Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer hits

So, here are the pictures from our trip to the copper mine.  We also had a fun week going to the little splash park at a nearby town, eating lots of cheetos there (Macy didn't really want to play in the water), and also a family adventure picnic and mini-hike to Bridal Veil Falls.  The falls were gorgeous, the mountains were breathtaking, especially with the amount of snow still on top and everything so green, but the river within view of the trail was crazy wild.  Don't worry mom, we didn't get close even once and we didn't even let the kids climb over the bridge to see it.
Leslie is almost done with her first time of year-round school, for a few weeks at least!  It really hasn't been that bad except lately it is almost too hot for her to walk or ride her bike (supposedly ride, she pushes it up hill a large chunk of the way).  She comes home totally flushed and sweaty so I told her I would pick her up this week.

I was also extremely excited to have our first meeting of my new book club (Mark is calling it the Book Snoots) since there wasn't one in this neighborhood already.  We are going to try to tackle some more challenging and discussion-worthy books.  Any suggestions?  This month is David McCullough's 1776, one many people own but haven't actually read.  Should be good for the 4th of July!  It was fun to get to plan out the next few months as well, including Silas Marner by George Eliot.  Another one I've never actually picked up but should have.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Auntie Up

I can tell that I've been outside more lately because my blogs are falling farther apart.  My veggie garden has been taking some TLC to coax it up out of the ground (I've had to replant several things) but now is finally up and edible (the butterleaf lettuce, spinach, and a monster crop of cilantro--come clip some for yourself.)  I'm curious to see how the tomatoes and corn do this year in such a windy spot.  Coming from Montana, though, where you never go to a picnic without wearing a ponytail to keep your hair from blowing into your hotdog, I'm pretty optimistic that things will be fine.

We had a fun week with some of our favorite people.  Brooke and Jared (you can tell I'm the sister of Brooke because I wrote her name first...ever notice you say the name of the person you are related to before the name of your in-law?  Kind of an unwritten rule.  And if you are only friends with them, you almost always say the husband first.) and Duke came to stay for a few days.  Brooke and Jared received some pulse-pounding news that they have been selected to adopt a baby boy in AUGUST!  I really think it was just part of the grand plan because they knew they were supposed to get their paperwork ready to adopt really fast, and then they were chosen right away.  So, I'm excited to meet a new little nephew.  Also Jake and Rachel (see...I'm related to Jake--I guess I'll claim him--since he's finally sired a girl) are due with the first girl cousin in October.  Leslie and Macy are super excited.  While Brooke was here I decided to saddle up for my most favorite Auntie duty and go fabric shopping for two new baby quilts.  Fun stuff.  And Jared claims he had fun playing with the rugrats at the Carl's Jr. playground while we shopped.
We also took a little field trip with the kiddos while Leslie was at school to go to the Bingham Copper Mine--the largest open pit mine in the world.  Very cool but the kids kept insisting it was a volcano.  Maybe I'll go get the camera out of the van someday and post the pictures here.  Kind of lazy about that.
Then this weekend we went on a little getaway to Cache Valley and played with our dear friends the Knudsens.  Boston and their little Bree-with-the-Big-Brown-Eyes still insist that they are getting married when Boss gets home from his mission.  Pretty funny to see her boss HIM around.  I'm sure she'll be a good cook, too, since Miranda spoils us to death with her baking when we visit, so Mark approves as well.
I think Mark had a good father's day.  He got a funny card from Leslie.  I guess at school they were trying to make these cutaway stamp things that stamped a message to the dads, but they had to carve out the letters backwards to make it work.  Leslie got hers a little turned around and it looked kind of like, "Dad, I love you SNOT."  So, we laughed pretty hard about that this morning and she promises not to call him names next time.
Macy also made me laugh this afternoon.  She and Cooper were arguing over a toy, and when I took it away they both started howling.  Macy soon noticed that she wasn't the only one crying and she lost her temper even more, pointing out his crying to me and insisting, "COOPer's not da baby!  I da baby."

Friday, June 3, 2011

the Art of Brother

I was going through some old picture scans and came across this one of my Dad when he was a little sprout.  Boston and Cooper had just gotten haircuts the night before and it really brought out the family resemblance in Boston.  I showed the picture to him and asked, "Who do you think this is?"  He got a big smile and proclaimed, "It's MEEEE!"  He didn't believe me when I told him it was my Dad.  What do you guys think?  I think I can see a little bit of Jaxon in there, too.
Boston and Leslie cracked me up yesterday morning because Boston is such a natural at being a pesky little brother.  He's the biggest morning person of all of us, and usually wakes us up and crawls into Mark's spot while Mark is in the shower or at basketball.  Of course he can't hold still--to the point of bouncing and vibrating the bed because he can't contain his energy, so I usually kick him out after a few minutes.  Anyway, Leslie had also climbed into our bed, and I was cuddling Cooper on the other side and waiting for Macy to wake up.  This is what I hear.
Boston:  Whoa, Leslie!  You have a LOT of WARTS!  GROSS!
Leslie, all in a huff:  Those aren't warts [imbecile!] those are just FRECKLES!
Boston, mulling this over:  Nuh, uh.  Look how BIG that one is.  EW!
Leslie, shoving him off:  That's my ELBOW!
I couldn't stop laughing.  I wonder how many times Dad teased Patti about her "warts".

Scotty the Pest (Patty might say...)
Boston the Pest (Leslie does say...)