless the road is really windy.   All that packing was not wasted--I think this time I finished three books and got a good chunk done on another (not to mention packing my scriptures and journal, and the garage sale books I bought that had to come home.)  I read Red Riding Hood (okay but do I want to see the movie now?  Plus the last chapter was online.  Annoying!), The Well-Educated Mind:  A Guide to the Classical Education you never had, Outliers, and part of 1776.
Happy van prisoners, taking off for day two.  Next time Boston gets to ride in the way back.  He talked (read here-whined)  nonstop.
 First we stopped in little Dubois, Idaho for a few minutes to see where Mark's sister DeAnn and her family had moved to.  Very small town--I know it has been a bit of a culture shock for them, but we like that it's right on the way to Montana.  Then we went to Missoula to stay with Jake and Rachel and the boys for the night and see their nice new house.  Super fun!  I loved their big dining room and the boys loved all the bikes and the long driveway.
From there we went to Day Cousin Camp 2011, Lake Pen d'Oreille.  (Did I spell that right?  It's French and pronounced Ponderay.)  Mark's sister Sharon was the hostess this year, and we were all super excited because none of us has been to her gorgeous lakefront home way up near Sandpoint, Idaho, despite the gazillions of times her family has come down to see us.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I had a clue it would be awesome after my brother-in-law Doug mentioned that they had recently trucked in a few loads of sand for their beach and got a dock.  They also had several kayaks and even a paddle boat that the little kids (and the grandparents) got to ride in.  We ate lots of yummy food (Sharon also did all the shopping and planning), camped in the yard, played in the lake, went to church, watched fireworks, and performed in the annual cousin talent show.  This year's talent show was topped by the jazz band provided by Sharon's family, complete with drums, keyboard, guitar and brass.  Those teenagers really knew their stuff and were gracious enough to let my little ones try things out.  I don't know how many times Cooper tried out the guitar.  Cousin Spencer even taught him how to blow a trumpet, and we all applauded because we didn't think he'd figure it out.  The piano was going full speed almost the whole three days we were there, but my nephew Justin did find time to play and sing a little Phantom of the Opera with me.  He also played the organ in church.  He is going to be in 8th grade.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the camera during the talent show, but I might have to get some footage of Leslie's Christmas in July song, Boston's march on the piano, and Cooper's skit with Mark.  Very fun.
I also need to snag a picture from one of my sisters-in-law of all of us in front of the van with the windows painted with "Cousin Camp, 2011."  Mark's parents drove it to church that way and Frances (my mother-in-law) remarked that the last time she had driven in a car with the windows painted they had said "Just Married!"  I really don't think they minded much.
Mark in the paddle boat with my three tinies.  This was before they figured out how to put up the shade canopy.  Cooper got quite good at peddling and ended up doing most of the work when we went out.

Leslie trying out one of the kayaks.  Boston also tried out the kayaks by himself on the 4th of July (with one of us paddling nearby).  He got it figured out pretty well but ran out of steam in a hurry, so he didn't go far.

Macy and her red shovels.  I built this "lake" and river system with the boys. 
Macy and Cooper played plenty of Jump Off the Dock.  You can kind of see how pretty the area is.  Sharon is on Bottle Bay, a long skinny bay off of Lake Pen d'oreille.

Coop shows no fear.  A few days later, at Mom and Dad's, he also was jumping out of the boat to Uncle Jared in the middle of Willow Creek Reservoir.
This is NOT me--the sun was too bright to get a good picture of her face.  This is Sharon, Mark's sister, the 4th of July queen.  Our whole family walked part of the way across the "long bridge" on the 4th and trucks were honking at her. 

Here is a Longbridge shot of all the grandkids, minus DeAnn's four who didn't get to come. Back row, left to right:  Spencer ( who just earned a whopping 34 on his ACT), Janicka, Rhett, Makailee, Brinley, Greg (I think--I still can't tell the twins apart, and I don't remember which one always has to stand on the left...), Justin (I think...).  Middle Row:  Gavin, Hadley, Boston, Cooper, Gavin, Lydia, Leslie.  Front row:  Macy, Carson 
Us on the Longbridge.  4th of July.  It was very sunny and Cooper refused to open his eyes for the shot.

Macy in the daisy field behind Sharon's house.
 After cousin camp we drove back into Montana to go and see Mom and Dad for a few days--not long enough because we usually stay there a whole week.  You do what you can. 

Here is Macy in the tub with her closest-in-age cousin, Bridger.  I thought it would be cute to make their hair stand up with bubbles, but Bridger's is too short, so Macy gets to be the sole conehead.
 We played for a day at Eureka Reservoir and had a magical summer afternoon stop for ice cream on the way home at the Choteau Museum boardwalk, just like my grandma used to take me and my cousins. 
Here is Macy with her peach ice cream cone.  You can't tell very well here, but it was dripping clear down her legs and onto her feet, besides getting all over her face.  A kindly gentleman minding the shop next door directed us to a little wading pool on his nearby lawn so we could wash off our sticky-monsters.  We thought we did a thorough job, but even after a bath the next day Macy had sticky stripes between her toes.
More pictures (hijacked from Rachel's blog and wherever else I can get them) to come for the second half of the trip.  (probably a good thing because I think Macy might be a little over-represented here.  I just can't help it!)

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